The ABC1 Group (case)
Season 1
City Cooold City
District Amusement Park
Case Number #2
Partner(s) Russel Crane
Frank Knight
Preceded by Succeeded by
Toasted in the Park Clown in Fire

The ABC1 Group, it is the second case of the Amusement Park, and second in the Cooold City. The case marks the return of characters from the original game in both cities.

Case Background

When the two teams of police, a break take a week, they decide to go to the headquarters of of Ramon Jenkins. When you finish talking to Jenkins, they heard a noise and down in a hurry. Going down, find the secretary of Ramon dead with a knife across his veins, and his mouth bleeding.

Once the firm discovered investigated a group, blurred when cleaning discover that says "The ABC1 Group was in this place," frightened by this recall old: Vipers and Crimson Order.

With the time, the police officers discovered that the 5 suspects, the culprit was the lawyer of the deceased woman, Mr. Marvin Mackenna, who killed that is not paid him, and fell into bankruptcy so was expelled from the ABC1 group.


Caroline Riesco
(She was found with a knife in the hand)

Killer and motives

Marvin Mackenna, tired of the delusions of Caroline, it binds to an anonymous group (The ABC1 group) and decides to grab an iron knife and kills him.


  • Ramon Jenkins (Police-man)
  • Marvin Mackenna (Victim's Lawyer) - Killer
  • Katherine Wooney (Chief of Caroline)
  • Helen Wooney (Katherine Wooney's Sister)
  • Lola Vallez (Victim's Best Friend)


  • Frank Knight
  • Russel Crane

Crime Scenes

Police Station Table Police Station Bonus
Lawyer House Kitchen Lawyer House Bonus
Lawyer Co. Lawyer Table Lawyer Co. Bonus


Toasted in the Park The ABC1 Group Clown in Fire

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