The Imlay Family is a family that appear in several cases.


Alden Imlay

Alden Imlay is the father of Matt Imlay, the wife of Miley Imlay, the uncle of Ivan Imlay, the father-in-law of Kathy Imlay, and the grandfather of Mikhail Imlay.Alden is the head of Imlay Publishing, as well as the manager of Imlay Pet Cemetery,Imlay Spa and Imlay Mineral Drinking Water.Alden has been a military for 30 years. But after he retired on the military, he started creating the Imlay Companies. Alden work for the military for 30 years and 34 years as a businessman. He is 71 years-old.

Matt Imlay

Matt Imlay is the husband of Kathy Imlay, the father of Mikhail Imlay, the cousin of Ivan Imlay, the son of Miley and Alden Imlay. Matt is a 38 years-old businessman and the vice CEO of Imlay Publishing. Matt was arrested due to robbing jewels from Levin Jewelry Shop. He was in jail for 1 week.

Ivan Imlay

Ivan Imlay is the cousin of Matt Imlay, the nephew of Miley and Alden Imlay, and the uncle of Mikhail Imlay. He is a gravedigger from Imlay Pet Cemetery. He and Kathy Imlay(now the wife of Matt) has been bestfriends during highschool. He is 42 years-old.

Kathy Imlay

Kathy Imlay is the wife of Matt Imlay, the daughter-in-law of Miley and Alden Imlay, and the mother of Mikhail Imlay. She and Ivan were bestfriends during highschool. She is 36 years-old,

Miley Imlay

Mile Imlay is the wife of Alden Imlay, the mother of Matt Imlay, the aunt of Ivan Imlay, the mother-in-law of Kathy Imlay, and the grandmother of Mikhail Imlay. Miley is the manager of Imlay Spa. She is 87 years-old.

Mikhail Imlay

He is the son of Kathy and Matt Imlay, the grandson of Miley and Alden Imlay, and the nephew of Ivan Imlay. He is 16 years-old.

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