Utah Torkins was one of the suspects in Peace, Blood and Love (Case #2), Murder on the Beach (Case #5) and The High-School Killer (Case #8). Utah murdered Timm Fortuna in Unmask the Beast (Case #11).


Utah is a 16 years-old teenager with long brown hair pulled into two pigtails. She has brown eyes, wears a plaid shirt tied above the belly and yellow bands for her hair. She weights 110 lbs. and her blood type is A+.

In Peace, Blood and Love it's discovered that Utah sometimes uses purple nail varnish and eats rock candy.

In Murder on the Beach it's discovered that she is a chef and smells like coconut for a perfume.

In The High-School Killer, Utah wears a wellow bag with white stripes over her left shoulder. It's discovered that she uses aloe-vera cream.

In Unmask the Beast, it's discovered that Utah has hacking skills, wears running shoes, uses make-up and is a master of disguise.



Age 16
Weight 110 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Role in Case(s)

Utah was a young girl who studies in Darnestown Public School

Peace, Blood and Love

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