Toasted in the Park
Season 1
City Cooold City
District Amusement Park
Case Number #1
Partner(s) Amy Young
David Jones
Preceded by Succeeded by
N/A The ABC1 Group
Toasted in the park, it is the first case Amusement Park, and first in the Cooold City. The case marks the return of characters from the original game in both cities.

Case Background

It all starts when the two teams: Grimsborough Police Department and Pacific Bay Police Department , tell the player that all travel to the Cooold City. That day, arriving discover there an amusement park that will be for approximately two months in the city.

Upon arrival, the police officer Ramon Jenkins, was surprised to see the team and asked them to help with the case of Blanca Oyarzun. That was the opportunity of the equipment and offer to help in the case.

Along the way they encounter Celestina Oyarzun, Katherine Wooney, and Eliana Jenkins. Celestina is the Blanca's mother, Katherine is her best friend, and the sister of Ramon, Eliana.

At the end of the case, they discover that the culprit of the crime is Eliana Jenkins, and besides that he was accused of drug trafficking, and admitted he killed her with a balloon with electricity, die of an electric shock.


Blanca Oyarzun
(She was found dead after being in contact with electricity.)

Killer and motives

Eliana Jenkins, she admitted that trying to protect his brother, and she wanted to be her boyfriend and tried to get her away, as you do not make it stick no choice but to take his life.


  • Ramon Jenkins (Officer)
  • Celestina Oyarzun (Victim's Mother)
  • Katherine Wooney (Best Friend of Victim)
  • Eliana Jenkins (Drug Addict) - Killer
  • Andrea Marquez (Chief of Police)


  • Amy Young
  • David Jones

Crime Scenes

Amusement Park Tree of Park Amusement Park Bonus
Police Station Lockers Police Station Bonus
Andrea Department Bed of Andrea Chief Department Bonus


None Toasted in Park The ABC1 Group

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