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Evan: Look over there, <Name>! In the park! There's a dead man, there's another murder!
Evan: I knew that the parade would only bring another murder. And I'll catch that criminal!
Evan: Let's go, <Name>. We're already on another case.

Chapter 1

Investigate Ethon Park
Evan: I can't believe Carlton Klovan is dead. And look at his eye. He's bleeding and... it looks horrible!
Gary: What are you doing here, <Name>, Evan? Oh... That's Mr Klovan!
Evan: I know you really wanted to participate in the event, Gary, but I'm sorry. The president of the jury died.
Gary: This is horrible! The flowers will die if the event is done next week! They're already cut!
Evan: I'm sorry, Gary, but please leave. This is our job. Now, <Name>, this cleaning trolley leads us to a new prime suspect. Chandler Beemie!

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I'm sorry for Carlton. I don't know what the murder weapon might be, but his death was very painful!
Daniel: The killer used an object to put in Carlton's eye. And they pushed.
Evan: That's just so disgusting!
Daniel: And painful. His eyeball was destroyed, as the weapon penetrated his face. It's a wooden object, I'm sure. I found little pieces of wood in his skin.
Daniel: I also found some leaves. Carlton was near some flowers, so that's normal. But I found a different type of DNA on them, mixed with soil and water.
Daniel: I guess the killer was doing some gardening jobs before the murder.
Evan: Then one more time, our killer has gardening skills. I'd have never thought so many criminals would like gardening.

Ask Chandler Beemie about the murder
Evan: I'm sorry to bother you, Chandler. But we found a cleaning trolley in Ethon Park and I wanted to know if it was yours.
Chandler: Yes, I was cleaning Ethon Park this morning while the parade contestants were driving their trucks past me.
Chandler: It's twelve o'clock now. I'm at home to have lunch, but I'll get back to the park soon.
Evan: I'm afraid you won't be able to do so. It is a murder scene.
Chandler: Oh, I see. I thought it was weird you only came at me for my trolley. May I know who died?
Evan: Carlton Klovan. I bet you know who he is...
Chandler: You can be sure I know him. He was also in Green Year Parade.
Chandler: Can I suggest a suspect? His activist friend Peter Galley. I never knew in which side he is.
Evan: Ok. We'll have a chat with him. Stay at home, please.

Talk to Peter Galley about the victim
Peter: Take this, <Name>, Evan. I bought some cupcakes at a shop.
Evan: Thank you for the cupcakes, Peter! It seems working in a restaurant made you a great food critic! This is delicious!
Evan: But back to work, we want to talk to you about Carlton Klovan.
Peter: He's a good man, but why do you ask that right this day? Is he dead?
Evan: You're clever, huh? Yeah, we found him lifeless at Ethon Park.
Peter: I'm afraid one of my activist fellows could have killed him. And I think so, but I lack prooves.
Peter: We used to rent a lorry to go to the protests. This is the license plate number. I'll write it down.
Evan: Thanks. <Rank> <Name> and I will try to find it.

Investigate Activists' lorry
Evan: This torn card looks suspicious. Why don't we piece it back?
Evan: And this bottle is stained with blood. No doubt, our killer has been here.
Evan: You're right, Cecil Ister had told us the activists rent his lorry to go to the protests. This is his lorry! We have to interrogate him.

Examine Torn card
Evan: This is very, very suspicious, <Name>. Why is Gustave Rod's business card in this lorry?
Evan: Our killer was in the lorry, and maybe Gustave was here too. We could add him to our suspects list.

Interrogate Gustave Rod about the activists
Gustave: You two again? Glad to see you, Evan, <Name>!
Evan: <Rank> <Name>, sir.
Gustave: This is a client, I think you know him.
Will: Yes, I met <Rank> <Name> when he arrested my father's killer. He did a splendid job.
Evan: Nice to meet you again, Mr Ohdie. We'd like to interrogate Gustave, please.

Gustave: You shouldn't have made Mr Ohdie leave like that. He was angry.
Evan: Carlton Klovan was found dead. And we found your business card in one of our crime scenes.
Gustave: Maybe the killer bought wine here. What's wrong with that?
Evan: It was in a lorry used by the activists. And you're not an activist, as far as I'm concerned.
Gustave: Ha! Now I understand. Mr Ohdie's daughter, Wendy, often comes here too. And she is an activist.
Evan: Ok. We'll go talk to her.

Inform Wendy Ohdie about the murder
Wendy: Is everything fine, <Name>? My father said you were with Mr Rod.
Evan: It's another murder. This time the victim is Mr Klovan, Green Year Parade's president.
Wendy: Oh, that's horrible! Last year nobody died for it. It's a shame he died.
Evan: Have you been in the lorry activists rent from Cecil Ister?
Wendy: Yes. We use that lorry to go to the protests.
Wendy: My dad will be very sad. He was a close friend of Carlton. Maybe he becomes the new president. It's so saddening.
Evan: I really doubt the event will be done now. Thanks for your time, Wendy.

Examine Bottle of alcohol
Evan: Amazing again! Let's take this blood sample to Sabrina!

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: The blood on that bottle of alcohol belongs to your victim, <Name>!
Sabrina: And I checked the bottle. In case it belongs to the killer, they've used this bottle.
Sabrina: So I asked Daniel if there was alcohol on Carlton's body, and he said that the killer had used a bit to wipe the blood and clean his eye.
Evan: So... our killer cleaned Carlton? What for?
Sabrina: Just to wash a bit of blood, or maybe to close the wound. It's not sensible, but whatever.
Evan: Then the killer uses alcohol! Chandler is a cleaner, I bet he has many bottles of it in the trolley.

Ask Cecil Ister about the lorry
Cecil: I hadn't seen you for a long time, <Rank> <Name>! What's wrong now?
Evan: We found Carlton Klovan dead. We presume you knew him.
Evan: And we think that the killer hid evidence in the lorry you rent for the activists. So we'll need to take a look at it.
Cecil: Yes, you can use it. But Carlton dead? That's shocking! You mean the botanist, right?
Evan: That one. Do you know anything about him?
Cecil: Well, I listened to the activists talking about him. It seems he's really bad, but I just met him a few times in the greenhouse.

Evan: Who do you think the killer is, <Name>? I don't think Cecil or Gustave could have done it.
Evan: It must have been an activist. But the three look so innocent. They wouldn't har anyone. And Peter serves delicious food. His food-choosing skills are delightf-
Gino: <Name>, I have Gustave Rod on the line!

Chapter 2

Gino: <Name>, I have Gustave Rod on the line!
Evan: Ask him what his problem is, Gino.
Gino: He says he needs you to go straight away to his wine cellar.
Evan: I wonder what his problem is, <Name>. But he refuses to talk. Let's go see ourselves.

Investigate Wine vault
(Before investigating)

Evan: Here we are, Gustave. What happened?
Gustave: I found a broom stained with blood in the shelves. I don't know what it's doing here!
Evan: Could a broom be the murder weapon, <Name>? Did it go through Carlton's eye?
Evan: Let's look for it, <Name>!

(After investigating)

Evan: This leaflet is the one against the parade! And it smells like raw beef. And the only suspect in contact with raw beef is the butcher!
Evan: Also, we can examine the broom to see if it's the murder weapon. Then we'll talk to Gustave. He's getting suspicious with it.

Examine Broom
Evan: This substance is kind of pink, maybe it's not blood. Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Pink substance
Sabrina: This sample is not blood, Evan. But if you had collected samples in the other side of the broom, you'd have gotten blood.
Evan: In fact, <Rank> <Name> collected the sample!
Evan: Wait, so this broom IS our murder weapon?
Sabrina: Yes, it is! I feel shame for Carlton. That murder really hurt!
Sabrina: Now, this sample you gave me was in fact red wine!
Evan: Our killer drinks wine!
That's applied for Gustave and also for Wendy. Gustave said she often goes to his shop.

See if Cecil gave the leaflet to Gustave
Evan: We found this brochure in Gustave Rod's wine vault. Did you give it to him?
Ivonne: Oh, you're here. Cecil told me about the murder. I'm part of the jury too. Oh, do you remember me?
Evan: Yes, Ivonne. We do.
Cecil: I gave the leaflet to him, yes. But he'd asked me for one. He wanted to sell wines in the activist meetings. How did you know I'd given it to him?
Evan: Because it smelled like raw beef, and as you're a butcher...
Ivonne: Are you sure it had that smell? Cecil always cleans the counter of his butchery with alcohol.
Evan: Is that true, Cecil?
Cecil: Well, yes. But it's not important, is it?

Question Gustave about the murder weapon
Evan: Gustave, was that broom yours?
Gustave: No. I have a green broom, and that one was brown. Someone might have broken in my shop.
Evan: Maybe not. They could have hidden it while you were somewhere else. At the back of the shop, perhaps.
Gustave: You're right! Now I remember, I went to the back to pick a bottle of alcohol to clean my tastevoin. But I didn't hear anything.
Evan: Don't worry, Gustave. We're going to keep investigating.

Evan: <Name>, if the broom is the murder weapon, I guess you know which one of our suspects is related to brooms.
Evan: Yay, you guessed correctly! Chandler!

Ask Chandler if the murder weapon is his
Chandler: You again? How did you know I was at Ethon Park?
Evan: What are you doing? This is a crime scene, Chandler!
Chandler: Yeah, but your fellows are on the other side of the park. And I wanted to take a look at my flowers. Aren't they cute?
Chandler: When Mr Klovan started picking flowers from this park, I started planting more flowers to replace the dead ones.
Chandler: This morning, I saw him picking more and more, hours before the parade. But I didn't pay attention to him.
Evan: So you plant flowers in the park, huh? You must have gardening skills.

Evan: If the activists plant flowers in this park, we could ask Peter and Wendy if they do too. It's a good hook to ask them if they were here at the time of the murder.
Evan: Talking about the park, we could look for more clues here before Chandler keeps snooping around here, yeah?
Evan: Hey, what's that protest? Let's talk to the activists later, we need to get them away.

Investigate Park fountain
(Before investigating)

Lillete: We won't let this happen! The parade is ours!
Earl: We can't go to bed thinking we can die at the hands of an activist! This has to stop!
Evan: Hey! This is a crime scene! You can't be here!
Earl: You again? Can you believe I spent midnight locked up in a restaurant because of them?
Lillete: Yes, and they took my friend away from me!
Evan: If you really want justice for Carlton Klovan, leave the park and let us investigate. We're not playing, we're trying to arrest his killer!
Earl: Let's get away, boys. C'mon!

(After investigating)

Evan: This pile of dirt might be hiding something. Let's see.
Evan: Oh, and the activists, yes. We have to talk to them.

Examine Pile of dirt
Evan: Look, bloody soil! Maybe what the killer tried to hide is this blood!
Evan: Let's take a sample for Sabrina.

Examine Bloody soil
Evan: This blood is still fresh, it must be Carlton's blood.
Evan: Then it's relevant to the murder and we need to send it to the lab!

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: You guessed correctly, this is Carlton's blood! It took me some time to run the tests on it, but it was worth it.
Sabrina: Now you know this belong to your victim, do you want to hear more about the killer?
Evan: Aye Sabrina, tell us!
Sabrina: I found a bit of DNA that didn't belong to Carlton. So everything said that it belonged to your killer.
Sabrina: This won't be helpful, I guess. But you're looking for a male criminal!
Evan: It is helpful, Sabrina! Thank you.

See if Peter planted flowers in the park
Evan: Thanks for the offer, Peter, but I've already had enough with the cupcakes. A pound cake would be too much, don't you think?
Peter: If you say so... It looks like <Rank> <Name> has already forgot the cupcakes. My sister baked this cake.
Evan: Chandler said the activists plant flowers in Ethon Park. And we wanted to know if you did that too.
Peter: Yes, I did it this very morning. Immediately after I got up.
Evan: Where were you at eleven o'clock in the morning?
Peter: Working in the restaurant. I quit work ar eleven fifteen.
Peter: What, <Name>? Alcohol? Well, sometimes I help the chef and use alcohol to set a fire.

Talk to Wendy about the flowers
Wendy: Ethon Park? I usually plant seeds in several parks, but I don't remember about that one.
Evan: Try to remember, please.
Wendy: Well, I did it on so many parks, I guess I did it in that one too.
Evan: Wait... In the last case we interrogated you, you said you had good gardening skills, right?
Wendy: Yes, I did. Why do you ask that? I'm even the plant nursery's owner now.
Evan: Just wanted to remember, I guess that's all.

Alan Smith: Is it true? Have the contestants and the jury started a protest in Ethon Park?
Evan: Yes, Chief! But <Rank> <Name> and I told them to go back home. And they did.
Alan Smith: Well, now the activists started another protest!

Chapter 3

Evan: Chief, are you telling us that the activists are also protesting now?
Alan Smith: Yes, I am! Someone reported them protesting around a lorry. Go and take them away.
Evan: A lorry? <Name>, it can't be a coincidence. That's Cecil's lorry! Let's go!

Evan: Hey, what are you doing here?
Peter: We are... protesting.
Evan: What for? You have what you wanted the most. Carlton Klovan is dead. And Green Year Parade will surely be cancelled.
Chandler: We're being treated as criminals! The jury and some contestants are blaming us for his death!
Wendy: That's right, Chandler! We only want to protect our environment!
Evan: Guys, this is a crime scene. You can't touch anything!
Peter: And why isn't there any officer here?
Evan: That's not our fault, you can't be here anyway!
Evan: Now, <Name>, let's take a second look at the lorry before they ruin it.

Investigate Lorry seats
Evan: <Name>, I'd believe this bag contains the flowers a Green Year Parade contestant would put in their truck, but this lorry is used by activists!
Evan: Besides looking in that bag, we could also see why this badge of the parade is here.
Evan: And that letter is suspicious too. Let's piece it back together.

Examine Bag of flowers
Evan: This explains many things. I remember this green cleaner from the case in Newville I. Chandler uses this cleaning product!
Evan: But why is it in a bag of flowers? And why does Chandler have a bag like that one? We need to question him about it.

Question Chandler about the parade
Evan: I'm glad you've calmed down, Chandler. You looked enraged before.
Chandler: I'm sorry for shouting at you. But a glass of wine always brings me to a good mood.
Evan: Wine, you side? Wait, there's something we'd like to ask you. Have you got a brown broom?
Chandler: Yes, but I lost it. Did you find it?
Evan: Where did you lose it?
Chandler: This very morning, at Ethon Park. Right before I quit cleaning. I mean, I needed that broom to clean the pavement. Why would I stay?
Evan: We found it, but we'll return it to you later. We found a bag of flowers with your green cleaner inside. Were you contesting in the parade?
Chandler: Of course no. Those were sick flowers I found in several places. And I need to cut them before the sickness expands to more flowers.

Examine Badge
Evan: Good! Now let's compare these fingerprints with the ones in our database to see who the badge belongs to.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: I didn't expect it. Peter Galley's fingerprints in that badge? That's not logical.
Evan: Why don't we interrogate him once again?

Ask Peter why he had a badge of Green Year Parade
Peter: You came just in time. I've just finished with my gardening tasks.
Evan: Gardening? Yes, <Name>! How could we forget that?
Peter: What are you talking about?
Evan: Forget it. We found your fingerprints on a Green Year Parade badge. Can you explain that?
Peter: I've hand-crafted it. My dear friend Carlton had asked me to do it. You remember I'm also a potter, right?
Peter: That badge was for the parade winner of this year. I'm sure he would have won.

Evan: Peter was about to cry, did you see? He can't have killed Carlton.
Evan: Could he do it because he felt treasoned by his friend? Did Carlton disappoint him?

Examine Torn letter
Evan: Look, this is a complaint letter, <Name>! And it's adressed to Carlton Klovan, but it's missing the signature.
Evan: It's not a threat note, it just says formally why Green Year Parade should not be done.
Evan: I'm sure Lindsey will find out its writer in a matter of time.

Analyze Complaint letter
Lindsey: Just as I thought, I found an activist's handwriting in the complaint letter!
Lindsey: But I didn't expect to find two handwritings.
Evan: What? Why would two people write a letter together?
Lindsey: You'll find out when you interrogate the writers. First of all, I found strange that the letter wasn't folded, it's as plain as a wall.
Lindsey: I mean, this letter wouldn't fit in any envelope unless you fold it. But that's not all. With the post office database, I also found out that....
Lindsey: This letter was never sent to Carlton!
Evan: This couldn't be any more illogical.
Lindsey: If you want answers, you have to talk to Wendy Ohdie and Cecil Ister.
Evan: This is getting weirder and weirder.

Talk to Wendy about the letter
Wendy: Cecil and I wrote that letter. He's not an activist, but he's always there for me and-
Paulie: <Rank> <Name>, Evan! What a surprise! Wendy told me everything about this case!
Wendy: He-he, we were talking about you, babe.
Evan: How are you, Paulie?
Paulie: Fine. What have you been up to?
Evan: Murders. So, Wendy, I guess that's all you have to say.
Wendy: Yes, that's all. Come with me, I'll bear with you until you leave.

Evan: She bore with us, <Name>! She didn't want Paulie to open the door for us, she did it without being asked!
Evan: It seems Paulie and Cecil are this girl's loves. But that's no reason for this murder, is it?

Talk to Cecil about the letter
Cecil: Ms Ohdie and I wrote that together. I'm not an activist, but I really wanted to help her. She looked so desperate.
Evan: There's just one question for you, Cecil.
Cecil: Tell me. Oh, sorry! I'm drinking wine and I didn't offer you any. Would you like to drink some?
Evan: No, thank you. The question is: why didn't you send the letter to Mr Klovan? And why did it end up torn in your lorry?
Cecil: We were going to send it today. And you came saying he'd died. Why would I send it? I tore it up and left it in the lorry.

Evan: You're right, <Name>! I had forgotten Cecil also had gardening skills.
Evan: I have a very bad feeling about this. For me, the chances of being the killer are strongly on Peter and Cecil.
Evan: What? Do you really think that person could be the killer? I don't think so.
Gino: I have Gustave Rod on the line. Again. He says it's urgent. Again.
Evan: Ok, let's go see what's wrong now.

See what Gustave needs
Gustave: <Rank> <Name>, I thought you wouldn't come! Please, you have to see this! I found flowers.
Evan: What, Gustave? I don't see an- What? Flowers?
Gustave: Yes, but... They aren't here. Where were they?
Evan: <Name> will find it, don't worry.

Investigate Shelves
Gustave: Yes, those are the flowers! You are very talented, <Name>.
Evan: If you called us because of them, it's obvious they're not yours. They belong to the killer.
Evan: Now, <Name>, we need to examine them.

Examine Flowers
Evan: Look! You found brown hair! Then our killer has brown hair, <Name>! It's time to-
Evan: Oh, you're right. Carlton also had brown hair. Maybe it's his.
Evan: Well, now we have to send this to the lab.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: Evan Knight, thank God <Rank> <Name> said that about the victim. You'd have arrested the wrong person!
Evan: Sorry, I'd forgotten Carlton was a brownhead.
Sabrina: Well, I don't have anything to say regarding this hair. It belongs to your victim and that's all.
Sabrina: But I found a lead in the flowers. I found green fibers!
Evan: Carlton wasn't wearing green, <Name>. Our killer wears green clothes! It's over, we'll arrest him now.

Arrest killer
Evan: Chandler Beemie, you are under arrest for murder. Carlton Klovan was killed by you!
Chandler: Yeah. You finally caught me. Time to go to jail.
Evan: You wanted to go to jail?
Chandler: No, I don't. But it's fair. Like my exchange. One life for a million lives. Well, it wasn't fair for me, but they got it quite cheap.
Chandler: I saw him picking flowers at the park, and I knew it was then or never. And I chose then.
Evan: How did you manage to insert a broom in his eye? When he saw it, he must have tried to avoid it.
Chandler: Haha! So you didn't find out. If you get drunk for drinking a bottle of champagne, what would happen if you drink many bottles of alcohol?
Evan: He fell asleep! But... then how did you manage to make him drink alcohol?
Chandler: I started out giving him wine. When he became happy, I mixed it with alcohol. When he became furious, I gave him pure alcohol.
Chandler: I took the broom and the flowers he had in his hand to the wine cellar. I guess you went there. Wendy always spends time in the shop, so that would incriminate her.
Evan: But both the broom and the flowers incriminated yourself.

Esteban Gonzalez: You stand before this Court of Law for the first-degree murder of Carlton Klovan. Do you have something to say for your defense?
Chandler: Just say my sentence. My only hope is that those people understand they have to stop killing flowers.
Chandler: They think it's beautiful to make a giant bouquet and throw flowers at the people who think you're sexy, but if plants die, we'll die along with them.
Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Beemie, you and your friends had already sued the event for causing ecological disasters. That's a crime too. If you'd waited, you'd have seen the event being called off.
Esteban Gonzalez: Green Year Parade was just about to be cancelled. There weren't reasons for a murder. There are never reasons.
Esteban Gonzalez: This Court sentences you to life in jail with monthly permissions to go out, starting from next month.

Evan: You had guessed correctly! Chandler was the killer. Your instincts never fail, <Name>.
Evan: At least he'll be able to visit his friends every month. I'll tremble those months, <Name>. He can commit another murder when he's free.
Evan: Well, now Green Year Parade will not exist anymore. And it's fine. It cost two lives. I mean, four.
Gino: That trial was a thrill! Well, I've seen better.
Evan: What are you doing here?
Gino: The mayor wants to meet you. He's with the Chief.
Evan: Do I look well? Is my hair combed?

Alan Smith: Here you are! The mayor has some words for you.
Zachariah Loas: Good job, <Rank> <Name>! And to you too, Inspector Evan! You definitely are a great help to catch all those criminals. You are what this city needs!
Zachariah Loas: So now you've put an end to the crimes activists have been causing, I'd say your mission is complete. And after the Commercial Area, you'd like to try something bigger.
Zachariah Loas: With this, <Rank> <Name>, I am promoting you to work Downtown! I'm sure I'll need help now.
Zachariah Loas: If an event with flowers caused two murders, imagine what the mayoral elections might bring! You have to be Downtown at this time of the year.
Alan Smith: Are you happy? You'll be between candidates and important business people!
Evan: This is great, <Name>! There's a lot of activity at Downtown. And the elections... It'll be emotionant!
Evan: And the murders... Well, thank you Mr Loas!

Additional Investigation

Evan: I really expected more activity in Downtown. But we can go see how the people from the last case are.
Gino: <Name>, Wendy Ohdie called to say something about Ethon Park. She wants to see you.
Gino: And Cecil also says he wants to meet you.
Peter: <Name>, Evan, I need help.
Evan: Peter? You... have a hand marked on your cheek! Did someone slap you?
Peter: Yes. Mr Rod did. I want to sue him for psychical harm! Or whatever it's called. He threatened me!
Evan: Of course you'll do. Come with us, we'll go talk to him right away!
Evan: And Wendy. And Cecil. Uh...

See what's the matter with Cecil
Evan: Officer Reina said you called us. What's wrong?
Cecil: Well, I have to say something I didn't say during the investigation. Carlton Klovan had told me he was afraid and thought he'd die.
Cecil: And he said he wanted Meora to be at his funeral. But I can't find her.
Evan: Umm... Tell us Meora's last name, and we'll look for her in our database.
Cecil: No, no. Meora was her beloved flower. Carlton trusted me and gave it to me. Well, he gave me a safe with Meora.
Evan: A flower inside a safe? Alright, we're going to look for it.
Cecil: It must be in the lorry. I told Wendy to put it there last week.

Investigate Lorry seats
Evan: So Wendy hid this safe here. It was well hidden, I hadn't even noticed it!
Evan: Let's see... Meora, are you there?

Examine Safe
Evan: This must be Meora! Carlton's exotic flower was inside the safe!
Evan: But a flower can't grow there. It's in a vase with water, but... we need Sabrina to tell us if this flower is going to survive.

Analyze Exotic flower
Sabrina: I can't believe a botanist would lock this flower up in a safe! What was Carlton thinking about?
Sabrina: The only reason I can imagine is that he knew he'd die that day and Cecil would rescue her beloved Meora. The time she spent there is enough to survive!
Sabrina: I've already taken care of this flower and it's ready to live a new life! Next to its owner's grave...
Evan: It's ok. Let's give this to Cecil so that he can put it near Carlton's tombstone.

Give Cecil the flower back
Evan: This is Meora, Cecil. We found it half alive, but our expert healed it and it's ready to keep growing.
Cecil: Thank you very much. I'm sure Carlton's soul will be happier with Meora next to him.
Cecil: And I would like to give you something too. This wig would be for the parade winner, along with a badge, a crown and some money. But there won't be a winner, so... Here you are.

See why Gustave is threatening Peter
Evan: Gustave, did you slap this boy?
Gustave: He broke my best bottle of wine! I think.
Pablo: <Rank> <Name>, I heard what happened to Mr Klovan! It's a shame, I really wanted to win.
Pablo: Oh, you are... ok. Sorry. I just came to buy some wine.
Evan: Why did you say "I think"?
Gustave: He came into the shop and a bottle crashed against the floor. I can't recognise it broken!
Peter: It wasn't so expensive!
Evan: Look, Gustave. Peter Galley will dennounce you, as it's his right! But Peter, you'll have to pay the price of the bottle of wine you dropped.
Peter: It's ok.
Gustave: I haven't cleaned yet, I knew this boy would call the police. You can check what you want.

Investigate Wine vault
Evan: Now, let's restore the glass shards to see how much it's worth.

Examine Glass shards
Evan: That was obviously a bottle of wine, but the label is faded. Gustave won't ever know if this is expensive or not.
Evan: But we can know if we take a sample of the wine.

Examine Bottle of wine
Evan: Great! Now let's take this new sample to the lab and tell Peter its price.

Analyze Wine sample
Sabrina: You may think it's impossible, but with some analysis, I managed to find out this wine's exact price!
Evan: Don't joke!
Sabrina: First, I looked for this wine's strain. Then the region where the grapes were planted, more boring things... And this is called "Viña Verde".
Sabrina: It's not so expensive. Just 30 dollars!
Evan: I'm sure Peter won't mind paying thirty miserable dollars!

Tell Gustave about the wine
Peter: At last you came! Nobody exchanged a word in these minutes.
Gustave: What wine did this kid ruin?
Evan: It's a Viña Verde. Now, Gustave will go to a police station for the dennouncement and Mr Galley will pay the thirty dollars he owes.
Gustave: It seems fair. Would you like a meal bundle? It's on me!
Peter: I'll sue you anyway.

Help Wendy Ohdie
Wendy: <Rank> <Name>, you came! Look, I want to talk to you about Ethon Park.
Wendy: I remembered. I planted seeds there, and one of my plants is dying. I know you're experts at everything, so can you help me?
Evan: Ok. We'll look there and tell you what happened.

Investigate Ethon Park
Evan: This fern must be what Wendy talked about. It looks like it's gonna die!
Evan: Let's take a closer look at it and see what happens.

Examine Fern
Evan: Those yellow bacteria must be this fern's sickness reason.
Evan: You're right. I can see the sample but bacterias are microscopic! Well, it's up to Sabrina to determine what it is.

Analyze Bacteria sample
Sabrina: This fern has already died, boys. But what you gave me is not the murder weapon.
Sabrina: Those yellow samples aren't bacteria. They're glands that produce spores.
Evan: What?
Sabrina: Ferns, as moss and some mushrooms, use spores to breed. What you gave me, are glands in charge of producing those spores so that there can be another fern.
Sabrina: What worries me is that this fern died because of a cyanide dose.
Evan: I can't believe it! <Name>, Peter Galley's petunia also died by cyanide in the case in the restaurant! There is a crazy psycopath who is poisoning plants with cyanide!
Evan: Let's tell Wendy about the crazy plants poisoner.

Explain to Wendy what happened to the fern
Evan: We found your fern in the park and sent it to our laboratory to see what was wrong with it.
Wendy: And... what happened? Will it be ok?
Evan: No, I'm sorry. It died. There is a crazy person who waters plants with cyanide. This has already happened to Peter Galley.
Wendy: Oh, that's a pity! Why would anyone do that?
Wendy: Forget it. It's not your fault. Thanks for helping me, Evan and <Name>!

Alan Smith: Will you miss the Commercial Area, boys?
Evan: A bit. Those crazy activists, the people trying to get their lives by starting a little shop, those unraveled misteries.
Evan: You wouldn't think so, Chief. But this district seems too quiet, and anyway, <Name> and I had to meet people with two identities.
Evan: Why did you ask that, Chief?
Alan Smith: Well, there is one reason.
Alan Smith: Your promotion to Downtown is now official. There has been a murder!

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