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Evan: We're such an inspiration! Thomas Allywae asked us to be part of his project.
Evan: Let's better go earlier. We could get baffled at the amount of students we could see.

Evan: Don't you love to see the flag shaking in the middle of the school playground?
Evan: Wait... There's a boy tied to it! How could he even get there?
Evan: OH GOD!!! He's dead, <Name>. A dead child in the middle of the school!
Evan: I know I've been complaining for political murders, but I prefer those to these ones.
Evan: Thomas's project will have to wait. I don't even think he'll have classes today. C'mon, let's get the kid down and start investigating.

Chapter 1

Investigate School playground
Evan: I can't even look at his eye. He surely didn't deserve to die. What sins could he have?
Evan: And you're right, we should take a look at the flag's pulley. There's no other way this killer could get this boy here.
Evan: That's also true. We could start by interrogating the headmaster about the victim's identity, though he won't like to see this picture.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: I hate to work like this. Performing autopsies on little boys is terrible. This killer must be caught!
Daniel: The murderer used an unknown murder weapon. And it went through the victim's right eye.
Daniel: I don't know what the object is, but I guess it was a paintbrush, a little one.
Evan: Why do you say that?
Daniel: I found very small artificial hairs inside the eye, and also some watercolor.
Evan: Nobody has watercolor inside the eyes, it came from the killer. Let's write that down, <Name>.

Examine Pulley
Evan: <Name>, the fibers you found on the pulley could have come from the killer.
Evan: Let's send them to the lab right now.

Analyze Fibers
Lindsey: Sabrina was better at this. It was really a challenge to analyze these fibers.
Evan: You're right, Sabrina went on holidays. I had just forgotten.
Lindsey: Yeah, she's at Blue Coasts enjoying the sun. Now, let's talk about the fibers.
Lindsey: It was kind of hard to rearrange the pattern, but when I started, no one could stop me! This is tartan flannel and silk.
Lindsey: A tartan flannel shirt and silk tie is the Benjamin Franklin School uniform, which is worn by both students and teachers. And... your killer.
Evan: I wonder why the killer was wearing the uniform when they broke in the school to tie a kid to the flag.

Ask the headmaster about the murder
Hugo: Good morning, <Rank> <Name> and Inspector Evan. I'm sorry for this incident. My name is Hugo Holland.
Evan: Are you Arnold Holland's descendant? The one that gives name to Holland River?
Hugo: In fact, my ancestor was one of the best mayors Townville has ever had. He ruled three periods.
Hugo: I'm the head of the Educative Party. Our future mayor is a child right now, and I want them to have had a good education.
Evan: There must be conflicts between you and Alberto Gandil. He's Justus Gandil's descendant, the mayor who ruled between Arnold's second and third period.
Evan: We'll have time for that later. This boy is the victim, do you know him?
Hugo: WHAT??? He's Martin Darejam! You should talk to the school gatekeeper, Kayla Tropel.
Hugo: And also the Students' Center president, James Waker.

Question the gatekeeper about the security
Evan: Good morning, Kayla. We want you to talk to us about Martin Darejam's murder.
Kayla: You know, I don't remember who he is. I watch the kids get in and out everyday without asking them what their name is.
Kayla: But it surely is a terrible tragedy, for sure. I've always said I had to do night shifts, but the head thinks it's a waste of money.
Kayla: One thing is sure. The killer is a part of this school. Only the head, some teachers and important students have the keys to the main door.
Evan: Important students?
Kayla: For example, the Students' Center president. Neither do I have the key, you can be sure about that.

See what the Students' Center President has to say about the murder
Evan: Hello, James. We have to tell you something. Martin Darejam has been killed and tied to the school flag.
James: WHAT THE-! No, it can't be possible! Why would anyone do this?
James: The Students' Center won't shut up this time! We'll talk to Mr Holland about the security, and... I need these papers... Excuse me, officers-
Evan: No officers, Inspector and <Rank>. And you're too little to worry about that paperwork.
James: I may not be an adult, but I'm a teenager. And I'm in charge of an institution.
James: I'll tell you a couple of things about Martin. He was the representant of third year in Primary School at the Students' Center. And he was just a kid, innocent of everything.

Evan: This thing of the Students' Center... it's kind of weird.
Evan: It's hard to interrogate teenagers about murders. Remember the boy who invited us here?
Evan: Ok, back to the Students' Center. If Martin spent time here, we should take a look around, yeah?

Investigate Students' Center
Evan: It had to be a paintbrush... stained with blood! This is our murder weapon, it's obvious!
Evan: This has got something etched. Can you decipher it?

Examine Paintbrush
Evan: "Benjamin Franklin School". So this paintbrush comes from this school. Great.
Evan: The murder weapon was at the Students' Center. Why don't we ask James again about this?

Talk to James Waker about the paintbrush
Evan: We're sorry to bother you again, James. Do you recognise this paintbrush?
James: Of course I do! It was given to the winners of "Benjamin Franklin Music Week".
James: The ones that performed the best solo, a song, ballad, opera or whatever, was given one of these paintbrushes.
Evan: So the prize was a paintbrush?
James: Well, it's more useful than a trophy.
Evan: Ok. So our killer plays music, <Name>.

Some minutes after that...

Evan: What should we do next, <Name>? Any ideas?
Evan: The flag? Yeah, maybe there's something else on it. Let's take a look at it.
Lindsey: <Name>, I found someone that could help you in this investigation.
Evan: Who is it?
Lindsey: I found the Teachers' Center President!

Chapter 2

Lindsey: I found the Teachers' Center President!
Evan: So there's also a Teachers' Center at that school? They're really modern!
Lindsey: Her name is Ruth Franche and she's the maths teacher at High School.
Evan: Fine, let's interrogate her and examine that flag.

Examine Flag
(Before examining)

Evan: It's really clean, <Name>. But it's got a faded writing here.
Evan: Do you think a bit of powder could reveal it?

(After examining)

Evan: What does this mean? Has Kayla Tropel made this flag herself?
Evan: It can't be related to Martin, but I'm curious. Let's talk to her.

Ask Kayla about the flag
Evan: Kayla, was the flag made by you? We found your name written on it.
Kayla: Yes. It looks perfect, doesn't it? As if Hugo had bought it.
Kayla: But I spent a whole month sewing to get that flag as perfect as I could.
Evan: But why did you do that? You're not part of the school, you work for a security company.
Kayla: This school didn't have a flag to hoist every morning. So I helped Hugo get one.
Kayla: However, he never acknowledged me for it. Nobody knows I made it. So one day I took some black watercolor and left my name on it. You're the first ones to notice it.

Interrogate the Teachers' Center President
Evan: Mrs Franche, we found a dead student tied to the flag at your school. And-
Ruth: What?! How could that happen? Do you think I could have killed him?
Evan: No, no, but we need information about the school. And you're the Teachers' Center President.
Ruth: I understand. Who was the student?
Evan: Martin Darejam.
Ruth: But... he was just a kid! This is not possible.
Evan: Yeah, it's terrible. But we need to advance, so...
Evan: Well, you're the most important teacher, so there must be important things in your house. We'll take a look.

Investigate Franche's house
Evan: Look, there's a uniform here. I know Ruth is short, but it can't belong to her.
Evan: There's some sort of raveled embroidery. Can you see what it says?
Evan: Oh, and there's watercolor here. A bit of powder and the fingerprints will be clear!

Examine Uniform
Evan: This embroidery says "Friedric". That's a very weird name.
Evan: Wait, there are many photos here that say "Friedric"! He's Ruth's son!
Evan: And if he has the school uniform, he's a member of the school. And an important student, for having a president mother. Let's talk to him!

Talk to Friedric Franche
Evan: Hello, Friedric. I'm Evan and this is <Rank> <Name>.
Friedric: Hi!!
Evan: Do you know Martin Darejam? Is he your friend?
Friedric: He was. Now he's died.
Evan: No, boy. He isn't died, he's dead.
Evan: Wait, what? So you know it?
Friedric: Yes, mom has told me.

Evan: Talking to kids isn't as easy as I thought, but it's better than talking to teenagers.
Evan: And he was wearing the uniform. Hadn't we just found his uniform in the living room?
Evan: Forget it. Maybe it'd be worth investigating the primary crime scene again, don't you think so?

Investigate Mast
Evan: A torn page? Well, it's something. Can you restore it?

Examine Torn page
Evan: I just cannot believe this! This is a child's drawing signed by Martin.
Evan: And read the title. "Hugo the monster". This must be a drawing of Hugo Holland, I'm sure.
Evan: I don't think he could kill him for this, but I want to ask him. Pleeeease!!!

Confront Hugo about the victim's drawing of him
Evan: We found out that Martin Darejam didn't like you too much. Can you tell us why?
Hugo: Wait, you think I murdered a child because he didn't like me? Is it serious?
Evan: No, how could we? We just... want to know why he didn't like you.
Hugo: Well, every child is like that. The head always scares them, they're afraid of authority.
Hugo: Listen, this murder is already causing me problems. I can't win the elections if I was in charge of a student who died at MY school!

Examine Watercolor box
Evan: You rock! Now let's send this set of prints over to Lindsey.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: That paintbox has been "handed" by a lot of people!
Evan: Who?
Lindsey: Well, there's Ruth Franche first. I don't think she painted a portrait, but she has access to it.
Lindsey: There's also this boy, James Waker!
Evan: James? <Name>, we need to ask him about this. Thank you, Lindsey.

See if James has been in Ruth's house
Evan: James, why had you been at Ruth Franche's house?
James: I'm the Students' Center President, remember? I have to meet the Teachers' Center President to talk about certain things.
James: And that day I met her in her house.
Evan: Schools used to be simpler... And why did you use watercolor?
James: I had to finish my art work, so she lent me her son's paintbox.

Some time later...

Lindsey: Evan Day, when I was talking about the watercolor you went away and didn't let me finish!
Evan: Oh, the fingerprints? So there was more. Tell me.
Lindsey: I also found Friedric Franche's prints on the box!
Evan: That boy Friedric... Could he have killed his friend?

Chapter 3

Evan: I'm a little confused with this, <Name>. I prefer politicians to teenagers and kids.
Evan: However, there's this mayoral candidate.
Evan: We should check some crime scenes again, yeah? You know how to find clues.

Investigate Ruth's table
Evan: Ruth must have been working on these. Why don't we see if there's anything of interest within this pile of expedients?
Evan: Oh, and this is a letter. A letter to Martin! And written by Friedric!
Evan: It says "I will miss you. You can come to my house whenever you want. If you..."
Evan: Why would he miss his friend? Was he going to die and Friedric knew it? We have to ask him.

Examine Documents
Evan: Let's see what you found... An expelling report? So a student was about to be kicked out of the school?
Evan: And that student was Martin Darejam! Why would anyone-
Evan: Wait, maybe Hugo knew the boy hated him and decided to do this! It sounds very stupid, but I need to know about this.
Evan: Oh, and this paper was in Ruth's hands. Let's see what she has to say.

Ask the headmaster why he'd expel the victim
Evan: Why did you want to expel Martin Darejam?
Hugo: Oh, you won't leave, will you? The boy had a weird behaviour. Too annoying.
Evan: Is that the only reason? Maybe that drawing of you...
Hugo: You want to hear it? YES! I was tired of the stupid kid! He always mocked me, his parents couldn't raise him!
Hugo: If he could treat me like that, what would he do to his classmates?
Evan: What's that paintbrush, Hugo?
Hugo: I won it at Music Week. I play the piano, you know?

Quiz Ruth about the victim's behaviour
Evan: Do you know why Martin Darejam would be expelled?
Ruth: He had an annoying behaviour. His classmates always complained about him.
Ruth: Hugo asked me if expelling him would be fine, and I agreed.
Evan: He was Friedric's best friend, did you know?
Ruth: Of course I knew. But those things don't have anything to do with each other.
Evan: What's that guitar you have there? Were you also at Music Week?
Ruth: Yes. And I won one of those paintbrushes too.

Question Friedric about the letter to the victim
Evan: Why did you write this letter to Martin?
Friedric: Because he was my best friend and he was going to leave the school.
Evan: Do you know why he was leaving?
Friedric: No. He just told me that. And he was sad.
Friedric: Last time I saw him, we were painting our art project with watercolor. And I was using the paintbrush I won at the Music Week for singing "Little Star".

Investigate Students' table
Evan: This box... it's all full of papers with signatures! What are they for?
Evan: Oh, I found this. Listen "If we gather over 500 signatures, Hugo Holland will-"
Evan: Leave the school? Were the students trying to fire him? James has to talk again.
Evan: And there's one signature in this column that says "Non-students". We'll let Lindsey see who it belongs to. I want to know that!

Ask James about the headmaster
Evan: James, can you tell us why the Students' Center wanted the headmaster out of the school?
James: Because his rules are stupid! And... stupid! We get a preaching if our car broke down and we're six minutes late!
James: And he said that he'd win the elections and sell the school terrain to Newville Inc!
James: Our school might become a shopping mall! How could we let him stay?

Analyze Signature
Lindsey: This case is really easy. Fingerprints, signatures... The fibers were the only challenge!
Evan: That's what you think, girl.
Lindsey: Ok, let's go on. I looked in the Benjamin Franklin School database for this signature and found no match.
Lindsey: Because it's not from the school. It's from Kayla Tropel!
Evan: I know Kayla hates Hugo! Let's go confront her.

Talk to Kayla about the headmaster
Evan: We know you signed the Students' Center petition to fire Hugo Holland.
Kayla: And? Weren't you here because of that dead boy? Why do you mind about me?
Kayla: James Waker came at me, asking for a signature. And I had no problem with it.
Kayla: He had horrible plans for this school. I was grateful to be part of it!

After investigating...

Hugo: Can I talk to you, <Rank> <Name>?

Have a chat with the headmaster
Evan: What do you want now, Mr Holland? It'd better be related to the murder.
Hugo: It's a clue that might help you. Look.
Evan: A rope?
Hugo: It's not an ordinary rope, it's the one that holds the flag. The killer used this and the pulley to hoist Martin.
Hugo: So maybe you'd like to take a look at it.
Evan: Alright. Thank you!

Analyze Rope
Evan: Daniel?
Daniel: Sabrina's gone, remember? At Blue Coasts. So I had to analyze this rope.
Daniel: Well, it might look like an ordinary rope, but with these marks I can deduce the flag was exactly in this place.
Daniel: So, calculating the mast's height, I can know at which height the pulley was, and also the one that tells me where the killer's hands were.
Daniel: The criminal left fingerprints on the rope while using it, so with their position I can deduce your killer's height!
Evan: Can you really do that?
Daniel: Of course. It's just Pythagoras! So depending on which way I place the rope I get two different possible heights.
Daniel: But one of them does not match any of your suspects, so your killer must be 5 feet tall.
Evan: Amazing! Let's arrest that killer now, <Name>.

Arrest killer
Evan: Friedric? I... I can't believe this! How could you kill Martin?
Friedric: I... I didn't know I'd killed him! I only thought he was a little hurt!
Friedric: We were painting and playing and my paintbrush went through his eye, but I never meant to do it!
Evan: We understand that, but why didn't your mother call the police? How did he end up tied to the flag?!
Evan: Wait, don't tell me your mother...
Friedric: She said that something bad could happen to us. So she decided to leave him at the school.
Friedric: Then she told me to hoist the flag with Martin tied to it. But I thought he'd get better soon, I didn't know he had died!
Friedric: Mom told me this morning that he'd died.
Ruth: Friedric! <Rank> <Name>! WHAT ARE YOU DOING???

Esteban Gonzalez: This murder... I mean, manslaughter, could have ended up better.
Esteban Gonzalez: It could have been just a tragic accident. But you, Missis Franche, have lost your marbles!
Esteban Gonzalez: Though I don't want to do it, I have to send Friedric Franche to a detention center for the next three months. I'm sorry.
Ruth: What are you doing with MY son?!
Esteban Gonzalez: And you, YOU will not go home after this, Ruth Franche. You should spend the rest of your life in a white room with a straitjacket.
Esteban Gonzalez: But I will have to sentence you to 1 year in a psychiatric hospital, and after that, 20 years in jail. And even that is nothing compared to what you've done.

Evan: I don't know your opinion on this case, but it surely isn't very different from mine. Saddening and shocking.
Evan: Friedric is a sweet kid, but his mother is just nuts! I wish we had different murders to solve.
Evan: In three months, however, he'll be enjoying life again. Though he'll always have the feeling of being guilty for someone's death. Poor him.
Evan: We could do something to get ourselves relaxed. Any ideas?
Evan: You're right, the tennis court of Jade River Fitness is near the station. We could go play some sets!

Additional Investigation

Gino: You did it again, <Rank> <Name>! But I'm afraid Hugo Holland called us. He must be needing something.
Gino: I think you didn't know it, but I went to Benjamin Franklin School!
Evan: You're lucky. I just did kinder at Townville School and was homeschooled afterwards.
Evan: Why don't we check up on James, <Name>? The Students' Center could also need something from us.
Kayla: I need your help, <Rank> <Name>, please!
Evan: Wow, you're... terribe! Don't worry, Kayla, wait for us in the suspects room and we'll be there.

Help the headmaster
Evan: You called us, right? What happened?
Hugo: I need to retrieve my project. But... something went wrong.
Evan: What is it?
Hugo: I trusted the Teachers' Center president, so she kept my documents. And I can't go to her house. Do you get it?
Hugo: It's very important, please find it. My plans for this school are all written there.
Evan: It's ok, we'll look for it. Let's go, <Name>.

Investigate Franche's house
Evan: Nothing similar to a project was near here. Did you find it? No?
Evan: Oh, there's that metal box. It's full of papers, we could look there.

Examine Metal box
We can't be sure Hugo's project is this one, yeah.
Evan: But I learnt that if it's torn, it's what we need. Let's piece this back together.

Examine Torn paper
Evan: It has the school wax seal, Hugo's name... it says "project".
Evan: This is the one! Let's give it back to its owner.

Give the headmaster his documents
Hugo: You found my notes, yes! Thanks a lot, <Rank> <Name> and Inspector Evan!
Hugo: After the elections, I'll leave my post and I will leave it to Kayla Tropel. I think she deserves it.
Evan: That would be nice. After all, she made that flag for you.
Hugo: How did you get to know that? She told you, I'm sure.
Evan: No. She signed with black watercolor. But nobody ever noticed.
Hugo: Oh... I'm getting enraged. Thanks for everything, but leave. Take this from the Educative Party.

Assist James Waker
Evan: Hello, James. <Rank> <Name> and I came to see if the Students' Center needs something from us.
James: That's very kind of you! I didn't know policemen had that nice side.
James: The students that are part of the Students' Center always leave me suggestions, or complaints, or whatever they think I need to know.
James: They leave their signatures, the school stamp and their names. And I lost those notes.
Evan: Stop worrying, <Rank> <Name> is the solution! We'll find your notes.

Investigate Students' Center
Evan: That was so fast, <Name>. Congratulations!
Evan: You're right, we need to check these are the notes with the things James told us.

Examine Notes
Evan: You remembered every detail perfectly, <Name>! I'm amused.
Evan: Let's go tell James we found it.

Bring James the notes back
Evan: Are these the notes from the Students' Center?
James: Of course they are! Thank you a lot.
James: Duh, can you believe this? "We need longer break times and lunch times". I'd like that too, John, but we can't make miracles happen!
Evan: You seem clever for your age, James!
James: Nah, it's just that they are all idiots. "We should get less chemistry hours per week". Miranda, can't you remember why you go to a school?
James: The Students' Center will get ruined with these. Will you come with me to the canteen and have a burger?

See what Kayla needs
Kayla: It's so terrible! Nothing like this had ever happened to me in my gatekeeper life.
Kayla: There are surveillance cameras all over the school. And I can see what's happening on my computer.
Kayla: And I saw a kid beating up another boy! It was horrible. But my computer just broke down.
Kayla: What can I do? I need to know the student's name to report him to Headmaster Holland.
Evan: Where did that happen?
Kayla: The school playground.
Evan: So it must be still on that camera. Let's go there!

Investigate School playground
Evan: Here's the camera. Let's send it to the lab n-
Evan: Oh, wait, what? A code?
Evan: So it's a modern surveillance camera. You need to spin that wheel to open it and take the footage from inside. Pretty stupid.
Evan: We can't risk breaking the camera to open it. We'll have to crack it.

Examine Surveillance camera
Evan: You did it, as always! Now let's get this record to Lindsey.

Analyze Surveillance record
Lindsey: I'm afraid I could retrieve the footage. And I say that I'm afraid because its content was awful.
Lindsey: Take a look at it.
Evan: Sss... Poor boy! Uh, he's getting punched in the stomach!
Evan: What's wrong with schools these days?
Lindsey: It's called bullying, and it's terrible. And it's not from these days in fact.
Evan: That is horrible. Let's give this to Kayla and get this student punished.

Talk to Kayla about the record
Kayla: Could you open the camera, <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: <Rank> <Name> can do everything. Here's the surveillance footage.
Evan: We took a look at it, and... we're so sorry for this boy.
Kayla: It was really bad, I know it. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to make that student leave this school.
Kayla: Have this, please. I think you deserve it.

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