A little blood can't scare me. After all, I'm the one dealing with all the blood here.
—Kanata Shirota

Kanata Shirota is the coroner of the Syleria Crime Investigation.


As the coroner of 27 years of age, Kanata sports auburn hair, wears skull earrings, a black t-shirt with the word "死", blue denim jeans, two rubber gloves and a standard white lab coat. Kanata wears lipstick and red nail polish.

It is known that Kanata's favorite animal is a crow and her favorite dish is tomato salad. She is known to be confident, innocent and cheerful.


As the coroner of the Syleria Crime Investigation, Kanata has the responsibility of carefully examining the murdered bodies of the victims and informing the team of test results. Roxie is also qualified to perform anatomic forensical analysis to help investigations incriminate the killer further.

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Case Appearances

As one of the main characters and the coroner of the Syleria Crime Investigation, Kanata will at least one moment in every case of Syleria give the requirement of conducting autopsy on slain bodies.


  • Kanata's name, "白" means "White" and "田" means "Field". "白田" means "White Field" while "かなた" means "Away"
  • Kanata is usually underestimated because she grew up in the country and has no skills outside of it.

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