Palm Beach is the third district of Campbell City and features Cases #11-17. This district features many beaches, malls, and a noticeable amount of corruption and darkness.

Palm Beach is a wondrous town with great places to hang out, but it also has some much more grim parts. Recently, an unknown chemist created a deadly disease known as "The Nightshader", as it's main component is the plant nightshade. Once it is injected into a person, it can spread as rapidly as a wildfire. This "outbreak" has made many Palm Beach citizens fear for their lives.

Screenshot 2015-04-19 at 4.55.51 PM

A disease has been formed to kill, and as of now it has no cure.

Since you've already caught two serial killers, we decided you needed a break from them. Instead, you're getting a once in a lifetime opportunity to visit Palm Beach and relax! And by relax, we mean fight crime. This district has lots of shops and sights to see. Unfortunately, an unknown chemist made a deadly disease that there is no cure to. We have to catch the one who caused hundreds of people to die, this instant! Let's see if you can wipe out the disease faster than you can wipe out crime."


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