Starlight Shores
Citycouncil si
General information
Season 1
Setting Starlight Shores
Primary LEA Starlight Shores PD
Key city figures Elisa Chiles (mayor; formerly)
Roy Ketcher (mayor)
Andrew Ramone (chief of police; formerly)
Linda Potters (chief of police)
William Westerfield (deputy mayor; formerly)
Randolph Torres (chief of police; formerly)
Graham Trent (senator)
Marie Starlight (founder)
Vanessa Appleton (deputy mayor)
No. of cases in season 54
No. of regions in season 7
Released November 2016
Season guide
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None (first season) Rusthollow
You'll be fine here, in this fine city of ours. The only thing you will have to remember is this: 'the night is still young'.
—Malcolm Hia

Starlight Shores is a major city in the United States, and the main setting for the first season of Criminal Case, which was initially released on November 9, 2016.

The city is an island city of the coast of California. It contains seven districts each with unique scenery and composition. There names are Urban Skies, Central City, La Mirada, Everdeen Park, Hidden Falls, Solaris City and finally Starlight Estate.


The bustling city was formed by a small group of philosophers back in the 18th century. This group was led by Marie Starlight, also known as 'the mother of Starlight Shores'. Over the years the city has separated into seven distinct districts. A famous monument, called 'the Origin Point', is located in Starlight Estate. It marks the birth place of the city.


Urban Skies

Urban Skies is a district with many annual celebrations designed for the public by Theo Ryans to gain awareness for his protests, these include the horse race, winter ball, field festival and more. The district also focuses on the relationship between Linda and Theo. This is the home of Linda Potters.

Case #1-#7 are located here.

Central City

Central City focuses around the mayoral elections and the two candidates, Vivienne Bird and Roy Ketcher. It's secondary plot revolves around the Limbless Man an infamous serial killer who was arrested 20 years ago and how an "Imitator" is killing as a tribute to him.

Cases #8-#15 are located here.

Additional Investigation- The Vote of the Century

La Mirada

La Mirada is the party centre of Starlight Shores. There are nightclubs and the main event, the annual Parade. The district focuses around Omega Labs and their shady dealings in La Mirada including the "The Masked Man" who kills for them to cover up said shady dealings. It also focuses on Dayiu's affiliations and Hurricane Beverly set to rip through La Mirada before the annual parade.

Cases #16-#23 are located here.

Additional Investigation- The Party is Over

Everdeen Park

Everdeen Park are the slums of Starlight Shores. It is a place ravaged by organised crime, gangs, drug cartels, etc. Because of the high crime rate, city officials gave up on the district causing it to become a slum of crime and poverty.

Cases #24-#30 are located here.

Additional Investigation- Creatures of the Night

Hidden Falls

Hidden Falls is a tourist district set in the middle ages. Created a while ago to bring people to the newly founded Starlight Shores, visitors can experience life in the middle ages. It even has a royal family portrayed by actors.

Cases #31-#39 are located here.

Additional Investigation- The Great Game

Solaris City

Solaris City is where the local newspaper was founded causing it to become the information centre of Starlight Shores.

Cases #40-#47 are located here.

Additional Investigation- They're Rising Up

Starlight Estate

Starlight Estate is where the elite of the city stay and live. The district contains the "Ivory Block", an area of land occupied by hotels, cinemas, manor houses and the national park. This area eventually brought the elite to the district causing Starlight Estate to become a rich, privileged district.

Cases #48-#54 are located here.

Additional Investigation- Prepare for War