Private Eye Kazato, stop fooling around and get back to work!
—Yubi Torakawa

Yubi Torakawa [Jpn: 虎川優美] is the Chief of the Syleria Crime Investigation.


Yubi, 36 years of age, is the chief of the Syleria Crime Investigation and the youngest to be selected as the new chief at 34 years old. She is a beautiful black-haired young lady of an ectomorph build. She wears small diamond earrings and wears pink lipstick. She also has small pink eyelining just above her black eyes. She wears a usual Chief uniform which consists of deep short-sleeved blue blouse with badges aplenty, a white t-shirt, stars on the shoulders, two breast pockets and a deep blue office skirt. She has a small heart onto her left breast pocket which she stitched and bares her midriff. Other than that, she wears a pink heart necklace around her neck.

It is known that Yubi's favorite animal is a dove and her favorite dish is bird's nest soup. She is known to be hard-working and stern but sometimes ditzy.

Notable Events

In the opening of Koishi's series, the players arrived at the Syleria Crime Investigation Headquarters, with the Chief, Yubi Torakawa, delighted to have the player in her team and welcomed the player with open hands to the Syleria Crime Investigation Force after introducing herself. She then confirmed that Private Eye Kazato Chihara and Junior Officer Haruko Hanami were assigned as the player's partners. As Haruko is still in private training, Kazato is assigned as the player's partner for now and introduces him while Kazato is trying to flirt with her. After that, Kazato takes the player to Twilight Slopes as it is his favorite spot to go for sightseeing.


As the Chief of the Syleria Crime Investigation, Yubi will require the player to get reports from three teammates before she can let the player advance to the next cases of Syleria.


As one of the main characters and the Chief of the Syleria Crime Investigation, Yubi has appeared in every single case of Syleria but in certain circumstances, she will not make an appearance in the beginning of certain cases to stimulate the player and their applicable partners taking an initiative to launch a murder investigation without Chief Torakawa ordering so.


  • Yubi's name, "虎" means "Tiger", "川" means "River", "優" means "Superiority" and "美" means "Beauty". "虎川" means "Tiger River" while "優美" means "Grace".
  • She has a love affection for Kazato Chihara but she hides it away from everyone.

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