The Crystals
Type Religion
Common name Crystal Cult
Headquarters Greenville, Sunny Seaside, U.S.A
Leader ???
Colors Blue Violet
Appearance(s) Into the Woods (Case #2)

Murder on Wheels (Case #3)

The Crystals is a notoriously secret organization and serves as the main antagonist in the first season and in the first city, Greenville.

Case Appearances

In Into the Woods, the player founds a poison, that has an unknown symbol, but when they give it to Peter, the symbol means a sudden crystal and a skull apprehended. The symbol was unknown, so the player interrogates the mayor. Mayor identified the symbol that belongs to the Crystals, a secret organization and the antagonist in which the leader made it in 1998. 


Significant Members

  • Adam Rye (a novelist)
  • Wendy Lopez (gossip columnist)
  • Aliyah Smiles (femme fatale)
  • Rica Lysann (writer)
  • Leni Sparks (detective)
  • Joshua Queen (actor)

Standard Members

  • Chloe Sparks (politician)
  • Nick Arcon (race car driver)
  • Dory Sparks (Leni's grandmother)
  • George Phillips (astronomer) 
  • Nora Cundar (Julie's mother)
  • Jason Piano (pianist)
  • Eufritz Blossom (electronic engineer)

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