This case did not meet the requirements of a fan-made case

"hello <name>! welcome to the team! I hope you enjoy here!"

-Amy desk , the players partner

the team introduced theirselves in the player then the chief asked Amy to go with the player at boogery st. The place where their abandoned , old office is located suddenly in the middle of their walking they found a chair with a man tied who was poisoned by spiders. The victim was ambot sevyour. the killer was deena kingsonn , the victims best friend. deena said she was hypnotized by a group named the paradise hypnos to kill ambot. Deena was sentenced one year in jail. This didint make deena innocent , but added fine to the antagonists leader.

Victim-ambot sevyour

Murder weapon-spiders

Killer-deena kingsonn


ariana sevyour-victims sister

profile:wears a FT badge , plays cool death

deena kingsonn-victims BFF

profile:plays cool death , wears a FT badge , exercises

killers profile

the killer wears a FT badge , the killer plays cool death , the killer exercises , the killer has a dog

crime scenes

street-chair-street bonus

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