The Death of Nina Lainn Dialogues


Leni: Hello <rank> <name>, i am so excited to work with you, i am Leni Sparks, your partner.

Leni: We will go to the seaside, not for fun, but, murder! Isn't that gruesome!

Leni: Meet Chief, the chief, obviously.

Chief: Hello, <rank>. Are you ready for catching the killers.

Chief: Leni will be first your partner, you have 2 partners, Dan Price is the other, so, are you ready?

Chief: Come on! Catch that killer!

Leni: Chief, can we now go, before the killer could kill other people?

Chief: Of course, Leni.

Leni: Come on, <rank> <name>, let's now catch that crazy killer!

Chapter 1

Investigate Seaside

Leni: Ok, <name>, you found the body, ewe, a note and  a wallet.

Leni: This wallet is pretty sure guesses the name of the victim

Leni: Her name is Nina Lainn, a scientist, wow

Leni: The note is faded, can you recover it?

Leni: Let's give the victim's body to Julienn, she can take care of it.

Leni: Alright, this is getting-

Wendy: Fanatic, kaching! Let me picture you, ma'am.

Leni: Uh, ehem, who are you and why are you--

Wendy: I'm Wendy, the founder of the Daily Gossips! I can make you a star!

Leni: What? Yes! I mean, No, we are in a case, we can't stop the killer-

Wendy: It's ok, i can leave you know ma'am

Leni: Yeah, but <rank> <name> will talk to you.

Leni: Whoah, this is really chaos! Wendy is so annoying!

Examine Wallet

Leni: You found a card, the card says "Haha, you will not escape my fury"

Leni; Oh my, it's from the killers!

Leni: You're right, i saw a man in the crime scene

Leni: His name is Jake Davis, i guess

Leni: But, you know let's see.

Talk to Wendy Lopez why she is in the crime scene

Leni: Wendy, any last messages

Leni: Wendy?

Wendy: Hi, i am so excited, so, please sign this-

Leni: I said i'll not ever sign that stupid contract

Wendy; Oh whatever, but, please shut the hell--

Leni: I hate you, by the way, do you know something Jake Davis

Wendy: Yeah, i'll say if you signed the contract

Leni: We'll arrest you, Wendy!

Wendy: There it is, whatever! I should go, where you are far, and dim!

Leni: Oh my god, that's really crazy!

Leni: Let's see Jake now!

Examine Faded Note

Leni: Great! Let's see this faded note

Leni: Oh my God! Is this really true? 

Leni: The killer might really hated the victim, but look <rank> <name>!

Leni: The note says: "I'll kill you no matter what you say" and Nina responded "Please don't kill me, stranger. I'll call 911"

Leni: She must've said it early but i think let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Note

Gerry: The note is really hurting! This piece of sentence should make the killer last long in jail, but-

Leni: Yeah, yeah, i know! Please what is the clue you've seen?

Gerry: Your killer is left-handed as noted, this seems-

Leni: Thanks, by the way, Wendy is left-handed, and seems also Jake, let's now go.

Talk to Jake

Leni: Hey, Jake. We are the cops. Do you know some Nina Lainn

Jake: Why, do you need to arrest me, i didn't do anything! Well, i know Nina, why?

Leni: Hey, Nina is dead, and we are looking for her killer, any clues.

Jake: Forget it, can you just leave me, i'm facing-

Leni: What, do you kill her?

Jake: How do i kill her, i didn't do it! Whatever, goodbye, and have a nice day.

Leni: Cut the crap! Come on now <rank> <name>, let's investigate the Dirty Sea. It is really cold there, but can i bring a jacket?!

Investigate Dirty Sea

Leni: Brrr.. It's 22 degrees here, so cold.

Leni: You found a knife, well, exactly this is the murder weapon, nice <name>!

Leni: A floss, covered in blood. But, don't tell me the killer flosses, right?

Leni: Seriously, Wendy is really, you know, annoying

Leni: I hate gossips, they can cause me to take nevrax, even these anti-depressants.

Leni: Let's analyze this floss to Gerry, and also the knife to Peter.

Leni: Well, well, well, we need 2 more attributes to arrest this horrifying killer.

Leni: I'm guessing it's Wendy, she is a real off-topic master.

Leni: Off the sea!

Analyze Dental Floss

Leni: Hi, again. what's the news!

Gerry: Hello, Ace, the floss supposed to tied your victim, as Roxan says also. The blood came from the victim and, also the killer.

Gerry: I can't see the blood type cause it's badly contaminated, but i know your killer uses dental floss.

Leni: Ok, Gerry, so the killer uses dental floss, in a left-way. Guessing it tough?

Analyze Knife

Peter: Yee hah, howdy Leni howdy <name>, i'm Peter, the Lab Analyzer.

Leni: News?

Peter: Oh, sorry. This is definitely your murder weapon! As it's blood came from the victim. It came up from a slice!

Leni: Yes! We are right! <rank> <name>, we are close to the killer!

Autopsy Victim's Body

Leni: Hi, Roxan. What's the news!

Roxan: Hi, i am Roxan the coroner of the GPD, and now i know something behind the body!

Leni: Really what's it!

Roxan: Your killer is a Sagittarius. I saw a Sagittarius pendant in the victim's pocket, and realize that the killer left it. Embarassing isn't it?

Leni: We got all of the clues, let's arrest the killer. Who could you bet on? Isn't Wendy or Jake. What are we waiting for, Arrest that killer!

Arrest Killer

Leni: Jake, you are under arrest for the gruesome murder of Nina Lainn.

Jake: What? I didn't do it! I am the victim of circumstances!

Leni: You lied! You are now arrested for the murder!

In the Hall

Judge Wanda: Jake, you are sentenced 20 years in jail for the murder!

Jake: I admit it, forget it, only she was needed to die.

Judge: Whatever, you know the rules and you know how you can be really arrested!

Jake: Arrested?! You don't know i have a family!

Judge: Think first before you kill anybody.


Leni: Great, <rank> <name>, you've arrest the killer, you earned yourself an achievement!

Leni: How about let's go out drinking slurpee, it's hot here!

Leni: Anyway, Chief wants to thank to you.

Leni: How about let's go to her office?

Going to Chief's Office

Chief: Good job, <name>.

Chief: You know, i am really happy.

Chief: How about resting, that's the way you need and have

Leni: Chief, we will just drink slurpee, and have a bonding.

Chief: Whatever, Leni, <name>, don't let Leni go away!

Sunnyside Confidential 1

Talk to Wendy Lopez

Wendy: Hi, again, <rank> <name>, Leni.

Leni: Wendy, why are you sad?

Wendy: I lost my pendant, a capricorn pendant, it was my one and only lucky charm.

Leni: Don't worry, we'll find it. But make sure you won't annoy us anymore! 

Wendy: Ok, thank you!

Investigate Seaside

Leni: You found a Capricorn Pendant, way to go, <name>!

Leni: You're right, <name>, let's examine this Capricorn Pendant and it's covered in blood, maybe it belongs to Wendy.

Examine Capricorn Pendant

Leni: You found that blood, let's get it over to Peter!

Analyze Blood

Peter: Hi, again <name>, you could see what is the blood type..

Peter: It is AB+, and it matches Wendy Loprez, Lopez, blah, whatever

Leni: Thanks Peter! Let's give this one to Wendy and we will never meet her again, maybe

Give back pendant to Wendy 

Leni: Here you go, Wendy, we found out that is yours! So, please not bother us anymore

Wendy: Thanks, <rank> <name>! I could never see my lucky charm without it! Anyway, i saw some screaming man and they another one handling a stapler and--

Leni: What!? Come on, <name>, let's report this to Chief! Let's solve a new murder!


Leni: Chief! Wendy Lopez found a screaming man, and another one handling a stapler! A new murder will happen!

Chief: What? What the, oh come on, don't ever listen to Wendy!

Leni: But-

Chief: Whatever! Just, ok, let's close this case! 


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