Political District is the first district of Veldin City and features Cases #1-10. This district features the City Hall owned by James Bentley, businesses buildings,and a serial killer most knowed by «Master of Rats».

Political District has been attacked by the «Master of Rats»,that make the all ditrict in panic, only to take revenge of the his Dad's Murder. Not to mention the local elections are just start in Veldin City.


Case 3

Case #3 - Law and Justice!

Case 1

Case #1 - Welcome to Devil City!


Case #2 - Behind The Rats!


Case #6 - Eternal Sleep!

Case 5

Case #4 - In Shock!

Case 6

Case #5 - Lives For Blood!

Case 7

Case #7 - The Flame of Hell!

Case 9

Case #9 - Race Against Destiny!

Case 8

Case #8 - Army's Secrets!

Case 10

Case #10 - Chosen to Die!

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