Vacation Weasel City Police Department is a police department.



Daniel Vale (Age 51) Chief-Personalitty scary heart attack open the raid.

Kendrick Henderson (Age 35) Detective-I'am hot tonight! Legendary sleeping double-inator! Inator is a evil! Sleepy scared me! What is logic?

Javier Orman (Age 27) Junior Officer-There are more case advice morning more!

Ryan Koomer (Age 31) Profiler-Wear glassed weather orange nicely adventures hacking everybody sentimeter how to hack?

Jessica Dracula (Age 35) Coroner-What the heck is that? Oh my god! How to did that! How take a skull!

Stacy Haworc (Age 44) Tech Expert-Please,love interest is <Name>

Mahesh (Age 30) Forensics Expert-Vandalisme donation not saving double life!

Citizens Apprehended

Sam Green---28th May 2014

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