Quinn Perkins was a lawyer and a representant who the team interviewed in Strike Three, You're Dead (Case #3), Take the Better Out (Case #6), A Cosplay War (Case #9) and Unmask the Beast (Case #11).


Quinn was a 33 years-old woman, with long purple hair pulled back. She has brown eyes and wears a purple suit with black stripes, a white shirt behind it and a clock in the lef corner of her suit. She weights 160 lbs. and her blood type is A+.

In Strike Three, You're Dead, it's discovered that Quinn uses shoe polish, is athletic and is allergic to pollen.

In Take the Better Out, it's discovered that she uses anti-aging cream and plays poker.

In A Cosplay War, it's discovered that she wears a festival's plastic bracelet, drinks orange juice and is right-handed.

In Unmask the Beast, it's discovered that she wears office shoes, uses make-up, has hacking skills and is a master of disguise



Age 33
Weight 160 lbs
Eyes brown
Blood A+

Role in Case(s)

The Price of Fame

Strike Three, You're Dead

A Mortal Mix

Take the Better Out

A Cosplay War

Unmask the Beast


  • Quinn is the only character in the game that always appears as the third suspect

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