Queenville is the first city of Criminal Case made by NeoFlores. This contains beautiful 7 districts.


Queenville contains 7 districts:

  • Serpent City- this district has many residents, lakes and subdivisions.

Case#1-5 are situated here.

  • Wails Town- this district has few lakes but more factories.

Case#6-10 are situated here.

  • Political City- this district has many houses but few residents.

Case#11-19 are situated here.

  • Everest Hills- this district has few subdivisions but more mountains.

Case#20- 28 are situated here.

  • Star Town- this district has more amusement parks but few lakes.

Case#29- 34 are situated here.

  • Gangwreck City- this district has more population but has a lot of gang chaos.

Case#35- 40 are situated here.

  • Quiet Forest- this district has more woods but has less houses with population.

Case#41-46 are situated here.

  • Queenville Airport - this is a hidden district that has few cases but takes life on a character with few residents. This is the last district.

Case#47-50 are situated here.

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