Malcon Brodlay

Malcon Brodlay was the killer of the High School History Teacher,Osvald Cameron in Long Weekend (Case #1 of Nice Land and Case #1 of Little Hollow).


Malcon is a 17-years-old boy of short stature (lowest among the suspects in the case one) with green eyes and reddish skin. It has a medium orange hair and a puberty mustache. He wears a striped shirt that interleaves the blue and light green colors.

In the first Agunachopace's case, Long Weekend, we know that Malcon carries freckles and likes comics.

Height 5'4"
Age 17
Weight 140 lbs
Eyes green
Blood A+

Role in Case(s)

Malcon Brodlay is a unsafe and untrusting student at the high school, who attempt to murder his history teacher.

Long Weekend

The team will visit him when his name was found on a sticker from a backpack at the scene of the crime. When he starts to talk, he reveals himself as a student of Professor Cameron's history class, but he had never liked it and thinks it's a waste of time. He was also very angry with Osvald for being perverted and a liar. Finally, Malcon telled us that he heared about the love story between Osvald and Husuki by a hacker who plays video games with him, Richard Bord. This is how the player and German Ackerman go to talk to the hacker.

When Brian Moses informs us about the meeting that Malcon and Osvald have the night before the crime, we will talk with him again. He admits having met his teacher, but he said that the meeting was only been for him to return his comics because Osvald had caught them to lend attention on the classes. He concluded that they asked his teacher to give them back, but he left immediately after Osvald said no.

The investigation leads the team to arrest the murderer, who apparently turns out to be Malcon. He totally denies killing his teacher, but after the incriminating evidence is presented he finally tells the truth. First, he claims to have lied in the second interrogation: actually he did not leave after talking with her teacher, fought with him and nail his own scissors on his forehead, which did not actually kill him. It was found that Husuki had poisoned Malcon's scissors because Malcon continually harassed her and she could not stand that anymore. Despite not having killed Osvald Cameron, he was found guilty of attempted murder and was sentenced to 13 years in prison, with parole after five years.


  • Malcon is the shortest man in the game, having a height of 5'4.
  • It is the only murderer who is sentenced guilty, but that is not the murderer (as discovered when Husuki Saba deceives the team).

Case Appearances

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