Whoever this killer is, he's really double-crossing me right now!
—Roswell Peterson

Roswell Peterson [Jpn: ロズウェル·ピーターソン] is the profile of the Syleria Crime Investigation.


Roswell is a 35 years old profile from a British heritage. He has wavy blond-hair, a mesomorph body type and black eyes. He wears a black checkered shirt and tie. He also wears a pair of white trousers and brown leather belt. His shirt contains two pockets where he keeps his reading glasses, notepad and pen.

It is known that Roswell's favorite animal is an owl and his favorite dish is beefsteak. He is known to be a genius, a perfectionist, and witty.

Notable Events

  • Nothing remarkable


Roswell's job is to analyze physical objects and/or clues that can't be analyzed flawlessly through neither bio-forensics nor digital analysis and return the results after a certain amount of time.

  • N/A

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters, Roswell will appear in any case of Syleria in which require a psychological analysis.


  • Roswell is the only member of the Syleria Crime Investigation whom is of British heritage.
  • Roswell is suffering from nearsightedness.

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