Rosetta is the main setting of Survivorfan24's Criminal Case fanfiction series, released on 12th of October 2014. It is a massive city, split into 10 districts, each very different to each other.


Rosetta is split into ten unique districts, each having a different background story.

La Mina Bay

La Mina Bay is the first district of Rosetta. La Mina Bay has beaches, a shopping centre, and many sporting grounds.

Cases #1 to #7 are situated in this district.

Cases of La Mina Bay

  1. 1- Setting It Up
  2. 2- Final Call
  3. 3- Beauty and the Beach
  4. 4- Covering Your Tracks
  5. 5- Game Over
  6. 6- Killer By The Dozen
  7. 7- The Big Bang

Neon Grove

Neon Grove is the second district of Rosetta. This district has many nightclubs, exclusive parties and street fights.

Cases #8 to #12 are located in this district.

Vermont Valley

Vermont Valley is the third district of Rosetta. Vermont Valley is home to festivals, farms and grasslands.

Cases #13 to #17 are located in this district.

Kadina Jungle

Kadina Jungle is the fourth district of Rosetta. In Kadina Jungle, there are wild beasts, forests and witchcraft.

Cases #18 to #24 are located in this district.

Damon Desert

Damon Desert is the fifth district of Rosetta. Damon Desert is home to heatwaves, quicksand and evil gangs.

Cases #25 to #29 are locate din this district.

Iceberg Village

Iceberg Village is the sixth district of Rosetta. This district has avalanches, small towns and tall icy mountains.

Cases #30 to #36 are located in this district.

More coming soon....

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