I love how Syleria is so majestic. I wish it will never go away.
—Taiga Yamagami

Taiga Yamagami [Jpn: 山上大河] is the forensic expert of the Syleria Crime Investigation.


As a forensic expert of 39 years of age, Taiga is in charge of all physical and clinical forensics in the SCI. He has black hair, black eyes, and a dark gray goatee. As the forensic expert, Taiga wears a standard lab coat with a pocket on the left which consists of a syringe and a pair of clinical scissors. Underneath the lab coat is a green shirt with a globe designed on it. Other than that, he pins a tree badge on the left side of his coat and wears a bird necklace.

Taiga is known to be a nature lover, caring and respectful. His favorite animal is a hummingbird and his favorite dish is green tea.

Notable Events

  • Nothing remarkable


As the forensic expert of the Syleria Crime Investigation, Taiga has the responsibility to take care of all the necessary physical analyses and informing the team of the results.

  • N/A

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and the forensic expert of the Syleria Crime Investigation, Taiga will appear in a Syleria case in which a clue requiring physical, biological or clinical forensic analysis is required. 


  • Taiga's name, "山" means "Mountain", "上" means "Top", "大" means "Large" and "河" means "River". "山上" means "Mountain Top" while "大河" means "Large River".

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