Industrial District is the second district of the city of Veldin City and features Cases #11-20. This district features beautiful greenfields,several factorys, and a very dark and creepy cemitery.


Ivana Riblit, the Witch of Industrial District.

Industrial District has become the district where an very poluted and dangerous factory called «Veldiron» send every citizen to out of the district..Later, it's discovered that someone is cursing everyone in the Industrial District (Ivana Riblit) (Cases #16-20).Also a serial killer called the «The Man of Smoke» (AKA Taylor Veldiron) is threatening the district. (Cases #11-15)


Case 11

Case #11 - 24 Seconds to BOOM!

Case 13

Case #13 - An Endless World!

Case 12

Case #12 - The Dead Runner!

Case 14

Case #14 - A Deadly Road!

Case 16

Case #16 - Cut In Half!

Case 17

Case #17 - Burried Alive!

Case 19

Case #19 - Time Will Tell!

Case 18

Case #18 - Trick or Kill!

Case 20

Case #20 - The Last Curse!

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