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Previously in Criminal Case
Robert Sharp: Are you two inspectors?
David: Yes, but why?
Robert Sharp: Because a murder is commited at the Jungle Hotel!
David: What the..!

Present Time, At the Jungle Hotel...
Ashley Banks: Oh, thanks god! You're here <Rank> <Name>! A man's just been murdered in Room #9. Here's the key!

At Hotel Room #9
David: Hmm, we saw this guy before. He is...
Melvina Green: Eduardo Duncan!
David: Melvina!? What the..! Uhm... What are you doing here!?
Melvina Green: I was just hanging out with Eduardo! Then sudden-
David: Damn it! She fainted! <Name>, Can you search this room while I'm sending the body to the lab and picking up Melvina?

Chapter 1

Investigate Hotel Room
David: What did you find, <Name>? Hmm, glass shards... If you can put them together, we might know where did the bullet come from.
David: We also have a lot of people to talk with. Who do you want to start with <Name>?

Autopsy The Victim's Body
Douglas: As you guessed correctly, your victim died because of a shot in the chest. One shot, very clean. And also the bullet came from a hunting rifle, so you two better look for one.
David: Did you find anything about the killer?
Douglas: Yes! Your victim was shot from his heart with just a perfect shot which killed him instantly. Your killer has to practise rifle shooting everyday to be experienced enough to shoot that shot.
David: Hmm, it's very disgusting that the killer sees humans as hunting trophies. And also I'm pretty sure that everyone in the swamps knows how to shoot with a hunting rifle. More information?
Douglas: What do you expect me to find? We don't know where did the bullet come from and I also don't have any evidence except this bullet and the victim!
David: Man, take it easy! We are going to find where did that shot come from, right <Name>?

Examine Glass Shards
David: So, these glass shards were actually a window glass. Let's send this glass to William. He should know what to do with it. Also Melvina is awaken up. Let's ask her some questions.

Analyze Window Glass
William: A lot of people couldn't understand anything from this glass but I was able to catch something. First, the glass was broken from outside. And also I asked May to check the glass and she found traces of a bullet.
William: So, I suggest you two to look at the places which are located on the east of the hotel.
David: Great... Going back into the forest again...

Ask Melvina Green what happened
Melvina Green: I don't know what happened! Once Eduardo was next to me, then he was on the floor, bleeding heavily.
Melvina Green: Sorry, I can't be very helpful, inspectors. But you should understand...

After talking to Melvina
David: Seeing someone's murder should be very depressive, but if the person is someone you love... I hope Melvina will get better soon...

Ask Robert Sharp about the murder
David: Robert, we need to know how could you get that information faster than us.
Robert Sharp Do you two know that "Journalists should keep their sources as secrets".
David: And Robert, you should also know that...
Robert Sharp Okay! I'll tell... I was at the hotel during the murder. When I heard gunshots, I ran to the police department. Is it okay now?
David: Also, where can we find you, Robert?
Robert Sharp: Of course at the West News Offices.

After talking to Robert
David: I bet he's hiding something from us. We may need to search his workplace further in our investigation.

Ask Ashley Banks about the murder
David: Wait! Ashley, how did you manage to become the manager of this hotel?
Ashley Banks: Uhm, David? Can you please cut the crap! I'm worried about the clients.
David: Maybe you're right... So, what were you doing at the time of murder?
Ashley Banks: I was polishing up the keys, then I went to the garden and started watering the flowers. That's when I heard some gunshots and I ran back into the hotel.
Ashley Banks: I was hiding under the reception's desk when I realised I had to check my clients... And found Eduardo lying on the floor, dead and Melvina, who was fainted lying next to Eduardo... I carried her to the guest room and waited next to her.
Ashley Banks: When she woke up, she told me that she wanted to see Eduardo for a last time... And I couldn't say 'No'. After that I went downstairs, which was the time you came.
David: One more question, Ashley. Did a certain Robert Sharp was staying at the hotel?
Ashley Banks: No, but when the murder happened, he was with me, looking to my lovely flowers.
David: Thanks! Please stick around because we may have to ask you a few more questions.

Investigate Hotel Panaroma
Before Investigating
David: I hate this forest... Hey, <Name>! Do you see the torn paper there, don't you?
David: I think this place is the place where the killer was standing. Let's search this place for more clues.

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