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Evan: Yes, <Name>. Linda and I have started dating! Isn't she so sweet?
Evan: Wait, she's mine! Haha.
Alan Smith: So you're going out with Miss Farren. Is that true, Evan Day?
Evan: Chief! Were you listening to our conversation?
Alan Smith: I didn't need to, Evan Day. I'd like to remind you that Today's Network Corp. released a magazine months ago.
Alan Smith: Do you like the headline "Rookie cop in a bar with Linda Farren!"?
Gino: I gave him the magazine!
Evan: Gino! I mean, Chief! What else does the article say?
Gino: "The Inspector who has just caught two killers at Downtown, along with the incredible <Rank> <Name>..."
Gino: "was caught now by a camera kissing Linda Farren! It is presumed that-"
Evan: I don't care about what's presumed, stop there!
Alan Smith: However, there's a serious business to do now. A teenager called because he saw blood in Holland River.
Alan Smith: Right at the Lincoln Bridge. He's waiting for you there.

Chapter 1

Investigate Lincoln Bridge
Evan: The teenager was right. The river is full of blood! What happened?
Evan: Well, I'm sure it's a murder, <Name>! And the worm you found couldn't end up here by coincidence.
Evan: Let's also ask that boy for more details. And the main responsible for the city, Mayor Loas.
Evan: After what we learnt about him in our last case, I don't like him anymore. Now he's a suspect.
Evan: And the last thing, and the most important also.
Evan (phone): Gino, order a pair of wetsuits NOW!

Analyze Worm
Daniel: This is really a shocking news, <Name>. This worm might be your murder weapon!
Evan: How could that worm kill a person?
Daniel: I don't know yet. I found human DNA in this worm. I mean, inside it.
Daniel: It's not normal to see a worm in the bridge. I'm sure it's part of the murder.
Daniel: So far, you can write down the killer uses worms!
Evan: So weird, but useful.

Ask the teenager what he saw
Evan: You're the teenager who called our Chief, right?
Thomas: Exactly, that's me. Thomas Allywae. Was walkin' around and... Woah! I found that all blood.
Thomas: It is a murder, right? Who died? I like criminal sitcoms.
Evan: Well, this is not a sitcom, bro. This is a real <Rank> with a real me and a real killer. A real person who died.
Evan: Did you see anything else that could be of interest?
Thomas: No, boy. There's so much blood here. Why would I stare at something else?

Evan: I wish we could choose our witnesses. Thomas is not... Well, I don't like him too much.

Talk to the Mayor about the river
Zachariah: Oh, it's you. <Name> and Evan. Why are you visiting me now?
Evan: Look, we know you're a criminal too, but we don't care about that now. We're working.
Evan: You, Mr Loas, are a suspect in a murder investigation. We found Holland river stained with blood.
Zachariah: The river. Well, I'm not a swimmer. Why am I a suspect?
Evan: The city is your responsibility. If the street lamps are broken, if the park is contaminated, if there are holes in the street, it's your work.
Zachariah: That does not make sense to me, but it's ok if you want to do it. You can ask Laura Haitt if you want.
Zachariah: She's the president of the Cleaning Patrol and they have been "cleaning" the river recently.

Interrogate Laura Haitt about the river
Evan: Laura Haitt, we found blood in the river. Holland river. And Mayor Loas says-
Laura: The Mayor hates the Cleaning Patrol because we are telling people the truth. Townville is dirty.
Laura: There should be cleaners hired by Mr Loas. But he cares about money.
Evan: Erm... We'll call you again when we have more clues.
Gino: <Name>, good news! The-
Evan: You should knock the suspects room door, Gino.
Gino: Here are the swimsuits, or divesuits, wetsuits... Whatever.
Laura: Please don't litter the river!

Investigate River underwater
Evan: I-can't-believe-it. Daniel Peterson has been murdered! <Name>, it's Daniel Peterson, from the United Socialism!
Evan: He's the one who sent the newsagent a threaten note after our last case. This is an assassination!
Evan: We have to take Daniel's body to... Daniel. To the lab. It sound better.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Now I can tell you I was right. Daniel Peterson was murdered by worms! I found more worms inside his clothes and inside the body.
Daniel: It's as if he'd swum in a pool of worms. Very disgusting.
Evan: More disgusting than you think.
Daniel: What an awful death. You're alive, and the next minute, you're buried in worms.
Daniel: Explaining why he died by worms would be nasty. So I'll just go straight to what I found.
Evan: You found these fibers?
Daniel: Yes. And I found out that the killer slashed Daniel. That's why the river was red.
Evan: You'd better stop it. Let's just see what the fibers are.

Examine Fibers
Evan: Why was there fishing line on the victim's body? Is it part of the murder?
Evan: I don't think it has something to do with the worms. It came from the killer!
Evan: So our killer practices fishing. There's a fisher, Franklin Untrill, who has been seen fishing at Lincoln Bridge last weeks. Let's interrogate him.

Ask Franklin Untrill about the victim
Evan: Franklin, there has been a murder at Lincoln Bridge. And we want to ask you about it.
Franklin: I don't know. I didn't notice any weird behaviour. The river is always so quiet and peaceful. I don't know why someone could make it a crime scene.
Evan: The victim is Daniel Peterson, from the United Socialism.
Franklin: Oh, it's him! The Cleaning Patrol must be behind this, I'm sure.
Franklin: They are against the socialists, and they are always on board of their boats, in Holland River. Too suspicious.

Back at the station...

Evan: Well, another case in our hands. Downtown is stressful. You interrogate politicians, you find out their dirty businesses...
Evan:There's this thing of the Cleaning Patrol, the United Socialism, Thomas and I hate these puzzles!
Lindsey: Hi there, cops! You won't believe what I found. A surveillance footage!

Chapter 2

Lindsey: Hi, cops! You won't believe what I found. A surveillance footage!
Evan: Surveillance? The public cameras? You mean one near Lincoln Bridge?
Lindsey: Exactly. The Mayor was nicer to me than to you, Evan. I managed to get the footage.
Lindsey: I'll see what I can get from it. Come back later!
Evan: <Name>, Zachariah and Laura must have had special treats with the victim. Why don't we talk to them?
Evan: And now we have the wetsuits, we could go for another dive, huh?

Talk to Mayor Loas about the victim
Zachariah: More questions? You don't really think I could kill someone, do you?
Evan: Daniel Peterson has been murdered.
Zachariah: What?! He's the second man in the United Socialism, I can't be left without him!
Zachariah: The press is gonna talk about it. I need to find another person right now.
Evan: Find them later. How did you get on with him?
Zachariah: Just workmates, we weren't friends. We just went fishing sometimes. He was a great politician anyway!

Talk to Laura about the victim
Evan: Laura, how was your relationship with Daniel Peterson?
Laura: Was? Do you mean he's dead?
Laura: Well, forget it. The Cleaning Patrol had several meetings with Mr Peterson to talk about how dirty everything was. We clean it, but they're the ones who should do it.
Laura: I have to go fishing in other cities because the Holland River is polluted. It's a real shame.
Evan: Ok. He's dead, yes. Now, would you like to add anything else?
Laura: Yes. That fisher, Franklin. Why don't you get him out of the crime scene? He's still fishing there.
Evan: WHAT?! Fishing? <Name>, let's go back to Lincoln Bridge and make him leave the place!

Tell Franklin to stop fishing
Evan: Franklin, hey! What are you doing? This is a crime scene! Get away.
Franklin: I can't lose this moment, Inspector. The river is wonderful now!
Franklin: You can't take me out of my favorite spot, please!
Evan: We're sorry. You're not allowed to be here.
Franklin: It's ok, I'll leave. I was running out of worms anyway.

Analyze Surveillance camera
Lindsey: Maybe what I saw is not related to the murder, but it's much coincidence.
Lindsey: There was a black car which stopped at the bridge, and threw a bag at the river!
Evan: We didn't find any bag, but it's suspicious indeed! Who was driving that car?
Lindsey: The famous businessman, owner of Newville Inc. Arnold Eastfield!
Evan: <Name>, we had a case in Newville I at the Commercial Area. Now it's time to talk to the mall owner!

Ask Arnold Eastfield what he dropped in the river
Arnold: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan! I thought I'd never meet you, but I was sure I'd get mixed in your cases sooner or later.
Arnold: The richest people have been interrogated by you. Paul WatersMaggalie StalejGustave Rod!
Evan: Thanks for the compliment, Arnold. Daniel Peterson was killed and left in Holland River. What did you drop there?
Arnold: Gosh, I... I didn't kill him. I swear I didn't. That bag didn't contain Daniel's body.
Arnold: They were dead worms. I did some gardening on my house, and... I-
Evan: Tell us the truth, Arnold. You won't go to jail unless you're the killer.
Arnold: They were worms, it's true! Daniel and I have been selling stolen worms to very wealthy firms. Like Jamin Family Company.
Arnold: I don't know if stealing worms is a crime, but I'll help you. This is Daniel's apartment key. The adress is on the tag.
Evan: I don't know how you got those worms, but we'll talk about it later. Thanks for the key.

Investigate Daniel's apartment
(Before investigating)

Evan: Wow, this place is beautiful, <Name>! It's really elegant but classy.
Evan: So wonderful! Let's look for clues now.

(After investigating)

Evan: Tell me what you found, <Name>. I'm sure you've found something of interest.
Evan: What?! It can't be! A photo of Daniel and... the boy... Thomas.
Evan: I mean, a photo of Daniel and Thomas! Let's ask him right now.
Evan: I hope you don't mind going with Gino. You know I hate the boy!

Quiz Thomas about the victim
Gino: Hello, Thomas! I'm Officer Reina. <Rank> <Name> found this photo. How did you meet Daniel Peterson?
Thomas: Hi, Reina! Daniel's my uncle's friend. Why is it important to you? Didn't you know Arnold Eastfield is my uncle?
Gino: I'm sorry, Daniel has been murdered. And as you were the witness, we're shocked.
Thomas: You didn't expect the witness to be the victim's friend, is that it? I have friends in the United Socialism. I just beckon and someone teaches my schoolmates to respect me.
Gino: That scent... it's July Flames, right? I'm sure it is, I wear the same one!
Gino: Hey, that's Evan coming!
Evan: THOMAS!!!
Evan: WHAT?! There's a worm in your sleeve!
Thomas: Oh, it's for my biology project, Evan! Do you know what an ecosystem is?
Evan: It doesn't matter if we are fond ecologists or if we can't get a hold of it, Thomas! There has been a murder, we're working!
Thomas: Officer Reina is nicer to me.

Gino: Why did you come to us like that, Evan?
Evan: Someone sent a paper boat to the station. The police station. And...
Evan: I unfolded it and it said "Thomas has just fallen from the bridge. There's one less now."
Gino: Who could do that?
Evan: Our killer, of course! And we need to find them before they get Thomas!

Investigate Sand pit
Evan: Look, <Name>! We hadn't seen this bucket! I don't think it's here by coincidence.
Evan: There's a worm inside it! We're sure now, it belongs to the killer.
Evan: Daniel says they are cute creatures, so... Hey, friend! Can you... Err...
Evan: <Name>, it's not getting up. I think it's dead.
Evan: Let's get back to the lab and see if this one matches the other worm we found at the bridge.

Examine Dead worm
Evan: We were right, <Name>. This is one of the killer's worms!
Evan: The bucket belongs to the killer then. Let's see if we can find something on it!

Examine Bucket
Evan: The molecules you collected from the bucket came from the killer. I'm sure!
Evan: Now let's send them to the lab and see what we get.

Analyze Molecules
Sabrina: You're really lucky, <Name>! The molecules will help you identify your killer.
Sabrina: It's a perfume called July Flames, which Daniel wasn't wearing. Your killer wears this expensive perfume!
Evan: Don't fool me! July Flames is one of the best things a ladykiller needs.
Evan: I'm sure Linda will be grateful if her boyfriend wore it.
Sabrina: Women are not like that, Evan. She's in love with you, and July Flames won't change anything.

Later, at the station...

Evan: <Name>, I'd rather go patrolling near Lincoln Bridge. I can't work thinking Thomas Allywae is in danger, I just can't!
Evan: It's not because he's Arnold Eastfield's nephew, <Name>.
Evan: Oh, so it was a joke. Well, do you agree?
Evan: Ok. Let's go back to the bridge. For Thomas's safety.

Chapter 3

Evan: Let's go back to the bridge. For Thomas's safety!
Linda: Baby, I came as soon as I could! I heard you're investigating Daniel Peterson's murder.
Evan: Yes, sweetie. We were about to go to Lincoln Bridge, sorry.
Linda: I'll wait for you, my lemon drop. I'll talk to my new friend Lindsey.
Evan: Isn't she so cute, <Name>? Now, let's go to the bridge!

Investigate Bridge bannister
Evan: I'm gonna faint, <Name>! No signs of Thomas here, but... another paper boat!
Evan: Gosh, it's all wet and illegible. Let's see if our experts can recover something from it.

Analyze Paper boat
Sabrina: This paper boat is pretty revealing! But it was a torough job. I started analyzing it, but the three of us did it together!
Evan: You mean Lindsey, Daniel and you?
Sabrina: No! I mean Lindsey, Linda and me!
Sabrina: I only recovered the text in the paper boat. It comes from a page of Today's Network!
Lindsey: And it talked about the meeting between the Fishers Labor Union and Daniel Peterson.
Lindsey: Which, by the way, ended up in chaos. Three fishers ended up in Townville General Hospital along with Daniel Peterson himself because of bruises and concussions.
Lindsey: However, our sweet governor Zacky deleted every file and page about it.
Linda: But you won't believe who wrote that article, honey. Me! And I remember some things about it.
Linda: For example, the fact that Franklin Untrill and Daniel Peterson shared room in the hospital.
Sabrina: And the killer's DNA in the paper says the killer is 38 years old!
Evan: THANKS A LOT!!! To the three of you. Now, it seems the killer is trying to incriminate Franklin. However, we need to talk to him.

Ask Franklin about the Fishers Labor Union
Evan: Franklin, we heard about the Fishers Labor Union conflict with Daniel Peterson.
Franklin: It was a complete disaster. I twisted my ankle and broke my foot. And I even had to spend a whole weekend at the hospital!
Franklin: And on top of that, I was forced to sleep fifty centimeters away from that scum!
Franklin: At least the Mayor paid me five hundred dollars for that.
Evan: And what did you do with the money?
Franklin: I just bought a bottle of July Flames. It was pocket money all in all.

Evan: Franklin's situation was really hard. Don't you think so, <Name>?
Evan: Well, I think it's time to check Daniel's apartment again. Let's go.

Investigate Fireplace
Evan: If my sweet love knew about this... Daniel was blackmailing the Mayor. And this envelope is the proof.
Evan: Why didn't he send the letter? It's weird, don't you think? Let's ask Zacky, as Lindsey says.
Evan: Oh, and this job application? Let me see.
Evan: Oh dear!!! Daniel was planning to enter the Cleaning Patrol! We'll also have to talk to Laura.
Evan: Meanwhile, you could restore that torn page, yeah?

Ask Mayor Loas why the victim was blackmailing him
Zachariah: It'd better be quick this time. I'm about to go to a meeting. Where's my bottle of July Flames?
Evan: I'm afraid your perfume application will have to wait. We found this...
Zachariah: What... What are you doing with that? It's no business of yours.
Evan: Why was Daniel Peterson blackmailing you? Tell us.
Zachariah: You already know it. The Leamdres-Today's Network business. I paid him every month to shut him up. He'd speak if I didn't!
Zachariah: When you found that out, he still claimed for money, I don't know what for. But I couldn't tell him no. He was a dangerous man.
Evan: After admitting your dirty work, are you still going to be part of the elections?
Zachariah: Of course. Alberto Gandil is still here and I can't let him win.
Evan: I wonder what's the secret between you two.

Discuss with Laura the victim's job application
Laura: You're back, <Rank> <Name>. I was feeding my pet worms. What's wrong now?
Evan: That's... unusual pets, I think. However, we found this job application Daniel Peterson was going to send to the Cleaning Patrol.
Laura: He came a few days ago, asking for a job. But he died before finishing the letter.
Laura: It's a shame. It would have been a great change for us. And the Mayor wouldn't have been able to stand his best man working for the enemies.
Evan: I've smelled that perfume before, Laura. Don't tell me it is-
Laura: Yes, July Flames. My favorite fragance.

Examine Torn page
Evan: Cool! That torn page was in fact a letter to Daniel.
Evan: And hear the remitent's name. Arnold Eastfield! And it looks like Thomas was in fact the only one without motives for killing him.
Evan: Daniel owed money to Arnold. And it seems they started hating each other.
Evan: Time to dig deeper in this wormy business.

Interrogate Arnold about his deals with the victim
Evan: Would you like to explain to <Rank> <Name> a bit more about this letter written by YOU?
Arnold: I don't really need to explain anything, do I? I told him to pay me back. In my opinion, the letter is clear enough.
Arnold: I didn't kill him. I'm not mad enough to murder a friend because of money.
Arnold: When I'm angry, I just go fishing to Holland River, with no corpses, you hear?
Evan: We don't mind. You've admitted you are a thief and that's a crime!
Evan: You have much money, so you can pay a bail to be free. I hope you don't mind we arrest you.

Some time later...

Linda: Is it true, my heart? Have you and <Rank> <Name> arrested Arnold Eastfield?
Evan: Yes. He's a thief. But he'll surely be free on bail. You'll be able to go shopping to Newville again.
Evan: I'm still scared about Thomas's issue. I left Gino patrolling the zone.
Linda: Oh, talking about him! It's Gino calling.
Linda(phone): Gino! What happens? Yes, I'm with Evan and <Name>. The apartment? Fine, I'll tell them. Bye.
Linda: Darling, Gino says he saw Daniel's apartment's lights on. So you'll have to go.
Evan: Wait, why does Gino have your phone number? And why did he call you and not me?
Linda: You have a killer out there, my love. GO NOW!!!

Investigate Fireplace
Evan: I know this case is related to a river, but is it necessary to do this in paper boats?
Evan: <Name>, this is the one that talks about Thomas! It's the one I received! The killer has been to my desk and took this.
Evan: WE'RE GONNA ARREST HIM! Or her. But we'll send this to the lab before.

Analyze Paper boat #2
Sabrina: I swear I didn't see anyone breaking in your desk, Evan. Can I go on talking to you?
Evan: Yes, please. I'm sorry.
Sabrina: This paper boat obviously comes from the killer. And they were less careful this time.
Sabrina: Thanks for asking why, <Name>. Because they left fibers on the paper boat.
Evan: Tell me they were a red and white-dotted tie. I want to arrest Zachariah!
Sabrina: I'm sorry, but I didn't find anything like that. I can only say your killer wears white clothes!
Evan: Perfect! Now we only have to arrest them, <Name>.

Arrest killer
Evan: Franklin Untrill, you're under arrest for killing Daniel Peterson. And for breaking in the Police HQ!
Franklin: Breaking in? You're wrong. Even Linda Farren would let someone disguised as a police officer in.
Franklin: So you finally got me. That heap of trash deserved to die, but not eaten and asphyxiated by worms, maybe. I think I exagerated it.
Franklin: Just drowning him, maybe it was enough. Did you like the paper boats?
Evan: Is it because of the meeting from last year between Peterson and the Fishers Labor Union?
Franklin: I hated him ever since. He didn't behave in that meeting. But that's not all. He was going to be part of the Cleaning Patrol!
Franklin: The Cleaning Patrol does not clean. They only drive fish away from us.
Franklin: One more reason for hating him, I just got fed up.

Esteban Gonzalez: It was a long time since I last heard about an assassination.
Franklin: No. An assassination is an attack by surprise to an important figure or politician.
Esteban Gonzalez: I don't think Mr Peterson wasn't surprised when you kidnapped him!
Esteban Gonzalez: You buried him in a pool of worms to make him die. That's low... and disgusting.
Esteban Gonzalez: For your crimes, I sentence you to life imprisonment with no chance for parole. Session is adjourned!

Evan: I've said it. Politics and politicians are ruining this district. People are murdering other people. You know.
Evan: Looks like infidelity and mockery can be forgived when you're Downtown. Money and power are the responsible of people's actions. And both are terrible, but I prefer the first one.
Evan: I don't know what kinds of cases we're up for, but since we were promoted here everything changed.
Evan: Now let's get back to the HQ. My sweetie has surely got a lot of questions for an interview.

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: You've mastered this case excellently, <Name> and Evan. But I can't take this for too long.
Alan Smith: Everyone in Downtown is talking about you and not in a good way. A fisher was capable of killing one of the "best" politicians.
Alan Smith: Then a vagrant could easily get rid of any of you, and it's most likely to be Evan.
Evan: Hehe, that's true. <Name> handles guns way better than I do.
Alan Smith: It's no joke. Now, the boy Thomas is waiting for you in the suspects room.

Alan Smith: This is the suspects room's key. I can't believe you lost yours, Evan. What about <Name>?
Evan: I asked for <Name>'s key after I lost mine, but I lost that one key too.
Alan Smith: Oh, I almost forget about it! The Mayor called and requested your help.
Evan: Duh, c'mon, Chief! It couldn't be any worse.
Arnold: Here you are! I need your help, please.

See what Thomas needs
Thomas: It was so horrible! A thief came at me, and he took my schoolbag! I lost everything!
Thomas: My mobile, my books, my notes, my headphones! But I only need my notes now. I have a psychology test tomorrow and I haven't finished studying.
Evan: Are you taught psychology at school nowadays?
Thomas: Some police departments have a psychologist in the team. It's called profiler.
Thomas: Can I go with you? I was mugged near Lincoln Bridge casually.
Evan: I don't think we'll find the mugger, so yes. Let's go look for your schoolbag.

Investigate Bridge bannister
Thomas: There it is, hanging from that branch, <Rank> <Name>! Be careful, you can fall to the river!
Evan: C'mon, you're the best at climbing trees!
Evan: Yay, <Name> got it!
Thomas: The place where my schoolbag was indicates the criminal looked in it to pick useful things like my mobile and then got rid of the rest.
Gino: Now, Thomas, tell me how the thief was.

Evan: Did you hear what we were saying while you climbed out of the tree?
Evan: Oh, you did! Well, while Thomas reports the theft to Gino, let's look for those notes he wants.

Examine Schoolbag
Evan: We found the notes, <Name>! Unfortunately, they were reached by water.
Evan: You never fail. Could you recover the text?

Examine Paper sheets
Evan: I don't know if this is psychology or not, but it's some... bunch of notes.
Evan: Let's give them to Thomas so that he calms down.

Give Thomas his notes back
Evan: We found your notes, boy! Here you are.
Thomas: Thank you. I really like psychology. I wish I could work for your forces one day, with <Rank> <Name>.
Evan: And what about me, boy?
Thomas: You shouted at me. I can't choose you. But thank you anyway.
Thomas: I'm really starving, <Name>, Evan. I'm out to get a burger. And I have extra money. Do you get it?

Ask Mayor Loas what he needs
Zachariah: I thought you wouldn't come. After all that happened...
Zachariah: What I want is a research in Holland River. The Cleaning Patrol sails boats there that are contaminating our waters.
Zachariah: I can't go for a dive, so could you?
Evan: NO! But <Rank> <Name> has a soft heart and we'll have to do it anyway. Let's go.

Investigate River underwater
Evan: So this might be true. Perhaps this oil comes from the Cleaning Patrol's boats!
Evan: Let's see what this is. Maybe it's... another thing.

Examine Oil molecules
Evan: You're very used to the scientific databse, aren't you? That was fantastic!
Evan: So these molecules are petroleum after all! It surely came from a type of vehicle.
Evan: I can't believe the Cleaning Patrol could do this. Let's tell the Mayor right away!

Give Mayor Loas a report about the research
Evan: We found petrol, Mayor! There was petrol in the river!
Zachariah: The Cleaning Patrol isn't as holy as they look. Specially Laura Haitt.
Zachariah: They're polluting the river more than the United Socialism. Can you believe it?
Evan: Of course we can't! Now, how do we know that the petrol comes from the Cleaning Patrol? The Fishers Labor Union sometimes use motor-ships too.
Zachariah: I say it's the Cleaning Patrol and it is. I'll use it for my next speech.
Zachariah: Now, take this reward and leave, please. Have a nice day!

Evan: <Name>, I can't believe it. We've just contributed to the Mayor's political carrer! And unknowingly.
Evan: We'll say no to him next time. We have to remember that.

Arnold Eastfield wants to talk to you
Arnold: Daniel Peterson was my best friend and colleague. So you can suppose we shared things.
Arnold: Like Newville Inc's register book. I need it if Daniel's dead.
Evan: So you want the register book that is in Daniel's apartment?
Arnold: Exactly. Could you bring it to me?
Evan: Ok. We'll look for it.

Investigate Daniel's apartment
Evan: Important things are kept in safes. This can't be the exception. Crack this, <Name>!

Examine Safe
Evan: Wonderful! You could be a thief if you wanted, <Name>!
Evan: Now let's hope the register book is here.

Examine Open safe
Evan: We've got you, register book! Now, let's give this to Arnold and-
Evan: Lindsey? You think so?
Evan: Ok, let's see if there are any spooky things here.

Analyze Register book
Evan: We listen to you, Lindsey. Is Newville Inc in something "fishy"?
Lindsey: Not at all, Evan! Arnold Eastfield seems to be clean. At least in businesses.
Lindsey: But I can say they have a favorite client. A company that sold them, and bought from them, many times. And you already know them.
Evan: Don't tell me it's Today's Network!
Lindsey: Don't be stupid. It's Leamdres.
Evan: Oh, thank you! Great to know Leamdres is a very big firm. Now let's give this to its owner.

Talk to Arnold Eastfield
Evan: Here is your register book. You must really need it when you own a big company like Newville Inc.
Evan: Or like Leamdres, your business partner.
Arnold: They'd also told me you always snoop around people's things. That's not correct, you know?
Evan: We just wanted to know if that all was legal.
Arnold: Of course it is. And you're witnesses.
Arnold: What you did was awful, but I must thank you. Why don't you take this, in name of Newville Inc?

After a long day of work

Thomas: <Rank> <Name>, Evan! I need something from you!
Thomas: My classmates can't believe I've met you, and I've also got a Citizenship project tomorrow.
Evan: Citizenship? Is that a new subject?
Thomas: Yes. Could you go and talk about your job? That's all I want from you. I attend lessons at Benjamin Franklin School.
Evan: We'll be there, for sure!

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