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Alan Smith: <Rank> <Name>, I don't know how to tell you about this... Gary Perkins reported a murder.
Alan Smith: I want him in prison, but this time he's a witness. And you have to protect him. I never thought I'd say these words.
Evan: And where do we have to go?
Alan Smith: Remember your case back at the Commercial Area, in Newville I?
Alan Smith: Well, this time Perkins found a corpse in Newville II, in the roof.
Alan Smith: Just let me tell you that I know he wasn't in a mall roof by chance. He was there to steal! But don't pay attention to my opinions.
Evan: Let's go to that roof, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Shopping mall roof
Evan: <Name>, the victim is Arnold Eastfield! He crushed this crystal window and fell on those iron bars. It can't be an accident.
Evan: We know the weapon was this crystal. So why don't we examine those shards?
Evan: Oh, and we have to interrogate Gary!

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Arnold struggled a lot. He fought with the killer, but he pitfully lost. Thus, the tripped and fell on that crystal.
Daniel: The killer didn't leave much evidence on the victim's body. But I can tell you one thing.
Daniel: Arnold's killer works at the shopping mall!
Evan: Hang in there. How can you be sure it's one of the shop owners or tenants or employees?
Daniel: Because there's only one way to get to the roof and there's a security guard in the stairs. If you don't work at Newville II, you shall not pass.
Evan: And how did they escape the crime scene, Daniel?
Daniel: Going downstairs. They could tell the guard Arnold was drunk and tripped, or maybe they could say he comitted suicide... There are many ways of not having the guard notice you did it.
Daniel: After all, it's a clumsy man. Lindsey investigated and the guard is David Hickets!
Evan: HUH? Why?! Why?! Why?! Why?!

Evan: I don't get one point in Daniel's theory. Gary doesn't work at the mall and he was able to get to the crime scene. How can we be sure the killer is not an outsider like him?.
Evan: You're right. The roof is a weird place to be if you're a famous businessman like Arnold. Surely, the killer had arranged a meeting with him there. And if it was an outsider, Arnold wouldn't bother going to that roof.
Evan: If the killer doesn't work at the mall, they wouldn't have arranged a meeting in such a place! Daniel's theory makes much more sense now.
Evan: Although I don't want to, we have to go and interrogate Hickets. Let's go, <Name>.

Interrogate David Hickets
Evan: Believe me, I'm more tired of it than you. But we have to meet again, David.
Evan: I wonder why they haven't fired you yet. Wherever you are, there's a murder.
David: I know, it looks like I attract killers. But murders are not my thing. I was made for robberies.
David: I've caught a lot of thieves. Though I never managed to have Doodley in my hands. When I get him, I'll die a happy man.
Evan: Well, if you're slower than Doodley then you have a serious problem.
Evan: And as usual, you didn't see the killer. You never see anything.
David: It's not my fault! You must have another witness. Look for them.

Examine Glass shards
Evan: I thought you'd collect a blood sample but it seems you're not interested in that.
Evan: You found another sample in those shards though. Let's see what Sabrina can get from it.

Analyze Substance
Sabrina: <Name>, listen carefully. That substance is a type of lubricating oil.
Sabrina: I managed to find a pattern in the glass shards that was left by this oil. And it looks a lot like a bicycle chain.
Evan: Oh, I understand! When I was a kid I used to put that oil in my bike's chain.
Sabrina: So there was someone with a bike chain during the incident. These kind of things would have left oil in Arnold's clothes, which we didn't find.
Evan: Then the killer has an oil stain! Let's-
Sabrina: They could have changed clothes, Evan. Or wiped it off. Just take into account that they ride a bike.

Ask Gary what he saw
Evan: Gary, forget about the Flukes and your robberies. This time, we're trying to catch a killer, fine?
Evan: Tell us what you saw. Every detail can be important.
Gary: I'm sorry I don't have useful information. You already know what I saw.
Gary: I came here and I saw a dead man. That's it. And I called you then.
Evan: How did you manage to go there? I'm sure you didn't come from the stairs because you came to steal things. And if you're already inside the mall, why would you go to the roof?
Gary: You're right, I didn't use the stairs. I used windows, walls... It's years of training.
Evan: Fine... While you were... climbing, did you see anything weird?
Gary: Yes. There wasn't anybody at the perfume shop.
Evan: Thank you, Gary. Let's see why that shop was empty before the murder, <Name>.

Investigate Perfume shop
Evan: It's still empty. Why isn't there anyone working here?
Evan: Well, I guess you want to restore that torn paper. Do it then.

Examine Torn paper
Evan: <Name>, that paper you found in the shop is actually a check! Let me see.
Evan: It says... Lilette Noah?! <Name>, she worked at that perfume shop in Newville I! We met her in the Commercial Area. But it seems she works here now.
Evan: And she wrote in the back "For Arnold". So Lilette paid him? Why would she?
Evan: <Name>, I've heard Newville Inc. is going to bankruptcy. Newville Meats definitely wasn't a good business. But would Arnold really ask a shop worker to give him money?
Evan: Maybe it's not like that, but in case Lilette lent money to Arnold, we have to interrogate her!

Ask Lilette if Arnold owed her money
Lilette: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan! It's the third time we meet!
Evan: Third? Didn't we meet you just in your friend's case?
Lilette: I was one of the Green Year Parade contestants who were protesting when you told us to stop the event. All of those flowers... died in vain.
Evan: Even if we had let you, the flowers would have died in vain anyway. But forget that.
Evan: We found Arnold Eastfield dead in the mall roof. And we found a check with your name on it.
Lilette: Oh, he came crying to me because his company was a disaster, he would end up poor and blah blah.
Lilette: I gave him some money to make him leave. I couldn't stand that guy!

At the Chief's office...

Alan Smith: And? How are you coping with Eastfield's case?
Evan: We're just starting. But we have advanced and progressed, don't worry, Chief.
Alan Smith: I guess you've already investigated that shop...
Evan: What shop do you mean?
Alan Smith: That glass dome was directly above the sport goods shop. Didn't you check it?
Evan: And what's so special about that shop?
Alan Smith: It's owned by Harry Clover!

Chapter 2

Evan: <Name>, I didn't know Harry owned a shop in that mall. And what's worse...
Evan: It's directly below our crime scene! It could be a great chance to pin something on the Hades.
Evan: However, our last case made us take their drugs, it was a big hit! So don't worry if we don't get anything now. We've already progressed a lot. When it comes to gangs, you're ahead!
Evan: Let's go to that shop and have a chat with Harry.

Have a chat with Harry Clover
Harry: You're in a case again? How can I help you?
Evan: Arnold Eastfield was found dead in the roof. The place where he died is the roof's dome, what's also your shop's ceilling.
Evan: You're not exactly a suspect, you're more like... a witness.
Harry: The fact that he died above my shop doesn't mean I'm a witness.
Evan: But you were working here! Didn't you see the glass shards falling? Didn't you feel the cold?!
Harry: No. My shop opens in five minutes. I have a coffee here while I wait, so I dodn't go to the shop yet.

Evan: <Name>, if the police told me my shop doesn't have a ceilling anymore I'd be crazy! The shop got really cold!
Evan: Couldn't it mean he killed Arnold? I don't know, but it's really suspicious.

Investigate Sport goods shop
Evan: <Name>, these shards must come from the dome that is directly above! Good discovery!
Evan: Let's go back to the lab and examine them- <Name>, there's a man knocking the shop's door!
Evan: Hey, it's... Hi!

Examine Glass shards
Evan: You found fibers? Well, nothing would be worse. Let's send them to the lab.

Analyze Fibers
Sabrina: It seems the killer's bike chain helped them a lot! They were about to fall on the dome, but they pushed Arnold instead.
Sabrina: These black fibers come from your killer's clothes!
Evan: Couldn't they be from Arnold's black suit?
Sabrina: I'm glad you ask. I found traces of Eau Fleur on them. And Arnold wasn't wearing any perfume!
Evan: So the killer wears black and Eau Fleur!
Evan: But didn't you say before that the killer could have changed clothes?
Sabrina: Why would you change your black clothes when you have a black stain on it? Maybe your killer didn't notice it!

Greet Ian Wickle
Evan: Ian, what are you doing here? Did you open a bakery in Newville II?
Ian: Exactly! I've already opened my shop, but there are no shoppers here! And then I found you looking around Harry's shop.
Ian: Did you find another dead body or what?
Evan: Yes. It's Arnold Eastfield. Do you know anything about him?
Ian: He rarely visited us, so I just greeted him once or twice. We never talked.
Ian: But I'm nervous. What will happen to Newville Inc. now?

A few minutes later...

Evan: <Name>, what can we do next? Interrogating the suspects, maybe? We need to know if they wear Eau Fleur...
Evan: You have a great memory! So Lilette lost a bottle of Eau Fleur in that case? Fantastic!
Evan: Wait, there are a lot of people coming from there! There's Lilette... and Ian...
Lilette: We will not stand this!
Evan: Another protest, Lilette?!
Ian: We don't deserve this! Our shops are in jeopardy!
Evan: Why are you complaining?!
Lilette: Well, Harry gave us a long speech about this murder. And he encouraged us.
Evan: So this is Harry's idea? And where is he?!
Ian: Um... He was here a while ago. Weird...
Ian: That way...
Evan: His shop and the mall exit are the other way. Also the stairs to the roof! <Name>, where is he hiding?
Lilette: Personally, I think he's hiding in my shop. It's the furthest one and it's one of the few shops that is open.
Evan: <Name>, let's go there again!

Investigate Perfume shelves
Evan: Damn, Harry isn't here! <Name>, where is he? Why did he escape? Was the protest part of his plan?
Evan: I see you didn't forget about searching clues. That note and the safe could be important.

Examine Faded note
Evan: Then that faded note was a phone number. Let's send it to the lab to trace it back to its owner.

Analyze Phone number
Lindsey: I don't know if this phone number is related to the murder, but at least it's related to your suspects.
Lindsey: Here it comes, that cellphone number belongs to Gary Perkins!
Evan: And that note was in Lilette's shop!
Evan: Then Lilette knows Gary. I don't know what their relation is, but we'll know it soon.

See if Gary knows Lilette
Evan: I hope we don't bother you, but we're working.
Gary: Don't worry, I've been suspected thousands of times in your cases.
Evan: We found out Lilette Noah contacted you. Can you tell us why?
Gary: Wasn't the victim Arnold Eastfield?
Gary: Ok, I understand, <Name>. The Flukes practically take all of the money they get from the things I steal. And I don't get paid for it, just some pocket money. And ocassionally.
Gary: So as you might remember, I'm also an informant. I need to get money, right?
Evan: And what did she want to know?
Gary: Arnold Eastfield. They didn't get along, so I guess she wanted to make sure he'd behave. I'm just guessing though, Lilette didn't speak much about her reasons.
Gary: I had to ride my bike to his office just to make sure he didn't behave in a suspicious way. It was really tiring!

Examine Safe
Evan: Lilette's safe is open! We won't find Harry inside, but we can take a look at it anyway.
Evan: You agree? Fine!

Examine Open safe
Evan: A letter adressed to Lilette?! Oh, it's from Arnold! Let's read.
Evan: "Dear Lilette, I understand your situation isn't easy, but please understand ME now. Believe it or not, I'm poorer than you these days...
Evan: I owe much money to a lot of people. But you already know those things. I'm just asking you for some help. Are you cpable of denying?
Evan: So pay me, or you'll regret it".
Evan: <Name>, it's a threaten letter! Lilette has a motive for the murder. We should interrogate her.

Ask Lilette why Arnold was threatening her
Lilette: Yes, he was threatening me. Arnold recently opened Newville Pawnbroking. Did you hear about it?
Evan: No. What kind of subsidiary is that?
Lilette: It's a financial subsidiary of Newville Inc which makes loans, basically. I got a loan from him, which I invested in my shop.
Lilette: But Arnold was going to bankruptcy. And he panicked! He wanted to stop giving me money from his company to save it and pay his debts.
Lilette: Of course I said no! I won't lose my shop just because Newville Inc is about to break!
Lilette: Forget it. Didn't you see Harry? He told us to be on strike and disappeared!
Evan: Isn't it obvious? He did it to escape.
Lilette: Then I have nothing to do here. I'll go home by bike. Call me if you need me, <Rank> <Name>!
Evan: Who do you think we are? Your friends?

After investigating a bit more...

Evan: <Name>, we need to find the killer and Harry as soon as possible! Well, Harry could also be the killer, you're right!
Evan: Let's summarise what we know about both things. Arnold was killed, possibly unintentionally, in the roof.
Evan: His killer wears black clothes, wears Eau Fleur and works here.
Evan: There's Harry, who encouraged the shop owners to stop working so that he'd get a chance to escape. Besides, we suspect he's the Hades' thief.
Evan: Then we have Harry's rival, Gary. He wanted to steal from the mall. And I don't know why, but I feel he's suspicious this time.
Evan: We also have Lilette, who refused to give him money. Arnold blamed her and said his bad situation was her fault.
Evan: Ian Wickle is a suspect too. However, he said Arnold didn't visit the mall very often, hence they were just acquaintances.
Evan: Oh, and David too. Now let's see what we know about Harry.
Evan: Lilette said he went towards her shop, but he wasn't hiding there. The other shops nearby were closed, so he is not hiding there.
Evan: The mall exit, Harry's shop and the stairs to the roof are actually the other way. The bathrooms...
David: AHHHHHHH!!!
Evan: David, stop there!

Chapter 3

Evan: Stop right now, David! Are you crazy?! What do you actually think you're doing?
David: Listen, the two of you! Finish your work right now and come back here! You must hear me NOW!
Evan: Calm down, David! I don't know what's wrong with you, but you better get back to normal.
Evan: If you leave the premises, we'll send officers to capture you! Understood?!
Evan: Now, <Name>, I think the most suspicious place is the sports shop. Let's go there.

David Hickets wants to talk to you urgently
Evan: I see you didn't leave the premises. Thanks for obeying. You smell like Eau Fleur, by the way...
David: How could I leave? I left my bike like three blocks away from here.
Evan: That was a clever decision, really. Now could you please tell us what's wrong with you?!
David: You didn't tell me Doodley had come here! I saw a grafitti on the mall's entrance gates.
David: It wasn't there yesterday, so he came TODAY! I'm sure he's the one who killed Mr Eastfield. He must have caught Doodley redhanded and decided to dennounce him.
David: Then he got enraged and killed him. Now go tell Doodley, and I say that because I know you're covering for him, that I will KILL HIM, no matter what!
Evan: Hey, we're not covering for him! He'll go to jail soon.

Evan: <Name>, we should tell Gary about this. Can we talk to him?
Evan: Thanks. I've got something important to ask him.

Tell Gary David's threatening message
Evan: Gary, the mall security guard is very angry at you. He's really dumb, but you should not mess with him. Just to be sure.
Gary: You know it's not my fault. Once the Flukes are gone, I'll get a normal life!
Gary: I'll ride my bike every morning, and I'll get a job to buy my own bottles of Eau Fleur. The ones I have are stolen.
Evan: But before that you'll go to jail. We can't do anything about that.
Evan: Now, I want to ask you something. In that case where Mitch Anteur died, you left a grafitti in the crime scene for Linda Farren. She said...
Evan: She said it was a secret message that only the two of you could understand! What was it?
Gary: Linda got used to my secret messages. It meant "I know you did it".
Evan: You knew she was the killer? How?!
Gary: It's their style... I heard some details of the murder from a friend and recognised their ways. But leave it there. The Perkins and the Farrens have many secrets...
Gary: Along with some other family I don't need to mention.

Evan: THEIR STYLE?! What did Gary mean? Who are "they"? And do they commit murders which involve ripping and cannibalism?
Evan: Oh, <Name>, who was I dating? Is she part of a secret society?
Evan: And what secrets do those families have? <Name>, I'm afraid we could be dealing with something big.
Evan: I forgot to ask him what he has in common with Dr. Cyanide!! What a dork! Is that mad plants killer a Fluke, maybe?

Investigate Sports shop counter
Evan: You were right, Harry isn't here. We have a chance to look wherever we want!
Evan: Just that drawer, <Name>? Drawers are boring. We could find out whether he's a Hades or not by examining more than drawers.
Evan: Fine, you decide. Let's see what that drawer's about then.

Examine Drawer
Evan: What, did you find something? Great, let me see!
Evan: Oh, it's a vial! It's not suspicious, but... why would he keep a vial here in the shop?
Evan: I'll send that to the lab. Now... you also found a cellphone! Please see if you can unlock it.

Analyze Vial
Sabrina: This vial could be related to the investigation. But don't expect big things.
Sabrina: It's only a vial of Eau Fleur! One of those free samples you're given at shops like Lilette's one. And it has been used many times.
Evan: It was in Harry's drawer, so he must use that perfume!
Evan: Oh, <Name>, where could that boy be?!

Examine Cellphone
Evan: Oh, it's Ian's cellphone. But what is it doing in Harry's things?
Evan: Look, the wallpaper is a photo of him and Johanna. You can't deny he loves her.
Evan: We have to take a look... Here! This message says "Are you going to be part of it or not? Please answer soon". It was sent by...
Evan: It doesn't say any name. Just a phone number. Well, let's try calling.
Evan: Nobody answers... But Lindsey will find out who sent this suspicious message!

Analyze Cellphone
Lindsey: I'll say it easily. This message was sent by Arnold Eastfield!
Evan: Really? But Ian said they weren't close friends. That's suspicious, <Name>.
Evan: What was Arnold talking about? He said "Are you going to be part of it or not?".
Lindsey: I can't be sure, but I hacked Newville Inc's database and I think I know the answer.
Lindsey: Their biggest project was opening Newville III! A shopping mall in the Cultural Center.
Evan: But the company didn't have money! The two malls were fine, but Newville Meats and Newville Pawnbroking were absolute failures!
Lindsey: Believe it or not, he wanted a third mall in the Cultural Center.
Evan: <Name>, we need to ask Ian about this.

Talk to Ian about Newville III
Evan: You said you didn't know Arnold, Ian. But we know that he wanted you to be part of Newville III.
Ian: How did you-
Evan: Besides, you need to explain why Harry had your cellphone.
Ian: Did Harry have my phone? I had it stolen last week!!!
Evan: <Name>, he didn't know Harry is a thief! Should we have mentioned it?
Evan: Forget that. Harry Clover has already been dennounced. Explain the other thing we asked you.
Ian: Arnold couldn't afford opening another mall. He wanted me to start working with him so that we would pay fifty-fifty.
Ian: It was a great idea! I'd make a lot of money and working in the Cultural Center is fantastic! I could buy even more bottles of Eau Fleur!
Ian: But he just wanted to invest the ten percent of the total money we needed altogether. I'd end up paying everything!

Some time later...

Evan: <Name>, we've been working with three cases. Arnold's murder, Harry's disappearance and...
Evan: This thing of Linda, Gary and Dr. Cyanide.
Evan: Let's focuse on the murder now. What should we do?
Evan: That's a good idea, we could get back to that roof!

Harry: So you finally arrived! I thought you'd never find me!
Evan: Harry? But... how did you get here? You went towards the perfume shop. You had to go the other way to use the stairs. We would have seen you!
Harry: I used the perfume shop's window, Evan.
Evan: Inspector Day for you. And that window is just a glass. You can't open it. Besides, if you could, you would only get to the parking lot.
Harry: But what you don't know is that one of the window's sides CAN be opened indeed. If you walk some meters, you finally get to the sports shop window!
Evan: So that window can also be opened. But when did you leave the shop and use the stairs?
Harry: I didn't leave the shop. I just climbed the shelves up to the ceilling.
Evan: And then...?!
Harry: The glass dome! It's broken, so I just had to use it and I'd be here. Of course, after climbing those iron bars where Arnold was found.
Evan: That's enough! We'll interrogate you and if you say something suspicious you'll be arrested!

Talk to Harry again
Evan: Can you tell us why you disappeared and told the other shop workers to protest?
Harry: If I had wanted to use the stairs you wouldn't have let me or that stupid guard, it doesn't matter. Nobody could see me.
Evan: But WHY?! What are you doing here?
Harry: Because I'm going to find out who killed Arnold. There must be something around here, a clue, that will reveal the culprit's identity.
Evan: You're a SUSPECT, Harry. You can't do that.
Harry: But I'm innocent. And I can do it just as perfectly as <Rank> <Name>. What have you learned so far?
Evan: Well, we know the killer rides a bike and-
Evan: WHY AM I TELLING YOU THIS?! Go back to your shop now.
Harry: Then I'm suspicious, because I ride a bike. But don't worry, you'll find the real killer soon.

Evan: I hate that man! I'll prove one day that he's a Hades and put him behind bars.
Evan: You're right, we didn't come here for that. Now we'll get a chance to take a look at the murder scene.

Investigate Broken dome
Evan: I hadn't seen this thing before. Do you think it's an evidence?
Evan: Ok, let's take a closer look at it.

Examine Handkerchief
Evan: DNA?! That's great, <Name>! I'll send it to Sabrina so that she tells us who this belongs to.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: I found a useful thing in this DNA but I wasn't sure if it belonged to the killer.
Sabrina: Then I noticed some Eau Fleur in the handkerchief and I was convinced.
Evan: Many of our suspects wear that perfume.
Sabrina: And how many of them lost a handkerchief with traces of Arnold's blood?
Evan: Just one!
Sabrina: So this DNA must belong to that same person. And I can tell you they are 28 years old.
Evan: That's a great clue! I think we are ready to arrest Arnold's kiiller now, <Name>.

Arrest killer
Evan: Lilette Noah, you are under arrest for the murder of Arnold Eastfield.
Evan: But you didn't do it intentionally, right? Why didn't you confess?
Lilette: I was scared! I saw what you did with Valerie and I didn't want the same to happen to me. However, you were getting closer to the truth.
Lilette: When he said he wanted to meet me at the roof, I strongly suspected he was planning something.
Lilette: I took a bike chain with me just in case. He said he would kill me if I didn't give him money. And he pushed me towards the dome.
Lilette: Do you understand? You were going to arrest HIM! I was going to be dead! I couldn't think of anything else in the moment.
Lilette: The dome broke and I felt I'd died! So I tried to stand up and pushed him. And he fell.

Lilette: I'm sorry, your Honor. My lawyer had to attend a wedding party in California.
Esteban Gonzalez: Then who's going to represent you, Miss Noah? I can't judge you without a lawyer.
Lilette: It doesn't matter, I plead guilty.
Esteban Gonzalez: But the papers your lawyer gave me before going to the party said you did it in self defense.
Lilette: That's true. But when I stood up, I could have escaped and told David about it.
Lilette: Though I didn't. I pushed him against the glass dome and his body fell above the sports shop.
Esteban Gonzalez: I would give you a short sentence, but you don't have a lawyer and- oh, there's one lawyer who says he'll represent you.

Minutes later

Lilette: At least, I'd like to see my friend Valerie, your Honor. Isn't it a crime if I carried a bike chain to hit him?
Evan: It seems Lilette really wants to go to jail.
Esteban Gonzalez: Lilette Noah, I sentence you to 1 year in jail with parole. I hope that's enough to see your friend and tell her what you've been up to.

Evan: This case was weird, <Name>! Poor Lilette, Arnold was putting a lot of pressure on her.
Evan: We also solved Harry's mystery, though we still don't know if he's a Hades.
Evan: And this thing about Linda and Gary... I'm worried, <Name>. Please, let's go back to the HQ. I don't want to be here.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: I'm sure this city will miss a man like Eastfield, don't you think so? If only he hadn't chosen to do those bad things...
Alan Smith: You managed to solve this case very well. But you know what I want now.
Evan: Harry Clover?
Alan Smith: Exactly. <Rank> <Name> told me about his behaviour in this case. It's a good chance to talk to him again and find out whether he's a Hades or not.
Alan Smith: At least apologize for treating him like a suspect, or anything you can think of.

Gino: <Name>, we haven't worked together since I helped you arrest a doctor in that hospital case. Don't you think we could team up again?
Evan: No, Gino. Do I have to remind you you were about to lose the evidence in that gangs case?
Gino: It wasn't my fault! I was mugged by a Hades!
Evan: And what about the time you asked Douglas Jenn if he had cast a spell on the victim? Judge Gonzalez couldn't believe you asked that in a trial!
Gino: We all make mistakes, Evan! What I wanted to say is that David Hickets called us. He said he fought with Doodley.
Evan: WHAT?! We told him not to mess with that man!
Evan: I'll have enough interrogating Harry. Gino, you can take care of that.
Gino: Great! Are you ready, <Name>?
Gino: Wait a minute, the phone is ringing.
Gino: Hello? <Rank> <Name>? Yes, wait a minute!
Evan: You can't say hello, Gino! It's not your mobile.
Gino: I'm sorry. It's Octavius Keys.
Evan: Uh? Let me talk to him!
Evan: Octavius, I understand you might have little work these days but you can't call <Name> when you're bored!
Octavius: It's not that! I was ordered to investigate a case of drugs in Newvile II.
Octavius: But I noticed <Rank> <Name> had been working there recently. So I wanted to know if you have already solved that case.
Evan: No, Octavius. We investigated a murder there.
Octavius: Are you sure you didn't see any drugs in a perfume shop?
Evan: No, we found a killer in the perfume shop! Just go and investigate.
Evan: <Name>, are you sure you want to go with him?

Assist Harry Clover
Evan: Harry, we're sorry for... putting pressure on you. Is there anything we can do to help you?
Harry: Are you apologizing for not wanting me to investigate or for asking me if I were a Hades?
Evan: That was a long time ago, we just wanted to be sure you weren't a Hades.
Evan: It's just that we have a witness who said you were involved in a burglary which was-
Harry: The Hades burgled that house, I know. But that doesn't mean it's true, does it?
Evan: Not actually, but is there anything we can do to help-
Harry: You don't believe me, right? Then check my shop! I hope you find something useful.

Investigate Sport goods shop
Evan: This shop looks exactly as it looked during the investigation. Except for that torn page.
Evan: If it doesn't say Harry is a Hades, at least we'll be able to know him better.

Examine Torn page
Evan: This is illegible! <Name>, I think we will never find something to arrest Harry.
Evan: You say you can recover this text?! Fantastic!

Examine Faded note
Evan: Another phone number? I wonder who Harry wants to call.
Evan: If he's a Hades, this could be Ash's number. And it's dangerous if we call him. Ergo, I'll let Lindsey see whether it's Ash or not.

Analyze Phone number
Lindsey: This doesn't prove that Harry Clover is a Hades, but it's interesting anyway.
Lindsey: The phone number you gave me is under Dorian Greensworth's name.
Evan: It's El Pantera! Then is Harry a Fluke in fact?
Lindsey: Having Dorian's number doesn't make you a Fluke, Evan.
Evan: It doesn't matter. We'll ask this boy about it.

Question Harry about El Pantera
Evan: How did you get El Pantera's phone number? Who are you, Harry Clover?
Harry: El Pantera is interested in some deals with me. You know, I'm the sports club president.
Harry: At least isn't this enough to prove I'm not a Hades? I hope we can be friends now, <Rank> <Name>.
Evan: So are you a Fluke? Are you in both gangs?
Harry: I'm not in any gang, will you ever understand that? I'm just a fan of sports!
Harry: As a proof of my gratitude, I'll give you some gifts from my shop.

See what's the matter with David Hickets
Gino: Mr Hickets, tell us everything about the fight.
David: I saw a man wearing a balaclava. That's very suspicious, and I heard Doodley wears one.
David: So it must have been him! He came and started punching me in the face! He... he had a gun!
Gino: A gun? If I'm right, <Rank> <Name> told me Doodley had a guns permission.
David: Then why don't you revoke it? You know who he is, I'm sure!
Gino: You're right, sir! We'll try to do so. But first we'll take a look around here.
David: You won't find anything. The fight took place in the roof, not here.

Investigate Shopping mall roof
Gino: A gun! It must be Doodley's one! What should we do with it?
Gino: You're right! If we prove it's his gun and if David dennounces him, we could deny him his guns permission! Let's take a look at it.

Examine Gun
Gino: Hair? Wow, if this belongs to Gary Perkins, we'll be able to take his permission.
Gino: It will be a punch in the Fluke's face, and Chief Smith will be happy with me. He might even give me a higher rank!
Gino: Let's examine it in our lab.

Examine Hair
Gino: You did it, <Name>! The hair belongs to David Hickets!
Gino: Wait, what? It should be Doodley.
Gino: That's right, his hair can't fall if he wears a balaclava. But he doesn't wear it all the time!
Gino: I understand. We have to ask David if this is his gun.

Give David his gun back
Gino: Mr Hickets, does this gun belong to you?
David: Yes, I thought Doodley had taken it! Thanks very much to both of you.
David: Please have this reward, you deserve it.
Gino: Yeah...

Investigate Perfume shop
Octavius: See, <Name>? I told you there were drugs in this shop. But if you say you arrested their owner...
Octavius: You say you want to examine this? Um... Fine, let's go to your lab and do it.

Examine Cocaine box
Octavius: If those fingerprints don't belong to that shop owner, we can arrest that other person!
Lindsey: Octavius! I can analyze those fingerprints for you.
Octavius: Lindsey, you... Er... No! <Rank> <Name> can also do it.
Lindsey: That's right, but I can get much more information than <Rank> <Name>. No offense.
Octavius: We don't care. We just mind about this box.

Examine Fingerprints
Octavius: Let me see... <Name>, these prints belong to a certain Ian Wickle.
Octavius: You know him?! Well, we need to arrest him. Is it fine if we go now?

Arrest Ian for drug abuse
Octavius: Ian Wickle, you're under arrest for drug abuse. We have evidence!
Ian: I don't know you, officer... But <Rank> <Name>? I didn't expect it from you.
Octavius: It's <Rank> <Name> who didn't expect it from you! <Rank> <Name> thought you were a good man.
Octavius: Thanks for helping me in this investigation! Why don't we get a burger at that restaurant over there?

Some time later...

Alan Smith: <Name>, I'm glad you worked with Officer Reina this time. He decided to attack Perkins and the Flukes, no matter what would happen afterwards!
Alan Smith: You didn't get anything, but I liked his behaviour this time. Inspector Day would never do such a thing. He wants to protect that thief.
Alan Amith: Officer Keys? I've heard some things about him. I think he was part of some cases.
Alan Smith: You say he's also good? Well, that girl, Lindsey Vain, asked me if I could make you work with him more often. I guess he's a good officer.
Evan: Excuse me, Chief. Can I come in?
Alan Smith: Yes, please. I was talking to <Name> about how Gino takes his job more seriously than you.
Evan: Um... We wanted... I mean, I wanted... <Name> has probably told you about it...
Evan: Harry Clover has been contacting El Pantera. He says it's for some business.
Alan Smith: He might be trying to approach the Flukes, don't you think?
Alan Smith: Well, I'm sure <Rank> <Name> will discover the truth behind him sooner or later.
Evan: Fine. Now tell me, <Name>, were there drugs or not in that shop?
Evan: You mean they... YOU ARRESTED IAN?! I can't believe it!

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