This third case by Koyos456 

Case Background

The victim animal trainer Harper Stone With victim snakes.The killer comedian name Emma Throne.


Harper Stone (He died on desert eagled)


Murder Weapon

Desert Eagle


Emma Throne


Emma Throne-  Comedian-Sunglassed,I love Tampa badge,Blonde hair,350 lbs

Say Walker - Deactive-Sunglassed,Blonde hair

Curtis Newman- Guard-I love Tampa's badge

Jack Orman- Library-Sunglassed

Sam Oaster -Tampa's best friend-N/A

Tampa Swat-Election-N/A

Killer Profile

The killer wear sunglassed

The killer is I Love Tampa badge

The killer is blonde hair

The killer weight is 350 lbs

Crime Scene

The Apartment

The Apartment


The Apartment (bonus)

Genius House

Genius House


Genius house (bonus)

Named Wang

Named Wang


Snake Graveyard

Snake Graveyard

Shot the Differenced


Chapter 1

Investigate Apartment (victim's body,victim's snakes,victm's outfit)

Autopsy Victim Body (65:00) (The killer wears sunglassed)

Talk Emma about a victim (Clue:Emma's bag)

Examine Faded Paper

Analyzed Paper (8.00.00)

Talk Say about a fear snaked (The killer is blonde hair)

Investigate Snake Graveyard (Victim's snake)

Autopsy Victim's snake

Go to next Chapter 2 (2 stars)

Chapter 2

Investigate Table (CD,Faded Notebook)

Examine CD

Talk Curtis and Jack about a follow victim (Clue:Paper)

Examine Paper

Analyze Paper (1:00:00)

Talk Sam about a drawing victim (Clue:Paintbrush)

Examine Paintbrush (Result:Green)

Analyze Green (5:00:00)

Talk Tampa about a election

Go to next chapter 3

Chapter 3

Talk Sam about a throw basketball

Question Curtis has call stupid!

Investigate Rooftop (Boomerang)

Question Say about name boomerang.

Examine Boomerang (Dirty Sand)

Analyze Dirty Sand (3:00:00)

Emma call this phone about a victim

Arrest Killer

Go to next Additional Investigation (1 stars)

Additional Investigation

Take Say in phone (Becky's phone)

Analyze Becky's phone (Game)

Difficult Tampa this Flappy Bird game

Give Say in phone

Call Curtis about your heckman

Arrest Curtis Newman (Reward:Green Suit,Green Dress)

Talk Tampa about an arrest Curtis.

Go to Next Case (1 stars)

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