Jeremy Myers was a young man whose neck was slit in Kicking the Bucket (Case #1).

Murder Details

Jeremy was found murdered in his apartment by Jamie Cox who screamed and alerted John Robinson who was showing the player around the city of Gracebury.

After the autopsy results, Patrick confirmed that Jeremy's neck was slit with a sharp object. Patrick determined the angle of the wound and discovered that the killer is right-handed. Judging that Jeremy had bruises on his face, he was in a physical altercation with the killer. Luckily, Jeremy had black hairs under his fingernails and since he had blonde hair, his killer had black hair.

Killer and Motives

The killer was the victim's girlfriend, Jamie Cox. Jeremy never spent enough time with Jamie which made her feel neglected. She told Jeremy about this but he didn't care. Jamie became furious then killed Jeremy in his apartment. After the murder, she noticed that John Robinson was showing the player around the city so she pretended to discover the body. The Honorable Arthur sentenced Jamie to life imprisonment.

Case Appearances

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