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Gino: Happy Easter, <Name>! Want an Easter egg?
Evan: Gino, what's that outfit? You can't be disguised as an Easter Bunny.
Gino: I'm sorry, but I'm off to a party. I love to see disguised people there.
Gino: Did you see today's news? Look. Carlton Klovan has been chosen for president of the Parade's jury.
Evan: Let me see... "Today's Network. New souvenirs shop in the Commercial District."
Alan Smith: Officer Reina, why are you like that?
Evan: We're gonna drive him to party, Chief! C'mon, Gino, let's go!

Gino: Goodbye, <Name>, Evan! See you!
Evan: What we have to do to escape the Chief is unbelievable, <Name>.
Evan: Hey, why don't we visit that new souvenirs shop? I read the adress in the newspaper, and it's near here.

Evan: Here it is, <Name>. And-
Evan (phone): Chief, I'm afraid <Rank> <Name> and I won't go back to the HQ. We're on a new murder investigation!

Chapter 1

Investigate Souvenirs Shop
Evan: Did you like how I kicked that door, <Name>? Huh?
Evan: Now let's focuse. We have a victim and her ID says she's Zoe Jeke.
Evan: And this souvenir... it says "Enjoy Your Death". Shouldn't it say "Enyoy Your Stay"? That's what it should say. Let's examine it.
Evan: You're right! The killer crafted the souvenir themselves. So we're looking for a criminal with pottery skills. Cool.
Evan: We could also look for fingerprints in the cash register, what do you think?
Evan: Look who's arrived. The shop owner. Let's talk to her, <Name>.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I've got some important things to tell you about your victim, boys.
Daniel: Your murder weapon was a nail. And-
Evan: Wait, so Zoe was scratched?
Daniel: No, Evan. A nail. I mean, a tool. You use a hammer to use them. And I found traces of wood in the nail. The killer had been using that nail at the time of the murder, I guess.
Daniel: At least I can suppose the killer has carpentry skills.
Daniel: And I found a note tucked in your victim's clothes. I don't understand what it says, but it can't be anyhting useful.
Evan: Why didn't you understand the note? Was it faded?
Daniel: No, it was written in yiddish. And I found more sawdust in the note and nothing in Zoe.
Daniel: As the note came from your killer and it was written in yiddish, I can say they are jewish, like Zoe.
Evan: Fine. Let's write that down, <Name>!

Examine Bloody souvenir
Evan: What did you find? Hair?
Evan: Great! Let's send it to the lab.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: I analyzed that hair you found in the souvenir. And it doesn't belong to your victim!
Sabrina: I can't tell you who it belongs to, but this is from your killer. The DNA was damaged, but it can't belong to someone with lime eyes like Zoe.
Sabrina: That's enough to tell your killer has brown hair!

Examine Cash register
Evan: Your powder kit never fails, <Name>. Now we'll be able to see who's been in the shop.

Examine Fingerprints
Evan: Oh, I can't believe it. This boy is involved in almost every case in this district!
Evan: Yeah, it's a bit exagerated, I know. But what does Peter Galley do in a souvenirs shop? Let's add him to our suspects list.

Ask Peter Galley about the shop
Peter: Glad to meet you again! However, it can't be good. You must be talking about another murder.
Evan: Yes, Peter. Do you work in the souvenirs shop?
Peter: Yes. Is Brenda dead? I can't believe it!
Evan: No, it's not Brenda. It's Zoe Jeke.
Peter: WHAT? Oh, what a pity! I can't believe Zoe died. She works in the other souvenirs shop. She wasn't my friend, but she was a good person.
Peter: There's a depot in the back of the shop. There must be some kind of document, or some kind of clue there.
Evan: Thanks for the tip, Peter. <Name>, let's go to that depot!

Investigate Depot
Evan: <Name>, Peter didn't mention there's that thing for pottery in this depot.
Evan: Oh, it's called potter's wheel.
Evan: However, he can't have known Zoe's killer has pottery skills.
Evan: About this cleaning trolley, it has a tag, but I can't read it. Do you think you can manage to decipher it?

Examine Tag
Evan: So this boy will also be an important personality in the Commercial Area.
Evan: We'd met Chandler in the case in Newville I and also in the one from the train.
Evan: You know, activists seem to like murdering. Maybe Chandler, Peter, or even Wendy Ohdie could get to kill someone because of Green Year Parade.
Evan: If the parade isn't harmful to nature, it should be called off anyway for provoking murders. The case in the plant nursery could have been definitely prevented or avoided.
Evan: Let's talk to Chandler. Maybe Zoe was a contestant in the parade.

Ask Chandler Beemie about the shop
Chandler: <Rank> <Name>, what a surprise! I like you but seeing you gives me a bad feeling. I'm involved in another case.
Evan: What is worse for you? Being a suspect or knowing somebody died?
Evan: You don't need to answer, don't worry. We found your cleaning trolley in a souvenirs shop. How could you forget it there?
Chandler: I didn't forget it. I have to return today to the shop to finish cleaning.
Chandler: Wait, is Brenda Paradis dead?
Evan: No, she's alive. But we found Zoe Jeke dead in the shop. Do you know her?
Chandler: Yes, I met her in the sinagogue! Don't tell me she died!
Evan: We're afraid she did. Just stay in your house. We'll need to talk to you later.

Ask the shop owner about the murder
Brenda: What are you doing in my shop? I'll call the police!
Evan: WE are the police, lady. And we found a corpse in your shop. Do you know Zoe Jeke?
Brenda: Yes, she owns the shop right across mine. Is she dead?
Evan: Yes. When did you open this souvenirs shop?
Brenda: Right yesterday. I hand-crafted most of the souvenirs. I'm a potter.
Brenda: Zoe's shop is a souvenirs shop too. It's a shame she died today, right at Easter! Easter souvenirs are very cute, she could've had a very lucky day.
Evan: You know, she died in your shop.
Brenda: That doesn't mean I killed her, does it?

Chapter 2

Evan: <Name>, we're a bit stuck now. Can I try an idea Gino gave me the other day? I know it comes from him, but it could work anyway.
Evan: Listen. We only need to tell Lindsey the shop adress and we might get important news!
Evan: You agree? Ok, let's go!

Lindsey: <Name>, what do you need? Some computing lessons? Did you read my classified ad?
Evan: No, Lindsey. We need you to help us in our new case. Can you please investigate a bit about 538 Ottawa Street?
Lindsey: I'll look in the police database. Come back in five minutes and I'll tell you what I found.

Evan: Here we are, Lindsey. Did you find something?
Lindsey: Of course I did! Brenda Paradis, the shop owner, reported a theft last week. Is that relevant to your case?
Evan: But the newspaper said the shop opened yesterday, Lindsey.
Lindsey: But the building already existed before it turned into a shop. I guess Brenda still lives there, but the front of her house is now a souvenirs shop.
Evan: So Brenda was there at the time of the murder? Why is everyone making a shop in their house?
Lindsey: Maybe, maybe not. I just guess she still lives there.
Lindsey: What I was saying, Brenda said someone had stolen some plants from the roof.
Evan: It's all we have, <Name>. Why don't we search the shop roof?

Investigate Shop roof
Evan: <Name>, this flowerpot is empty, and it's not with the other flowerpots. Maybe the thief tried to make off with it but couldn't.
Evan: And why don't we take a look at this footprint? I know the thief came last week and that Brenda must water the plants everyday, but it can't hurt.

Examine Flowerpot
Evan: Finding DNA in a flowerpot isn't as easy as it seems, right, <Name>?
Evan: C'mon, let's give this sample to Sabrina and see who was in contact with that flowerpot.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: The DNA you collected in that flowerpot matches only one person in our database.
Sabrina: And that one is... Carlton Klovan!
Evan: Why was Carlton in the shop roof? He was in contact with a flowerpot and that's fine because he's a botanist. But the shop is not a greenhouse.
Evan: You're right, there were many plants in the roof. However, Carlton has just become a suspect!
Evan: And we should ask Brenda about him, you think so?

Ask Carlton Klovan about the flowerpot
Evan: Good noon, Mr Klovan. First of all, congratulations! We read the article that said you're now the president of Green Year Parade's jury.
Evan: Also, take care. You know what happened to the first president.
Carlton: Thanks a lot, Evan. I thought Mr Ohdie would win, but people know I know more about flowers than the rest of the jury.
Evan: Now, back to work. Why were you at Brenda Paradis's shop?
Carlton: Oh, she gave me some flowerpots to grow beautiful flowers. Happy Easter, by the way! Well, I don't celebrate it because I'm jewish, but whatever.
Carlton: With the flowers, I had to make beautiful bouquets to sell today for Easter. She said she'd call me to prepair them. Poor her, the shop must be full of people looking for bouquets I haven't made yet.
Carlton: That idea would be kind of advertising for my participation in Green Year Parade. And you know what? The woman from the other souvenirs shop had used my idea!
Evan: Zoe Jeke? She's dead, Carlton.
Carlton: ...

Talk to Brenda about Carlton
Evan: Brenda, do you know Carlton Klovan?
Brenda: Yes, I read the article about him! And it's good because I had hired him to prepair bouquets for Easter.
Brenda: Can you believe I almost forget about it? I'm jewish, so my Easter isn't today. It's hard for me to remember these holidays.
Brenda: And the best of him is that he's handsome, so handsome!
Evan: Oh... yeah. He'd be the right man for my aunt.
Brenda: I know he's too old for me, but who cares?
Evan: Umm... We... need to check something in your depot. Yes, that's it.

Investigate Potter's wheel
Evan: <Name>, this souvenir looks like the one we found next to Zoe, but this one does say "Enjoy Your Stay".
Evan: Let's send it to the lab. I don't know what for, but it could come from our killer.

Analyze Souvenir
Sabrina: I can't tell you this souvenir comes from the killer, but it must come from one of your suspects!
Sabrina: The souvenir is a normal one, but I found hints of soap on it. Can you think of anyone in your list of suspects that uses soap?
Evan: Chandler Beemie, for sure! <Name>, let's talk to him. Maybe he's got pottery skills too!

See if Chandler has pottery skills
Chandler: Are you serious? If I cleaned the depot and the shop, it's obvious I left soap in a souvenir!
Evan: Measure your words, Chandler. You used to be kind back in the days.
Chandler: I should have been a carpenter, you know? I have good carpentry skills, and I wouldn't have got involved in your cases!
Chandler: Now, get away! Happy Easter, <Name>!

Examine Footprint
Evan: Awesome work, <Name>! So someone with trainers was in the shop roof.
Evan: Let's remember... Peter Galley uses trainers. We could ask him if he was in the shop roof.
Evan: You're right! When we met Doodley in our last case, he was wearing trainers! Maybe he's the thief that was reported. But can a footprint stay there for one week?
Evan: Yes, and I didn't see any grafitti. But we can ask him anyway.

Ask Doodley if he robbed the shop
Evan: <Name>, I've got something that could give us info about Doodley related to the murder. Now let's go.

Evan: Hello, Doodley. We need to ask you some questions, ok?
Doodley: Another murder, right?
Evan: We ask questions, you answer. Now, could you translate this note?
Doodley: Oh, it's in yiddish. Well, it says "You will never... steal anything again". Wait, is it a prank for me? How did you know I'm jewish?
Evan: It doesn't matter. Did you know Zoe Jeke? She's also jewish.
Doodley: I know her, but only when I'm not Doodley.
Evan: C'mon, who are you? What's your real name?
Doodley: You know I wouldn't wear this if I wanted you to know it, yes?

Question Peter about his presence in the shop roof
Peter: I was expecting your visit, <Rank> <Name>. C'mon, would you like to drink something?
Evan: No, thanks anyway Peter. You told us you worked in Brenda's shop. Have you been to the roof?
Peter: The shop roof? Oh, yeah. When I'm not making a souvenir, I use my gardening skills with my little bonsais.
Peter: Why are you asking that?
Evan: Forget it. Did you know someone stole plants from the roof?
Peter: Yes, but that was before I started working in the shop.

Gino: Hello, <Name>. How did you do?
Evan: Another murder, Gino. What was the party like?
Gino: Fine. The Easter cake was delici-
Evan: Wait, Gino, where did you get that badge?
Gino: What- this? Oh, it's an Easter badge! I got one at the party. I brought more souvenirs for you.
Evan: <Name>, weren't some of our suspects wearing one of those badges?
Gino: Hey, <Name>, Evan! I brought more souvenirs for you!
Evan: Badge... Easter... Souvenirs... more souvenirs for you...
Evan: That's it! Souvenirs, <Name>! I've got it!

Chapter 3

Evan: That's it! Souvenirs, <Name>! I've got it!
Evan: Some of our suspects wear those badges. We could ask Brenda about them! It could bring good results.
Evan: Let's go then!

Ask Brenda about the Easter badges
Brenda: I started selling those badges yesterday. Why?
Evan: We just wanted to know. Was Zoe selling those badges too?
Brenda: No. I ordered those badges specially for my shop. Anything else?
Evan: Umm... Can we take a look at your shelves?
Brenda: Yes, but be careful. I made those shelves myself. I used to help my father when he was a carpenter, so I know a lot about that.

Investigate Souvenirs shelves
Evan: <Name>, I found Doodley's grafitti! It was in the shelves. Now he can't deny he shoplifted the-
Evan: What's that, <Name>? Oh, a leaflet.
Evan: Hey, it's one of those leaflets we found in the plant nursery! A leaflet from the activists.
Evan: This could belong to Peter. Why don't we return it to him? After all he's behaving properly.

Check Doodley's presence at the shop
Evan: Now, Doodley, we know you robbed the souvenirs shop. The new one.
Doodley: Maybe, I don't know.
Evan: Please tell the ones that get the things you steal not to be stupid. I'd understand you stole food, a TV, drinks, furniture and so on. But do they really need souvenirs?
Doodley: So you think we put those souvenirs in our bedside tables? Hahaha, you make me laugh!
Doodley: Those souvenirs, like most of the things I steal, don't last for much time. They turn into money, you know what I mean?

Speak to Peter of the leaflets
Evan: Sorry, Peter, but we found this leaflet. It must be yours, isn't it?
Peter: Yes, I give them to people on the street, but I have like thousands of those.
Evan: Did you hear Green Year Parade is gonna take place next week?
Peter: Of course! I'm giving as many leaflets as I can. I know we still have a chance.
Evan: Is that chance another murder?
Peter: What are you saying? The new president is a good person. We always meet at the greenhouse. I just hope he was a real activist.
Peter: I started being an activist when my...

Evan: I'm sorry we ended up talking about Peter's personal life, but he served really good sandwiches! I liked the one with mortadela.
Evan: But did you hear the story about his time in college? Now we know Peter has carpentry skills.

Evan: <Name>, why don't we check the roof again? We were so busy with the robbery we might have missed an important clue.

Investigate Gardening area
Evan: This sculpture seems nice, but it's broken. Do you think it could be related to the murder?
Evan: Ok, let's repair it!

Examine Broken sculpture
Evan: It's an Easter bunny sculpture. It looks like one of the souvenirs Brenda sells.
Evan: Both Brenda and Peter wouldn't leave one of their pottery sculptures broken. They'd fix it. Maybe they wouldn't even break it!
Evan: But Chandler doesn't care about them. Why don't we ask him about it?
Evan: Yes, it's not related to the murder, but he's being rude with us and I want to make him spill the beans.

Ask Chandler about the sculpture
Chandler: What a nice sculpture, <Rank> <Name>? Is it for me?
Evan: Do you recognise it? Maybe you saw it in the souvenirs shop.
Chandler: No. I didn't see it. I have never seen anything similar.
Evan: Try to remember. You must have seen it.
Chandler: Try to understand. I did not! Can you just show the bunny to somebody else

Evan: If Chandler didn't break the sculpture, who did it?
Evan: I know, <Name>, we need to focuse on Zoe, but I don't know why-
Carlton: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan. Can I talk to you?
Evan: <Name>, let's ask Carlton about the bunny!

Talk to Carlton about the sculpture
Carlton: Yes, I recognise that sculpture. In addition, I've crafted it! I'm also a potter. Actually, what I want to tell you is related to that sculpture.
Carlton: My wife was worried, but I don't think it's important. However, here it goes.
Carlton: I received a misterious letter. An anonymus letter, to be precise. It was from someone asking for that sculpture, a phrase for a Halloween souvenir-
Evan: So you made this?
Carlton: Yes. Being the parade's president still leaves me time for botany, pottery and carpentry.
Carlton: Well, that phrase... I suggested "Enjoy Your Death". And they were also asking for one Easter badge.
Evan: "Enjoy Your Death"? That was a letter from the killer!
Evan: And if they asked for a badge, it means they're wearing one! <Name>, let's arrest the murderer!

Arrest killer
Evan: Brenda Paradis, you are under arrest. We know you are Zoe Jeke's killer!
Evan: I have one doubt. Why did you ask Mr Klovan for a phrase to write in a souvenir? That was not necessary for killing her.
Brenda: You might consider me a cold-blooded criminal, but I want justice. If I killed Zoe, I had to go to jail. That was a little help for you.
Evan: Do you mean you wanted to be caught?
Brenda: Yes. That's fair, isn't it? Zoe had started using my ideas. The bouquets are an example. Everything in my shop had an exact copy right across the street.
Brenda: And when I opened the shop, besides taking my ideas, she mocked me and laughed at me! I wouldn't believe one day was enough to replicate my souvenirs, but it was.

Esteban Gonzalez: Ms Paradis, you are here to answer for the murder of Zoe Jeke. You have entered a guilty plea, is that correct?
Brenda: Yes, your Honor. I plead guilty for my actions.
Brenda: I wanted to claim justice, but I regret it had to be this way.
Esteban Gonzalez: Regret? Mr Klovan's testimony proves you premeditated this murder, and asked him for help, if it can be called like that.
Esteban Gonzalez: I wish you would regret it, but you calculated the murder details carefully. That's not regret.
Esteban Gonzalez: You are condemned to 25 years in jail with no chance for parole!
Brenda: Thank you, Inspector Evan, <Rank> <Name>.

Evan: Well, if you ask me that's very weird, <Name>. Brenda wasn't that bad after all.
Evan: And I'm surprised at Chandler Beemie's sudden change of attitude. Why do you think he acted like that? Could he be planning something bad?
Evan: You know, activists are out to destroy the parade. We had one case to prove that, and I really hope Carlton doesn't end up hurt.
Evan: Talking abot evens, I heard an Archaeologist Convention is coming in some days.

Additional Investigation

Evan: This Easter was a bit sadder than usual. We investigated a murder instead of celebrating.
Evan: Well, at least Gino had a good time!
Gino: <Name>, I have Chandler Beemie on the phone. He says he needs help!
Evan: Gino, we were talking about you! Tell him we'll be there in a while.
Carlton: Excuse me, officers. I came here to report a theft.
Evan: Don't worry, Carlton. Wait for us one minute in the suspects' room, ok?

Evan: <Name>, why don't we go to Peter's house? I'm curious about his pottery skills, maybe I can buy a sculpture for me!

See what Chandler Beemie wants
Chandler: I'm sorry if I shouted at you, <Name>. I just had a bad day.
Chandler: See that boy over there? He's my nephew! And I promised him I'd give him an Easter bunny chocolate, his favorite candy.
Chandler: But I can't find it. I'm sure it was in a bag of candies I bought, which I left in my cleaning trolley.
Evan: Did you call the police for a lost chocolate!!??
Chandler: You wouldn't like to see that boy crying, right? I hate to hear him crying, so find it please!
Evan: I won't speak. <Rank> <Name> will decide what to do.
Evan: WHAT???

Investigate Souvenirs Shop
Evan: I can't believe the bag of candies was not in a cleaning trolley. It was here, alone.
Evan: And I can't believe you wanted to look for it! Now, let's see if that chocolate is inside.

Examine Bag of candies
Evan: Yeah, here it is <Name>! This chocolate looks like an Easter Bunny.
Evan: Now we'll return it to Chandler.

Give Chandler the chocolate
Chandler: Oh, thank you! Come in, I'll introduce you to my nephew.
Evan: No, thanks Chandler. We're in a hurry and we need to go. Right, <Name>?
Chandler: What a bad mood, Evan! At least can we count on you to protest the day of the parade?
Evan: We'll be there, yes. I'm sure we'll be there.
Chandler: Okay. We're about to have lunch, so why don't you take some food?

Ask Peter about his sculptures
Evan: Hi Peter! We don't want to be a nuisance but...
Peter: Don't worry, I like visits! But I'm afraid Brenda's will was for me to work in the shop. And I just helped her there, I still work in a restaurant!
Peter: Do you think I should give up on working as a waiter and stay in the shop?
Evan: Uhh... I think you should... choose your dreams, right <Name>?
Peter: I think the same. Would you like these supermarket-bought biscuits?
Evan: Well, thank you Peter! We're here to ask you if I could buy any of your potter sculptures?
Peter: Oh, I'm sorry. I'm afraid I don't keep any at home. I leave them in store in the shop depot.
Evan: Alright, don't worry! We'll pick one and take it here to pay. Wait for us!

Investigate Potter's wheel
Evan: Gosh, it's so hard to choose! These ceramics are so beautiful!
Evan: You found a broken one, <Name>? At least it's very different from the rest. Well, we'll fix it at the HQ and buy this one. It's not painted, but I could do that on my own.

Examine Broken sculpture
Evan: I'm definitely going to place this on my garden table, <Name>! Once it's been painted, obviously. Blue and purple will suit this sculpture perfectly.
Evan: What are you saying? That we should give this to Lindsey?
Evan: Oh, you're right! I think I've already seen that flower somewhere. I don't think Peter could steal ideas, but... you know.

Analyze Flower sculpture
Lindsey: Before starting to talk about the souvenir, I'll ask a question. Have you seen Green Year Parade adverts on TV or some big publicities in the street?
Evan: Yes, we have. Everyone saw them.
Lindsey: Ok. Now picture this flower in different green and yellow tones. Doesn't it ring a bell?
Lindsey: C'mon, I know it does!
Evan: It's Green Year Parade's flower! But Peter is against the parade, <Name>! It doesn't make sense.
Evan: Well, time to ask him why he did this sculpture.

Question Peter about Green Year Parade
Peter: Oh, I'm sorry Evan. That sculpture is not for sale. It's not in store, do you get me?
Evan: Because it's for Green Year Parade, isn't it? I thought you hated the event.
Peter: No, it's not that! Mr Klovan ordered five of those for the jury. And I do hate the parade.
Peter: But if the jury put my souvenirs on their desks it won't help me to fight against the event. Also, I get money from that.
Evan: I guess I won't buy a souvenir now. But I hope that's true, Peter.

Get Carlton's report
Evan: Here we are, Carlton. Now tell us what happened.
Carlton: Well, I have a set of keys to the shop. And I went to the roof and I saw my precious flowers had been stolen.
Carlton: I took this footage from the surveillance camera I installed in the roof.
Carlton: You need to catch that criminal!
Evan: Ok, Carlton. We'll give this footage to our digital forensics expert. Thanks for reporting this.

Analyze Surveillance record
Lindsey: The record you gave me clearly shows a person taking flowers from the flowerpots in the shop roof.
Lindsey: I don't know who it could be because they were sporting a mask or something similar.
Evan: I bet it's Doodley's balaclava.
Evan: <Name>, we have to fix that image in the footage to confirm the thief's identity!

Examine Thief's description
Evan: No doubt, <Name>! This man is Doodley! He stole Carlton's flowers.
Evan: I know we've been covering for him, <Name>, and that he's part of a society, gang or whatever. But Carlton really loves his flowers. Did you see how angry he was?
Evan: Well, I don't mind now! A thief is a thief and we'll let him start a dennouncement.
Lindsey: I guess you need more substantial proof, right?
Evan: Don't scare me!
Lindsey: Sorry. But the date on the footage says he comitted the robbery this very morning! And I saw he didn't have enough time to take the hook he used with him!
Evan: That's fantastic, Lindsey! <Name>, let's look for that hook in the shop roof!

Investigate Shop roof
Evan: This is fantastic, Doodley did leave his hook here!
Evan: Now we need to examine it to find details that prove him guilty.

Examine Hook
Evan: Fingerprints, <Name>? But Doodley's not a person in our database, we don't have his prints!
Lindsey: I forgot to tell you something, boys.
Evan: Stop it!
Lindsey: Sorry again. But in your last case, the one in the armory, he asked you to find his gun, remember?
Lindsey: Well, while you didn't look, I was curious and took fingerprints samples. I will tell you if the prints in the hook are his, <Name>!

Examine Fingerprints
Lindsey: Yes, <Name>! Those are the fingerprints I'd collected from Doodley's gun!
Evan: Now we have evidence, <Name>!
Evan: I'm still afraid of Doodley's possible murder, <Name>. And I'm scared. So we'll just go tell Carlton who did it, ok?

Inform Carlton about the theft
Evan: We know who took your flowers, Carlton.
Carlton: Who? Who? Tell me!
Evan: It was this famous thief, Doodley. I bet you read about him in the newspaper, or heard of him in the radio or TV.
Carlton: Yes, I did! That scum... he'll pay!
Evan: We... are trying to get his identity. When we know his name and data, you'll be able to sue that despicable criminal.
Carlton: Thanks, really! I made this crown for the parade winner, but I can make another one, don't worry. This is for you.