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Evan: The day looks quiet, <Name>. Until someone comes in and shocks us with news about a murder. I grew used to that.
Evan: Today is the Archaeologist Convention. We'll go tomorrow and see what these old pilgrims left.
Evan: These events always end up in murder, but if activists are not into it, nothing will happen.
Gino: <Rank> <Name>, you have to investigate a murder in the Archaeologist Convention!
Evan: I was wrong. Those archaeologists haven't finished working and they've already killed someone. Let's go!

Chapter 1

Investigate Excavation area
Evan: This man's ID says his name is Walter Sandman. According to his clothes, I can say he was digging here too. He must be part of the convention.
Evan: And... our murder weapon is a rock? Could the killer stick Walter here and make a hole in his back?
Evan: Well, while Daniel analyzes those two, we could restore that badge, do you think so?

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I'll start with your murder weapon, guys. That rock did not kill Walter. It was a trick.
Daniel: The killer opened the victim's back with a knife and stuffed the hole with that sharp rock. Thus, you would never look for another weapon. A stupid game in my opinion.
Even: I told you the rock wasn't the murder weapon, <Name>.
Daniel: Yeah. Now, I'll talk about the killer. If you stab someone in the back and make a hole, the least they would do is fight or attack. In this case, pull your hair.
Daniel: I found the killer's black hair in Walter's hand. Cool, huh?
Daniel: Now, I'll tell you about the murder scene.
Evan: Wait. So Walter wasn't murdered in the excavation area?
Daniel: Maybe, maybe not. I found jacaranda petals inside the hole in Walter's back. The only place with a jacaranda in the city is...
Evan: Columbia Park! <Name>, let's investigate there right away!

Investigate Columbia Park
Evan: If our killer comitted a crime in Columbia Park, the best place to get rid of the evidence is this trash container!
Evan: Maybe we'll find our murder weap- Wait...
Evan: That man... I saw him in a photo in that case in a train. <Name>, he's Gary Perkins! Now I remember that Doodley had told us he worked in Columbia Park.
Evan: Perhaps he saw something suspicious. Let's talk to him, please!

Examine Trash container
Evan: This isn't any coincidence. A bloody shovel? Archaeologists use shovels to dig!
Evan: Now we only need fingerprints to find this shovel's owner.

Examine Shovel
Evan: Fingerprints! Great, <Name>. Now we have to give this to Lindsey so that another archaeologist comes to our investigation.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: To make it easier, I only looked for matches in the Archaeologist Convention database.
Lindsey: And I found out that the shovel belongs to Brendon Bourbon!
Evan: He'll be our main suspect. Let's talk to him, <Name>.

Ask Brendon about the shovel
Evan: Mr Bourbon, do you recognise this shovel?
Brendon: Yes, it's mine! But why is it stained with blood?
Evan: It's linked to Walter Sandman's murder. And if this is yours, you're very suspicious.
Brendon: Wait, hold your horses. So Walter is dead?
Evan: He is. And I'd like to know why your shovel has his blood over it.
Brendon: What can I tell you? I just don't know!

Talk to Gary Perkins
Evan: Gary, please! Can you stop running? We don't want to talk to you about your "job" now.
Gary: You're the police. What else would you want? Get away!
Evan: Calm down, yeah? Now, listen. Did you see anybody doing anything suspicious in the park?
Gary: I'm an informant, you hear? If you want to know that you have to pay.
Evan: You'll go to jail if you don't answer us right now. Did you or did you not?
Gary: What a temper, cops! No, I didn't. Now, please leave. Goodbye!

Evan: Did you see that? Gary didn't want to talk to us. Why?
Evan: And his voice... it's so deep! He sounds like a robot. And I still think there's a connection between Gary Perkins and Doodley.
Evan: The only good thing our killer did was killing in Columbia Park. Now we don't have a choice. We must dig in Gary's business!

Analyze Bloody rock
Daniel: First of all, this rock is not the weapon you're looking for, <Name>.
Daniel: But as it was used by the killer, it can have important information about them!
Daniel: Look, I found this mixed within Walter's blood. Can you guess what it is?
Evan: Uh... No. Is it some kind of... rice?
Daniel: Brown rice indeed! You can be sure that your killer eats brown rice!

Examine Broken badge
Evan: So this badge is in reality an archaeologist badge, from the convention.
Evan: Hey, <Name>! It says "Kevin Hestredy" in the back! I don't know him, but it's obvious that this badge belongs to him.
Evan: Let's summon him for a conversation in the HQ.

Ask Kevin Hestredy about the victim
Kevin: Good morning <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan. I'm Kevin Hestredy, the director of the Archaeologist Convention.
Evan: Good morning, Kevin. We're investigating the murder of an archaeologist who happened to participate in the event. And we found this badge in the crime scene.
Evan: We came to talk to you because we found your name in the back. But... you're wearing one now. Isn't this one yours? Do you have two badges?
Kevin: Haha! No, it's not mine. As I'm the director of the event, my signature is in every badge.
Evan: I see. Well, we only have one more question. Do you know Walter Sandman?
Kevin: Oh, so he died! A shame, he was a very clever archaeologist. Poor him.

Evan: So the killer has black hair and eats brown rice. And nobody seems to have a motive for the murder.
Evan: Why don't we go to the lab? Those phorensics always give us good leads.

Lindsey: <Name>, I found a man who was in the excavation area at the time of the murder!
Daniel: <Name>, I know what your victim was doing before being murdered!
Sabrina: <Name>, I discovered that Columbia Park is not the murder scene!
Evan: ...

Chapter 2

Evan: It was more than we needed! First, Sabrina. Why isn't the park our murder scene?
Sabrina: You see, if the jacaranda petals had fallen onto Water when he was being stabbed, then his skin cells and the petals cells would have died at the same time!
Sabrina: But Walter died first, and then the petals flew over him. I mean, they didn't fly.
Sabrina: His killer went to the park to get rid of the shovel and then returned. So they left the petals on him there.
Evan: <Name>, if our killer went back to the excavation area, maybe they had to get rid of something else. We need to get back to the park and see what it was. Now, Lindsey.
Lindsey: Thank you. I found out a certain Gabriel Quod took some photos of the murder.
Lindsey: And he's so clever he uploaded them to Friendnet. Maybe you'd like to interrogate him.
Evan: Of course we'll do. And Daniel, it's your turn.
Daniel: Alright. I found some traces of curry in Walter's clothes. I guess he's also had some rice.
Daniel: So with Lindsey's help, I found out he paid a meal by credit card in a bar, right before the murder.
Evan: So we have to talk to Gabriel, go back to the park and go check that bar. Are you ready, <Name>?

Talk to the man who took photos of the murder
Evan: Hello, sir. You have photos from the murder in the Archaeologist Convention, is that true?
Gabriel: Yes! I'm a photographer, so I left my camera nearby. It took photos every 5 minutes for half an hour. And starting from the second photo, there is a dead man.
Gabriel: So... there are six photos. Five of them with the victim's body, and I uploaded four to the internet.
Evan: Why didn't you upload that one photo?
Gabriel: Because it's blurry. Very blurry. It's so bad, it looks like there are two people.
Evan: Two people? Mr Quod, give us that photo, we'll take it to our lab.
Gabriel: Ok, if you want it... Here it is.

Analyze Killer's photo
Lindsey: Well, this photo is kind of disappointing. Only the killer's hair and arms are visible.
Lindsey: You already know the killer's hair color, so I focused on the arms. The camera caught him holding a knife with both arms, so I can't tell if they're lefty or righty.
Lindsey: But if you focuse on his left arm... I mean, his left hand... Can you see it?
Evan: Now, we can't. What is it, Lindsey?
Lindsey: There's a ring, in their ring finger! A wedding ring! You understand?
Evan: Our killer is married! Lindsey, you're a genius. Let's write that down, <Name>.

Investigate Bar
(Before investigating)

Myra: Welcome to Myra's bar. What will you order?
Evan: This is a crime scene, madam. <Name>, there's soil in these chairs and the table. So if two archaeologists had a lunch break here, they used this table!

(After investigating)

Evan: <Name>, we need to take a sample from these leftovers. Look, there's brown rice!
Myra: Can anybody tell me what happens?
Evan: Oh, yeah. Madam, <Rank> <Name> and I want to ask you a few things.

Examine Leftovers
Evan: Splendid work. Now, we need to take this DNA sample to Sabrina.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: I'm sorry it took so long, boys. The DNA was too little it was hard to know who it belongs to.
Sabrina: But I managed to do it anyway. The one who had a dish of brown rice at the bar, is the archaeologist Brendon Bourbon!
Evan: So Brendon eats brown rice, <Name>. Let's write it down and talk to him.

Talk to Brendon Bourbon
Evan: Hi again, Brendon. You had lunch today with Walter Sandman, right? And you had some brown rice.
Brendon: Yes, but why do you care about that? We were friends.
Evan: I see. Why aren't you at the excavation area? Aren't you in the convention too?
Brendon: It's a crime scene, remember?
Evan: But the first time we called you, where were you? Where were you at the time of the murder?
Brendon: Let me remember. We had lunch at the bar at 13:00 and went back to the excavation area at 14:00. Then I quit work and went to Columbia Park at 14:30.
Brendon: That time, he was still alive. So I guess I was in the park at the time of the murder.
Evan: What were you doing at Columbia Park?
Brendon: Relaxing, just that.

Ask the bar owner if she knew the victim
Evan: Ma'am, we're investigating the murder of Walter Sandman. Did you know him?
Myra: Walter? He... he's my boyfriend! You mean the archaeologist?
Myra: Oh God!!! He came here this very day to have lunch. He was with someone, I don't remember who.
Evan: You look very shocked, so don't worry. Maybe we'll come back later. Take care.

Investigate Park benches
Evan: <Name>, another badge! Maybe the killer had to get rid of this, as it's stained with blood! Let's examine it.
Evan: And... what is a balaclava doing in Columbia Park? Maybe it's Doodley's!
Evan: We have to find something in this balaclava to see if Gary is Doodley or not!

Examine Balaclava
Evan: Perfect! The hair in Doodley's balaclava will reveal his true identity!
Evan: Yes, Lindsey said there's nothing about Perkins in our database, but Sabrina will be able to tell us.

Analyze Hair
Sabrina: To look for this hair's owner, I started with all the people with brown hair in our database.
Sabrina: By looking at the pictures and photos, I used the DNA to determine eye color, gender, and other characteristics.
Sabrina: And there's only one match! Doodley's balaclava belongs to Gary Perkins!
Evan: I knew it, <Name>! I knew it. Gary is an informant and a thief! He's got two identities, we'd already met him.
Evan: That's why he tried to run away from us! Ah, and his voice, he spoke with a deep a voice so we didn't realize they were one person!
Evan: Let's confront him!

Confront Gary about his double identity
Evan: Gary, don't run this time. We need to talk to you.
Gary: I didn't see any suspicious pedestrian, you hear? Now leave.
Evan: You can use your normal voice, Perkins. Don't you remember <Rank> <Name> and me? C'mon, you know what I'm talking about.
Gary: Shut up, cop! You say one word and you're dead, ok? Now I'm Gary, an informant. Nobody can know I'm Doodley. If I die, you'll also die with me.
Evan: You know you're a criminal, do you? The last bouquets you stole, you harmed Mr Klovan! You really harmed him.
Evan: Look, Gary. <Rank> <Name> and I won't sue you. But now we'll let every victim of your robberies know your name and you'll get back to jail.
Gary: You don't know what my days in prison were like! The people above me would have killed me if I'd stayed there. I would now be only one more folder in your drawers. Understand!
Evan: Gary, we're one day gonna know what organization you're part of, and you'll be free. But you won't rob anymore.
Gary: I don't want to do it, I'm forced! I can't speak, but I know <Rank> <Name> will do it.

Examine Archaeologist badge
Evan: Amazing job! Now let's take this blood sample to the lab for analysis.

Analyze Blood
Sabrina: The blood sample only says it belongs to Walter Sandman. But the badge itself is pretty revealing!
Sabrina: First, I found DNA from a jacaranda. But the petals can't reach the benches, where the badge was. It means the killer put the jacaranda DNA in the badge without knowing it.
Sabrina: If they took the shovel along with this badge, nothing would've happened to it.
Sabrina: But they trashed the shovel and came back for this badge, therefore they had already jacaranda petals in their body and clothes, and left them in the badge and the corpse.
Sabrina: However, they left something else on the badge, and in the blood. Ink!
Evan: Ink? What do you mean?
Sabrina: The ink of these badges can stain some objects. In this case, the killer's badge stained Walter's one!

Evan: What Sabrina said was awesome, now we know the killer wears an archaeologist badge!
Evan: Those badges say Kevin Hestredy, remember? He's an archaeologist too, but he seems he's not connected to the murder. What can we do with him?
Evan: You're right, maybe he also dug on the murder scene. Why don't we ask him?

See if Kevin was at the murder scene
Kevin: I went to Sandman's excavation area this noon, to check if they were working properly and to see what they'd found.
Kevin: But I didn't kill him. And I have an alibi. I was having lunch in a posh restaurant at the time of the murder. You can ask the waiter what I ordered. Scallops with brown rice.
Evan: How do you know the time of the murder?
Kevin: I left the excavation area at two o'clock and went to have lunch. Walter was breathing when I left, and when you came to interrogate me, I'd just returned from the restaurant.

Gino: <Rank> <Name>, I have good news! They're related to Mr Sandman's murder.
Gino: I found Myra, the woman from the bar, with a knife in the excavation area!
Evan: <Name>, let's go look for that knife!
Gino: And I have bad news too. She escaped.

Chapter 3

Gino: I ran after her to put the handcuffs on her, but she was faster. Myra's lost!
Evan: We'll look for her later, don't worry. Now, <Name>, let's get back to the convention.

Investigate Section #6
Evan: There's some blood on the knife, but there's also water. The killer washed it to remove evidence.
Evan: The only thing we can do is talk to our archaeologist to see if this is part of the convention.

Quiz Brendon about the knife
Brendon: Sorry, but I'm in a hurry. I've just remembered my wedding aniversary is tomorrow. Be quick.
Evan: Do you recognise this knife?
Brendon: Oh, yeah. It's a hunting knife. Did you find it in the excavation area? I don't think so, because there aren't many in this region.
Brendon: Wait, lemme... Someone dropped this knife in the excavation area! A man with red hair.
Evan: <Name>, it must be Gabriel! Thank you, Brendon.

Ask Gabriel if the murder weapon is his
Evan: Gabriel, is this hunting knife yours?
Gabriel: Yes! I had it stolen this morning, when I was taking photos. The photos I gave you.
Gabriel: I was desperate looking for it. My wife said I always lose everything.
Evan: Why did you take a knife with you if only needed a camera?
Gabriel: Because after taking photos, I had to see if I could pawn it. I don't need that knife.

Evan: Brendon is our prime suspect, <Name>. The shovel, the crime scene, those things point at him.
Evan: But maybe Gabriel took something more than photos.
Evan: We could get back to the bar, ok? We can get more from Myra there.

Investigate Victim's table
Evan: She's not here. Well, what we found will be enough.
Evan: This napkin seems to have something written, but I don't know what. Can you decipher it?
Evan: And this wallet might belong to Walter. Let's see if it has a clue.

Examine Napkin
Evan: A phone number! Someone tried to contact Walter, this must be his number.
Evan: You're right, maybe Walter tried to contact someone else. But why didn't anybody take this napkin?
Evan: Let's send it to Lindsey and see who the number belongs to.

Analyze Phone number
Lindsey: You are not going to believe this. I found Walter's prints all over the napkin, but the phone number belongs to other person.
Lindsey: And it belongs to Perkins, Gary!
Evan: So Walter maybe hired Gary as an informant.
Evan: Now he's connected to this case. Let's talk to him.

Find out if Gary knew the victim
Gary: Walter Sandman, let me remember. I met him in the bar you talk about. I only gave him my number.
Evan: But he's dead, and we need to know more about him. Why did he contact you?
Gary: I didn't pay too much attention to him. The brown rice in that bar's so delicious!
Gary: He said something about threat notes and told me a name I don't and won't remember.

Examine Wallet
Evan: This is Kevin Hestredy's driving license. So the wallet belongs to him.
Evan: But why is it in the bar? Well, we need to ask him.

Give Kevin his wallet back
Kevin: It was at Myra's bar? Wow, I hadn't even realized I'd lost it. My wife would have gone crazy.
Evan: So that's the posh restaurant you mentioned?
Kevin: Don't be silly! I did go to the restaurant. But I was looking for Walter, and I found him in the bar.
Kevin: Look, Walter was a terrible archaeologist. I didn't say that because you'd suspect on me.
Evan: You can lie all you want, Kevin. But we'll find out truth soon.

Evan: What can we do now, <Name>? It-
Myra: I want to talk to you, <Rank> <Name>.

Have a chat with Myra
Evan: First of all, why did you have the murder weapon? And why did you escape?
Myra: Let me explain everything to you. Some minutes ago, I found that bloodstained knife in my bar. I was in the kitchen, and I heard the door opening.
Myra: Then I came back, saw the knife, the door closing and a man running!
Myra: I remembered Walter was dead, so I knew it was the killer's knife.
Myra: I decided to leave it in the excavation area after I washed it. I didn't want you to find it in the bar. But an officer saw me, and I had to run.
Evan: So... you saw the killer???
Myra: Yes, and please arrest him! I love Walter, and he deserves justice.
Evan: Who was that man? Tell us!
Myra: I don't know, I just remember that he was wearing a green cap!
Evan: That's enough. We'll arrest the killer right away!

Arrest killer
Evan: So you killed Walter Sandman, huh? You're under arrest, Mr Bourbon.
Brendon: Do you have prooves? No, you d-
Evan: Myra's testimony, the autopsy, your photo... and more. We know you did it. But why? Weren't you friends?
Brendon: He didn't take his job so seriously. And he wouldn't listen to me.

Some days before

Brendon: Walter, the boss won't let you do this this year too. You have to start working harder!
Walter: Do you care at all? I don't even want this stupid job, I need the money!
Brendon: You know that maybe next year we won't get paid for being in the convention, right? It's not about the money!
Walter: And who needs the convention? I can get another job next year, you know? It IS about the money.
Brendon: The event is important, Walter! People need to know their roots. You can't take it so easily.
Walter: Did anybody even recall it this year? No! Everyone's picking flowers for Green Year Parade.
Brendon: That's no excuse! With one less archaeologist, the convention won't be the same. It could get ruined!
Walter: Keep digging, boy. I'm down and out, you know? I want money, I don't need this b*llsh*t!

Brendon: If Walter left, we'd find less things and make less public! What we find is then showed off to people and then put in the museum.
Brendon: You wouldn't get it, but one less pair of hands could mean disaster.
Evan: Are you serious? Now he's gone anyway, you've already lost that pair of hands with this murder!

Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Bourbon, you're facing this trial today for the murder of Walter Sandman. How do you plead?
Brendon: Guilty. I have already explained my motives to the Court.
Esteban Gonzalez: You don't understand, there's never a motive for a murder, sir. Mr Sandman did no wrong, he was just making a choice.
Esteban Gonzalez: You could have just let him go and live his life. What's the point of killing someone because they don't like their job?
Brendon: Saving the Archaeologist Convention. That's enough for me.
Esteban Gonzalez: You didn't save it. You ruined it even more. Now it's missing two archaeologists and the results will be poorer.
Esteban Gonzalez: This Court condemns you to 20 years in jail with a chance for parole in 12 years. Court dismissed!

Evan: I'd have never feared the possibility of a murder in the Archaeologist Convention, you know?
Evan: That event was always peaceful. Like Green Year Parade. It had never caused a single murder in the previous years, but it did now.
Evan: This case was a bit shocking, but there's another things that scares me, <Name>.
Evan: Green Year Parade will be done this weekend. We had better prepair the handcuffs for the activists.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Another case solved, <Name>! Congratulations to you too, Evan!
Evan: Thank you, Chief!
Alan Smith: But that's not all. I heard you discovered Doodley's true identity and that's great too.
Alan Smith: He wanted to talk to you. Why is he still free, <Name>?
Evan: We're on it, Chief!

Evan: What could we do with Gary, <Name>? I think there's really someone who would kill him. And that misterious organiza-
Gino: <Name>, Myra is desperate! I thought it was because her boyfriend died, but it's because a customer sued her!
Evan: Really? We need to go there, <Name>.
Gino: And Kevin Hestredy reported a theft at the excavation area. He's still there. Can I go, Evan?
Evan: Ok, Gino. <Name> will go with you to make sure you don't do anything stupid.

Check up on Myra
Myra: A client ate a plate of noodles, and she started choking and... she'll sue me!
Evan: Don't worry, Myra. We'll see if everything is ok. Where was that client?
Myra: She was in that table, over there, in number 3.
Evan: Ok. We'll take a food sample for our phorensics lab to see if your food was in good conditions, ok?

Investigate Bar
Evan: Is this the table where that woman was, Myra?
Myra: Yes, Inspector Evan. This is the one.
Evan: We'll come back later, ok? We're going to examine this plate.

Examine Plate
Evan: This grease is the only thing that's left in this plate. Let's give it to Sabrina.
Evan: Poor Myra. I hope this is not spoiled food.

Analyze Grease
Sabrina: I managed to solve the puzzle of the customer who choked, <Name>!
Sabrina: Besides the grease, I also found a hair of the client and some saliva. That's enough for a DNA test.
Sabrina: This lady was allergic to cumin. And regreattably, Myra put cumin on the noodles. That's all.
Sabrina: The sample you gave me does not come from spoiled food, I'm sure.
Sabrina: And guess who was that client. Lindsey Vain!
Evan: I can't believe Lindsey would sue her! Tell her to come with us, Sabrina.

Calm Myra down
Evan: Come on, Lindsey. Apologize.
Lindsey: I didn't know the noodles had cumin, lady! I'm so sorry.
Lindsey: It's just that I choked, and I felt so terrible! I thought it could be my last meal.
Evan: Please, forgive this girl, Myra. This is so awkward for us.
Myra: It's ok. Now, why don't you have a meal from me? The count's on me, don't worry. It doesn't have cumin.

See what Kevin wants
Gino: Are you Mr Hestredy? I think I saw you yesterday, at the trial. I was there and-
Kevin: Yes, I am Kevin. I... well, I'd found a broken sculpture in the excavation area, I think it was from the pilgrims. And it's gone!
Gino: I see. <Rank> <Name> and I are going to check this place to see if we can find something related to the sculpture.
Kevin: Alright. Thank you, officers. I'll be waiting for you over there.
Gino: Come on, <Name>! Let's look for that sculpture!

Investigate Section #6
Gino: You're right. Maybe the sculpture is under this pile of dirt. Let's see if we can find something.

Examine Pile of earth
Gino: I-can't believe it! That broken sculpture was in that pile of earth after all!
Gino: I know this is the archaeologist's job, but could you restore this broken china? I heard you are good at it!

Examine Broken china
Gino: Wow, this lion sculpture is very beautiful, <Name>! Can I buy it?
Gino: You're right, this will be property of the History Museum. But I'm curious about it. Why don't we give it to Lindsey to know more about it?

Analyze Sculpture
Lindsey: Look... I really doubt this sculpture belongs to the pilgrims that lived in Townville.
Lindsey: Or maybe our pilgrims had already developed barcodes. What do you think?
Gino: So it's modern art? It's not from our ancestors?
Gino: Great! So I will be able to buy it! I don't know from who, but whatever. I'll keep it until someone reports it's lost.
Gino: Let's tell Mr Hestredy about it!

Tell Kevin what you found
Kevin: Did you find that broken sculpture, officers?
Gino: Yes, but it's not a pilgrim sculpture. It's a normal one. I mean, it has a barcode.
Gino: It's very beautiful! Can I keep it, sir?
Kevin: Well, if it pleases you... It's not mine and I don't want it.
Kevin: Thank you for taking the time to do that. I'll give you this. My team found it in some other trips. Oh, and take a convention badge!

Gary Perkins needs to talk to you
Evan: Hello again, Gary. Tell us, what happened?
Gary: You know I get paid for being an informant, right? Well, I told a friend to hide my bag of money in this park, but the idiot forgot to tell me where he'd hidden it.
Gary: Can you help me find it?
Evan: You're a criminal and we shouldn't do it, but our job is to help the community.
Gary: I knew you had a good heart. Thanks, cops!

Investigate Columbia Park
Evan: So maybe Gary's friend hid the bad of money inside this pile of leaves inside a trash can. Pretty clever.
Evan: Let's see if it's here.

Examine Pile of leaves
Evan: Criminals are so predictable. That bag of money was in sight. I wouldn't be surprised if they had forgotten to put the leaves.
Evan: Let's give this to Gary and finish with it.

Give Gary his money back
Evan: Here's your money, Gary. Put it to a good use, please. Don't buy alcohol or drugs.
Gary: I'll buy something for my house, I guess. I don't know.
Gary: I trust you, the both of you. I know you'll get to find the ones who force me to be Doodley and send them to jail.
Gary: You know I'll be at Green Year Parade, right? Wish me luck!
Gary: Take this from the bag you found. And don't say no. You deserve it.

Some days later

Evan: Today is Green Year Parade's day. I feel nervous, <Name>. I know something will happen.
Evan: I heard it'll start in Ethon Park. The trucks will start driving there. Why don't we go now? We'll have to be there anyway.

Evan: Oh man! I told you, <Name>! Look over there!

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