Let me show you how it's done...
—Kazato Chihara

Kazato Chihara [Jpn: 千原風人] is the private eye of the Syleria Crime Investigation. He is one of the two personnel assigned to be the player's partner in Koishi's series, with the other being Junior Officer Haruko Hanami.


Kazato, 36 years of age, is the private eye of the SCI, and was assigned to be one of the two partners in the player's Syleria murder investigations. He has brown hair and brown eyes. He sports a neat detective's clothes which consists of a teal coat with one breast pocket and dark blue tie and black office trousers. Other than that, he has a police star pinned on his breast pocket.

Kazato is known to be a workaholic but boastful and is flirtatious, especially towards the chief, Yubi Torakawa. His favorite animal is a tiger and his favorite dish is ramen.

Notable Events

In the introduction of the the first case of Syleria, Chief Yumi Torakawa welcomed the player to the Syleria Crime Investigation Force and introduced herself. She then notified the player that Kazato Chihara and Haruko Hanami were assigned to be the player's partners in the investigations, and continued that Haruko is still in private training, implying that Haruko is inexperienced. The Chief then called Kazato to greet with the player, only to start flirting with her. Because of this, the Chief introduces him instead and asked Kazato to take the player to go sightseeing. He departs with the player to Twilight Slopes as it is his favorite spot to go. Suddenly, they found a body near an isolated tree and begun their first murder investigation together.


Kazato, just like Haruko, can be chosen by the player in any crime scene when the player teams up with Kazato in any case of Syleria. He is available as a 1-hint level 10 partner when all of your teammates have been used up or when you just desire to choose him as your partner.

Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and one of the two partners for the player's career in the Syleria Crime Investigation Force, Kazato either appeared or was mentioned in every case of Syleria up-to-date.


  • Kazato's name, "千" means "A Thousand", "原" means "Source", "風" means "Wind" and "人" means "Person". "千原" means "A Thousand Sources" while "風人" means "Wind Person".
  • Kazato usually tries to flirt with young women but normally fails humiliatingly.

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