The Veldin Chaos is a movement featured in Criminal Case , appearing as a minor antagonist in Season 1 of the fan-made game. The movement emerged into the storyline during the events of Seven Seas , gradually causing mayhem for the Veldin City Police Department as the story progressed.


  • Anarchist Movement


  • Veldin City - USA

Year of Formation:

  • 1985

Founded by:

  • Kristian Nixon


  • ???

Years Active:

  • 1985 - ????

Case Apperances:


In-Game Members:

  • The Leader (???)
  • Leader Second-In-Command (???)
  • Tyler McAlister
  • Fabiano Vicenzi
  • Dorothy Wilcox
  • Myranda Giannino (Deceased)
  • Samantha Day
  • Stuart Nixon
  • Susie York
  • Carl Vann (Guilty of the Murder of Martin Chadwick in Smile of Blood)
  • Desmond Wilcox
  • Meredith Sinclair
  • Joy Nixon
  • Ashlyn Tate
  • Arthur Pond
  • Victoria Reedy

Only Apperances Members:

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