Oswaldo Perry
When life gives you lemon, you make lemonades.
—Oswaldo Perry

Oswaldo Perry is the Chief of the Campbell Hills Police Department.


Oswaldo, 43 years of age, is the Chief of the Campbell Hills Police Department. He is a brown-haired man who wears a police chief hat with a golden eagle pinned to the top of it. There's a gold border around the hat with a golden design as well. He sports a navy police chief uniform which consists of five stars on each shoulder and badge aplenty. There's two golden eagles pinned to both sides of the suit's collar and two CHPD badges on the sleeves of the uniform. There's also two medals on the left side of the uniform that are partially visible.

It is known that Oswaldo's favorite animal is a Polar Bear and his favorite food is french toast. He is known to be irresistible but is also known to be nurturing to others as well as being independent.

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and the Chief of the Campbell Hills Police Force, Oswaldo has appeared in every single case of CampbellHills but in certain circumstances, he won't make an appearance in the beginning of certain cases to stimulate the player and their police partner taking an initiative to launch a murder investigation without Chief Perry ordering so.

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