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Evan: <Name>, why did Linda shout at Joe Lafed?! A journalist just can't do that!
Evan: Wait, my phone is ringing. Hello?
Evan: I don't know, Mitch. I'm shocked too.
Mitch: She will be FIRED!
Evan: Mitch? What? Fired?! <Name>, he hung up! Linda will be fired!

Evan: <Name>, I don't understand what hap-
Alan Smith: <Name>, Evan. Do you know what happened with Lafed?
Evan: I'm sorry, Chief. I just don't know what-
Alan Smith: I'm not here to talk about your girlfriend's scandal. Lafed is at a hospital now!
Evan: What happened to him?
Alan Smiht: I don't know. But I'll ask you to keep him safe. His life might be in jeopardy!

Evan: This is weird. Chief Smith thinks we're bodyguards or what?
Evan: Well, however. Let's see if Joe Lafed is inside.

Chapter 1

Investigate Room #126
Evan: I'm so shocked. I'm afraid we couldn't arrive in time to save him.
Evan: Why is this glass here? Do you think it's suspicious?
Evan: And the oxygen tube is dirty. Maybe it's related to the case. Would you mind checking it?
Evan: You're right. The receptionist mentioned the head nurse's name was Rita Deuce. Let's see what she knows about this patient.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: <Name>, just let me ask you something. Was there much commotion when you found the body?
Evan: Yeah, you're right, <Name>. Nobody had seen the body, I think. Otherwise, they'd have already called us.
Daniel: Well, that's important. I found some saliva near Joe's mouth. And it must belong to the killer, because they're the only one who saw the dead body.
Evan: So Joe kissed the killer??!!
Daniel: I don't think so. It looks like the killer wiped his face with a rag. Perhaps they had used it to clean their own face before.
Daniel: And thanks to the saliva sample from the killer, I can tell they're a celiac!
Evan: That's really useful, Daniel. Thank you!

Examine Glass
Evan: What's this red liquid you found? It's not blood for sure.
Evan: Let's send it to our laboratory.

Analyze Red liquid
Sabrina: This red liquid you found is in fact a cherry smoothie.
Evan: What on earth was a cherry smoothie doing at Joe's room?!
Sabrina: I don't know. I didn't find traces of it inside Joey's digestive tract.
Sabrina: The nurses and doctors don't eat or drink when they work. So the glass must belong to the killer!
Evan: Our killer was drinking a cherry smoothie while seeing Joe die? That's awful!
Evan: Anyway, I don't think a nurse or doctor would follow the rules when they're murdering someone, right?

Examine Oxygen tube
Evan: You found fingerprints in Joe Lafed's oxygen tube? This could be important!
Evan: Let's see if Lindsey can find them in our database.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: The fingerprints on that tube belong to a man called Gerard Valence.
Lindsey: He's a doctor who works at Townville's Public Hospital. Right were your victim died.
Evan: Maybe he was taking care of the victim. That's a good reason if your fingerprints are on that tube.
Evan: But we have to interrogate him anyway. His patient died, and he could have killed him!

Talk to Gerard Valence
Evan: Good morning, Mr Valence. Were you taking care of Joe Lafed?
Gerard: Yes, I was. But it looks like I won't have to do it anymore!
Gerard: He came here because he passed out, due to his stress. It could have been caused by Linda Farren, who bravely insulted him.
Evan: ...
Gerard: But I don't blame her. I would do the same. Aristocrats are a bunch of mad people. They think they deserve everything because of their money!

Evan: Gerard is really suspicious, <Name>. And taking into account he had access to the crime scene...
Evan: <Name>, is this murder Linda's fault?

Interrogate the head nurse
Rita: My name is Rita Deuce. Can I help you?
Evan: We want to ask you some things about Joe Lafed's murder.
Rita: I understand. But I can't be helpful. I wasn't the nurse in charge of Mr Lafed.
Rita: His nurse is not here now. But if I see her, I'll tell you.
Evan: Where could we find her?
Rita: Well, she's often at the hospital bar in the ground floor. Try and see if she's there.

Investigate Bar
Evan: <Name>, there's nobody here. I guess Lafed's nurse is not here.
Evan: A red can? Why did you take it?
Evan: Oh, you're right. Maybe that woman had a drink here. Let's take a sample from it.

Examine Red can
Evan: You found DNA! That's good, <Name>.
Evan: Let's see who had a drink at the bar. We could be after our nurse!

Examine DNA
Evan: I-do-not-believe-it. <Name>, the DNA belongs to Val Zenodia, the preseller.
Evan: He got involved in the case at Today's Network. And later, at that lesbian murder.
Evan: Maybe he's also the preseller for the bar. He might have seen something at the hospital, so let's interrogate him!

Have a chat with Val
Evan: We meet one more time, Val.
Val: If you're here, someone must have died. And I heard Joe Lafed died. I'm afraid I'm involved in an assassination.
Evan: Exactly. You're the bar preseller, aren't you?
Val: Yes, I am. But I don't know anything about the murder.
Val: This morning I went, sold the goods to the bar and had a cherry smoothie. While I was leaving, I was told Lafed died.

Later, at the police station...

Evan: We have a nurse, a doctor, and a preseller... again. Is the culprit among them?
Evan: Should we add Linda to our suspects list?
Daniel: <Name>, I was so excited about my discovery, I forgot to mention the murder weapon.
Daniel: Joe Lafed was poisoned with cyanide!

Chapter 2

Daniel: Joe Lafed was poisoned with cyanide!
Evan: Wait, so the killer is Dr. Cyanide?!
Daniel: I don't think Dr. Cyanide is the only person in Townville that could use cyanide.
Daniel: Besides, we've only heard about two of their victims. A petunia and a fern.
Daniel: Before killing humans, they should advance gradually. A squirrel, a guinea pig, a lizard...
Evan: You're right. But... what if Linda is Dr. Cyanide?!
Daniel: She's not!
Lindsey: <Name>, I found very useful information. Joe Lafed's stay at the hospital was all paid by a mutual help society. I think you've heard of it.
Lindsey: It's called Jade River Health.
Evan: Jade River? Again?!
Evan: The worst part of it is talking to Megan! I'm starting to get tired of her.

Evan: So, <Name>... We have to inform Megan about this crime.
Evan: You say we also have another chat with Rita? About the bar?! Well, if you think so...
Evan: Oh, you're right! Maybe Joe ate something poisoned from the bar.
Evan: And the hospital kitchen? I know, but I don't think Gerard cooked a meal for him there, <Name>.
Evan: Hehe, so it's not actually a kitchen like the one I imagined. I understand! Let's do that!

Tell Megan Alkala about the murder
Megan: Don't tell me. It's Joe Lafed. Yes, he was a member of Jade River Health.
Evan: Megan, your company has been the scenario of two assassinations, a murder related to the elections and a manslaughter. We both know each other very well.
Evan: Please tell us. You're causing these murders. You're Dr. Cyanide!
Megan: ... WHAT?!
Megan: <Name>, please, next time you come, DO-NOT-BRING-THIS-MAN!!

Evan: She told us to get out of her office! I can't believe it!

Ask Rita about the bar
Rita: I don't think Lafed's nurse got him food from the bar. I mean, he had just come here a few minutes ago. There was no need to feed him.
Rita: I'm sure because this morning I was having my breakfast for celiacs at the bar and I didn't see her there.
Rita: Oh, look! There she is. Her name is Bertha Zapper.
Evan: Let's interrogate her, <Name>.

Talk to the nurse who was in charge of the victim
Bertha: I was taking care of Joe Lafed. But I got away for a few seconds. And then you came and found him dead.
Bertha: You can't go for a cherry smoothie to the bar anymore, 'cause your patients can get killed.
Evan: What do you think about the Aristocrat Party?
Bertha: So you think I'm the killer. Yes, I hate aristocrats. Like many other people.

Evan: That woman is creepy, <Name>! If she was in charge of Joe, she could have easily killed him.
Evan: Just in case, let's take a look at his room again.

Investigate Victim's gurney
Evan: That serum must be the one Joe was using. Why don't we take a look at it?

Examine Bag of serum
Evan: I wonder what those molecules are, <Name>. Could you compare them with our database?

Examine Molecules
Evan: So these molecules are... KCN? Oh, yeah. Potassium cyanide.
Evan: CYANIDE?! So the killer dropped cyanide on Joe's serum?!
Evan: But there are guards at the hospital. If they see someone getting in Joe's room, they stop them.
Evan: Well, that's true. The guards let the killer in the room and they dropped cyanide on the serum.
Evan: Then if that person didn't look suspicious to the guards, it's because they know them. The killer is one of the doctors and nurses!

Investigate Hospital kitchen
Evan: <Name>, is that cyanide? Yes, it is! This case is really confusing.
Evan: Let's send this bottle to Sabrina.

Analyze Bottle of cyanide
Daniel: The cyanide that killed Joe Lafed must have come from that bottle, <Name>!
Daniel: The amount of cyanide missing is nearly the same amount of the cyanide dose I found in Joe's body.
Evan: Did you find anything else?
Daniel: Yes, but I'm not sure it belongs to the killer. I found Gerard Valence's fingerprints here.
Evan: It looks like Gerard likes to leave his prints everywhere. But this time, it's serious. We have to talk to him again.

Question Gerard about the cyanide
Evan: Gerard, we found your fingerprints in a bottle of cyanide. What can you say about it?
Gerard: So you think I tried to commit suicide? All I've had this morning is just a cherry smoothie, and believe me, it didn't have cyanide.
Gerard: See? I'm still alive!
Evan: Don't be stupid! Joe Lafed was poisoned with cyanide!
Gerard: Oh, I didn't know that. But I didn't kill him. That's weird.
Gerard: I must have put my hands on it while looking for something else. But I don't know why there was a thing like cyanide in the hospital. Who could have brought it?

Evan: Gerard is really suspicious. But if he didn't kill Joe, who brought cyanide to the hospital?
Evan: What?! You think Val could have sold it? It's impossible!

See if Val sold cyanide to the hospital
Evan: Val, did you sell... cyanide to the hospital?
Val: What? No! Hell no, I'm not a criminal! I just give food to the bar, that's it.
Val: I didn't even dislike Aristocrats. I didn't hate Lafed, believe me!
Evan: Ok, Val. We understand. Calm down.

Some time later...

Evan: <Name>, Linda's calling! Hello, babe!
Linda: HONEY!!! Mitch fired me for shouting at Lafed!
Linda: Now he's dead, and it's MY fault!
Evan: No, darling, it's not your fault. You didn't kill him.
Linda: YES, I DID! I'll go to jail, and Judge Gonzalez will sentence me to life imprisonment!
Alan Smith: INSPECTOR EVAN! You're in the middle of an assassination and you just talk to your girlfriend?! Is it serious?
Evan: Sorry, Chief. It won't happen again.
Alan Smith: I've got bad news. Dr. Cyanide called.

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: I've got bad news. Dr. Cyanide called.
Evan: What did they say?!
Alan Smith: They're on the line. Pick up your phone, Evan.
Evan: Dr. Cyanide... did you kill Lafed?!
Dr. Cyanide: Hahaha!!! No. It was not me. There will be a long time until I kill humans.
Dr. Cyanide: If you're lucky, you will stop me before I can lay a finger on Linda Farren.
Evfan: They hung! <Name>, Linda might be poisoned by this psychopath!
Alan Smith: First of all, finish your investigation. That madman wants to scare you.
Evan: Ok. Let's get back to the kitchen again, <Name>. The murder weapon was there.
Evan: The bar, you say? Alright, let's investigate there too.

Investigate Cupboards
Evan: This drawer is full of papers. What is it doing in the kitchen, <Name>?
Evan: I don't know either. Let's see what we can find here.

Examine Drawer
Evan: You found a file with Lafed's name on it? Let me see...
Evan: "Medical History: Joseph Abraham Lafed Saint-Genez". That's an aristocrat name for sure.
Evan: Let's see... Blah, blah, blah... Jade River Health... Services... Dental care: denied, plastic surgery: denied... <Name>, almost everything is denied!
Evan: But Joe was really wealthy. I don't think he didn't have enough money to pay these things.
Evan: And hear. Conditions approved by Gerard Raymond Valence, surgeon and physical therapist.
Evan: It's like Megan and Gerard decided not to help Joe in case he came to the hospital! We need to ask them why they did this.
Evan: Well, I'd prefer not to see Gerard so far, so let's ask Megan.

Talk to Megan about the Aristocrat Party
Evan: Excuse us-
Megan: I told you not to bring this man here again!
Evan: You're not anybody that could tell the police what to do! You're a suspect in a murder investigation and you will answer our questions! Understood?
Megan: Y- Yes, Inspector.
Evan: Why did you not give Joe Lafed the services from Jade River Health?
Megan: Because... well, we didn't have... he didn't... You, know, he just didn't...
Megan: Oh, I'm so stressed. I need a cherry smoothie with ice.

Evan: I'm afraid Megan is not going to answer any of our questions. But I know why Joe didn't have practically any services granted. Because of his political orientations!
Evan: But I won't give up. Gerard is going to answer!

Quiz Gerard about the Aristocrat Party
Evan: We found Joe Lafed's medical history. Why did you approve a file when the patient didn't have practically any service granted?
Gerard: I can't ask Jade River Health if they're doing things well. If it's legal, I approve it.
Gerard: In fact, I only have a few services as I can't pay too much. Just enough money to pay my nutritionist, as I'm a celiac.
Gerard: If you think I didn't want to treat Lafed for being an aristocrat, you're wrong.
Gerard: Oh, and I saw the head nurse, Miss Deuce. She wants to talk to you.

Rita wants to talk to you
Rita: <Rank> <Name>, I'm glad you're here! I was drinking a cherry smoothie and I decided to check Lafed's room.
Rita: And I noticed there was a weird machine under the gurney!
Evan: Can you show it to us?
Rita: This is what I found.
Evan: It looks like a BOMB!!! <Name>, let's send it to the lab, we must deactivate it!
Evan: And if it was in Joe's room, we have to talk to Bertha!

Ask Bertha about the bomb
Bertha: I'm eating my cookies for celiacs. What do you want now?
Evan: We found a bomb in Joe Lafed's room. You were supposed to take care of him!
Bertha: A bomb? Are you sure? It's impossible.
Bertha: I was there this morning and there was no bomb. Maybe someone left it there a few minutes ago.

Analyze Unknown device
Lindsey: Don't worry, boys. The bomb is deactivated now.
Evan: Who could leave a bomb in a place like that?
Lindsey: The killer!
Evan: Wasn't poisoning him enough? Why did they need to blow the hospital up?
Lindsey: To make it look like they were not targetting Lafed. Besides, I found some cyanide on the bomb.
Lindsey: The amount of cyanide here, plus the one in Joe's body makes up nearly what was missing in the bottle.
Lindsey: And the killer left us some DNA. Now you can be sure the assassin is a woman!

Investigate Bar counter
Evan: Another trash bin. Well, let's see if there's something of interest inside.

Examine Trash bin
Evan: What did you find, <Name>? A cherry smoothie bottle? It must be from the killer!
Evan: Let's see if they left any clues on it.

Examine Cherry smoothie bottle
Evan: You found hair on the bottle? That's great, <Name>!
Evan: Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: I need really more time to tell you who this hair belongs to, <Name>. However, I can provide some clues.
Sabrina: The sample was badly damaged due to some substances doctors use, and also the cherry smoothie.
Sabrina: But I can tell the killer has got brown hair.
Evan: Wait, how can we know it belongs to the killer?
Sabrina: Where else would you find cyanide and crumbs of cookies for celiacs?
Evan: Write it down, <Name>. The killer has brown hair!

Evan: <Name>, are you ready to arrest the assassin of aristocrats? Let's go!

Arrest killer
Evan: You always looked so grumpy, Bertha. You're under arrest for Joe Lafed's assassination.
Evan: And also for putting a bomb in the hospital! What were you thinking about?
Bertha: Making evidence disappear. But you two found the corpse two early. And then I just couldn't get into the crime scene again to make the bomb detonate.
Evan: When you heard you had to take care of Lafed you were happy, right? You got the chance to kill him.
Bertha: Exactly. Aristocrats can't rule over Townville. The upper-class would vote them, and they could win the elections.
Bertha: But not if their two leaders are off the game. With this murder, I protected the city from the aristocrats.

Bertha: I plead guilty, your Honor. Much to my lawyer's disapproval, I have to pay for my crimes.
Esteban Gonzalez: So why did you try to blow the evidence up with a bomb? Why didn't you confess?
Bertha: Because I didn't want to pay for it anyway. But now you caught me and I can't get away with it.
Esteban Gonzalez: Bertha Zapper, the Court sentences you to life imprisonment without parole. I hope you can use the rest of your life to think about what you did.
Esteban Gonzalez: Session is adjourned!

Evan: This case brought me many worries. What will happen to the aristocrats? And what will happen to Linda?
Evan: <Name>, I'm really nervous. The elections will take place really soon and we have to be prepaired for anything.
Evan: Now let me call Linda. She has just lost her job.

Additional Investigation

Evan: But you can't scream at a politician like you did, honey. It's not right.
Linda: But, sweetheart, he's corrupt! He even deserves more!
Evan: Well, I think he has already got "more" now, don't you think?
Linda: That's not what I mean. <Name>, what do you think?
Alan Smith: Why are you here, Linda? I told Evan the HQ is not his living room.
Linda: I'm sorry, Chief!
Alan Smith: <Name>, Evan, you should thank Rita Deuce, don't you think? She avoided lots of deaths.
Alan Smith: And you have to talk to Val. He reported a theft at that bar.
Gino: <Name>, I heard Gerard Valence is selling drugs at the hospital!
Evan: What?!
Gino: Yes, I swear! We have to confirm that. Can I go with <Name>?
Evan: Ok, I don't think the Chief minds.
Linda: Can I go with you to talk to that Rita Deuce? She's my friend, <Name>! I've known her since we were teenagers.
Evan: Alright, you can go, my love. But let me go with <Name> to see who that thief is.

Thank Rita for informing you about the bomb
Rita: Linda, you look so nice! I've seen you on TV several times, but we never caught up again.
Rita: I didn't know you were <Rank> <Name>'s friend.
Linda: Yes, I'm currently Evan's girlfriend.
Rita: Evan? Why did you sink so low? If I were you, I'd have chosen <Name>.
Linda: Hmm... We came to thank you for informing us about that bomb. You saved many lives, and you even helped <Name> catch the killer of Joe Lafed!
Linda: Personally, I think it's my fault. He got here because of me. And now I lost my job.
Rita: I'm so sorry for you! If you want, I can see if there's a vacant in the hospital.
Rita: Now you're here, <Rank> <Name>, could you bring me my antibiotic? I left it in Lafed's room, but I can't go there yet.
Linda: We'll look for it, don't worry! And thanks for the job offer.

Investigate Room #126
Linda: Do you think Rita's medicine is inside here? Well, I trust you.
Linda: Let's see if we find it.

Examine Bag of medicines
Linda: What's this bottle of syrup? It's the only one which doesn't say anything. I'd like to know what this syrup is.
Linda: Let's send it to Sabrina. She'll tell us.

Analyze Bottle of syrup
Linda: Is this syrup the antibiotic Rita's been looking for?
Sabrina: I don't know if it's the one she's been looking for, but it is an antibiotic for sure.
Sabrina: And it's quite good! I'm glad the hospital doesn't buy cheap medicines that just make you sicker.
Linda: That's great! Then let's give this thing to Rita, <Name>!

Give Rita the syrup she lost
Linda: Here's your antibiotic, sweetie! Is this the one you were looking for?
Rita: Yes, it is! Thank you, Linda! And thank you, <Name>.
Rita: Will you work with us, then? We have a vacant post as a receptionist. And I heard you can cook too. You can work here cooking for patients.
Linda: I don't know, I'm so depressed. I feel guilty for Lafed's death, and I lost my job. It couldn't be worse.
Linda: I'll have to apologize to my boss also. One of his employees didn't behave and his company's name has been slandered.
Rita: Don't worry, Linda. I'm sure you'll find a job. In case you decide, or you, <Name>, to get a job here, keep these clothes!

Val reported a theft
Evan: Val, was there really a theft at the bar?
Val: Of course there was! A masked thief came here and pointed at me with a gun! I was casually here to deliver some snacks.
Val: I don't know if he left anything <Rank> <Name> could use to find out his identity.
Val: Oh, yes! He accidentally dropped his gun and didn't pick it up! But I don't know where it is.
Evan: Don't worry, we're going to find the gun. Thank you, Val.

Investigate Bar
Evan: The gun isn't anywhere around. The only place where we didn't search is that box of snacks.
Evan: Could it be here, <Name>?

Examine Box
Evan: <Name>, this is a gun! The thief's gun! Then it should have his prints.
Evan: Let's try to find them.

Examine Gun
Evan: Those fingerprints look really clear, <Name>! Our thief should have also worn gloves instead of that stupid mask!
Evan: Let's give this prints to Lindsey and she'll find our thief within seconds.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: I don't think you'll like this, but... I found a match for the fingerprints, see?
Lindsey: And they belong to Gary Perkins!!
Evan: Gary Perkins... let me remember...
Evan: Doodley! <Name>, Doodley stole Val's snacks! That mysterious thief who is part of a secret organization that forces him to be a thief.
Evan: I had completely forgotten about him. What if he's forced to be Dr. Cyanide?
Evan: I'm so sorry for Val, but we have to protect Perkins. I believe his story about being threatened.

Inform Val about the thief
Evan: Val, that thief you saw was in fact the famous Doodley. Don't be surprised if you notice any grafitti around here one of these days.
Evan: We're trying to catch him. He'll fall soon, don't worry.
Val: It's ok. But I will dennounce this theft anyway. Thanks for your help.
Val: Please, take a burger from the bar. You must be really nervous about the elections.
Evan: You're right, a burger always helps!

Quiz Gerard about drug-dealing
Gino: Hello, Mr Valence. We came to confirm those rumors about... drug-dealing.
Gerard: Well, I can't fight against a rumor. Officers, I'm supposed to take care of people's health, and not destroy it.
Gerard: I know Lafed wasn't really healthy when he came out of the hospital, but I couldn't help it. And, <Rank> <Name>, if his services could have been more, it's not my business. It's Jade River Health who decides.
Gerard: Now, you can look around and try to find drugs. But you won't pin anything on me.
Gino: Just in case, we should take a look. The kitchen, you say? Ok, <Name>, I follow you!

Investigate Hospital kitchen
Gino: This tray looks kind of dirty. I wonder what it's been used for, <Name>.
Gino: You're right, we should take a closer look at it. A microscopic look.

Examine Tray
Gino: It's some kind of powder. It could be drugs, <Name>. Don't you think?
Gino: We can compare them with the phorensics drugs database.

Examine Powder molecules
Gino: So what were those molecules, <Name>? LSD? Oh, and what is LSD?
Gino: It's a drug??!! Then there are drugs in the hospital! I can't believe it, after Gerard's speech about a doctor's duty.
Gino: Let's arrest him, <Name>.

Arrest Gerard Valence
Gino: Gerard Valence, you're under arrest for drug-dealing! We found your LSD.
Gerard: That's not mine! Someone else is drug-dealing and it's not me!
Gino: We found your fingerprints on that tray!
Gerard: Oh, damn! What have I done?! I'm so sorry, <Rank> <Name>!
Gino: You fool, you've just confessed! We didn't have your prints!

Esteban Gonzalez: Gerard Valence, your duty is to heal our citizens. Instead, you sell drugs and make people die!
Gerard: I understand, your Honor.
Esteban Gonzalez: For your crimes, this Court sentences you to 5 years in jail without any chance for parole.

The day of the elections

Evan: Good morning, <Name>! At last, the elections! I hope we don't have any new case today.
Evan: Did you hear the news a few days ago? The Aristocrat Party won't be part of the elections, after having the head of the party in jail and the second head dead.
Evan: The same happened to the Comunists. What a shame! Now we have to vote Socialists, Capitalists or the Educative Party.
Evan: Let's go vote, <Name>!

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