Industry City is the first district of the city of Silverbarrow and Cases #1 - 6 are featured.


This district features all the industries in Silverbarrow, and also hosts a centennial festival as celebration for the hardwork that the people had in this district.

The district has been robbed by professional robbers, formed into a group called TIGERS. Also, a serial killer has struck again, named "Dart Man" returning from its 5 year rest for an unknown mission.

"A group of robbers has broken the peace in the district! Can you stop the incidents when a serial killer replaces them?"

- Description


Cases Murder Weapon
Rig With a Wig Wig
The Shift Killer Handgun
Nailed It Nailgun
Music of Death Sniper Rifle
The Centennial Festival Murder Gasoline
Hitting The Bullseye Darts

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