The Killer Police
Season 1
City Cooold City
District Amusement Park
Case Number #1
Partner(s) Amy Young
Cathy King
Preceded by Succeeded by
Clown in Fire "ABC1 Group" Discover
The Killer Police, it is the fourth case of the Amusement Park, and in the Cooold City. This case are super-impactant... all members of Police, are suspects.

Case Background

In the former case, the clown Bobo, was brutally murdered at the stake of a pizzeria on the orders of animatronics. At the end of the case, a masked man shoots the player a tranquilizer dart.

Upon awakening, the player appears on the police station with actress Lola Vallez. Afraid, the player about the suspects (the police), and ends up discovering a great truth.

Lola, was loving Alex, when she decides to break the technological heart of young, this begins to find a rare facet and tired Lola throws a tranquilizer dart, and died from an overdose.


Lola Vallez
(Find die in the Police Station)

Killer and motives

A sad Lola Vallez, broke with Alex, and the jealous man kill with a dart to Lola.


  • David Jones (Agent)
  • Amy Young (Partner)
  • Frank Knight (Partner)
  • Russel Crane (Partner)
  • Hannah Choi (Tenco-girl)
  • Alex Turner (Tecno-man) - Killer
  • Andrea Marquez (Pacific Bay's Chief)
  • Samuel King (Grimsborough's Chief)
  • Yann Touisant (Pacific Bay's Laboratory Director)
  • Grace Delaney (Grimsborough's Forensic Expert)
  • Cathy King (Hacker)
  • Nathan Pandit (Medical Examiner)


Chapter 1: Nothing
Chapter 2, 3: Cathy King and Amy Young
Additional Investigation: Amy Young

Crime Scenes

Police Station Desk Police Station Bonus
Victim's House Living Victim's House Bonus
Ciber Computer Ciber Bonus


Clown in Fire The Killer Police "ABC1 Group" Discover

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