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Daniel: Congratulations, to the both of you! You'll be working in the Residential Zone!
Daniel: You know what? I grew up there. And let me tell you I know what Mayor Waters meant with "there are many problems there".
Evan: Really? And what did he mean?
Daniel: There are two gangs there! The Flukes and The Hades. I used to be a Hades when I was just a boy. But I understood that's a nonsense.
Daniel: And if <Name> could bring Steve Zasts down, could stop that activist war, and could even reveal the Mayor's filthy businesses, I'm sure a gang war won't be a problem.
Evan: Are they dangerous, Daniel?
Daniel: A bit. So as I know them very well, Chief Smith gave me permission to be <Name>'s partner when there's a case related to gangs.
Evan: Why didn't he tell you to be Evan's partner? I'm really good too!
Evan: Yes, I know it, <Name>. I would still be stuck trying to catch the killer in that cousins murder case if you hadn't been there.
Alan Smith: <Name>, I know this is just your tenth day in the Residential Zone, but there's been a murder.
Alan Smith: And it happened in the Flukes leader's house. So you'll be going with Coroner Mossle.
Evan: Good luck, Daniel!
Evan: What am I going to do, Chief?
Alan Smith: I know you're specialized in murders, but all of our officers are busy, so you'll go and investigate a robbery case in Greensecure Inc.
Evan: I don't know what I'm going to do without you, <Name>.
Daniel: Greensecure... It rings a bell, but I can't remember where I heard about it.
Daniel: Well, doesn't matter now. Let's go, <Name>!

Chapter 1

Investigate Backyard
Daniel: <Name>, this guy is Ramon Greensworth! He's the son of the Flukes' leader. I'd recognise him anywhere because he's the only one in the family with green eyes.
Daniel: I'll take him to the lab to perform the autopsy. And I guess you'll like to know what the killer carved on his chest.
Daniel: Wait, you say the killer fired this gun? Well, I know what people in this district are like. They all have guns permission so that they avoid going to jail in case they shoot.
Daniel: So now we can be sure the killer has a guns permission!
Daniel: After we examine that gun and its bullet, we should talk to Ramon's dad. His alias is "El Pantera". Let's go, <Name>.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Well, <Name>, the killer managed to leave little evidence. All I have is these carvings.
Daniel: They were done with a very thin object. I don't know what it could be.
Daniel: I found some other bloodstains in Ramon's jeans, which were not his blood. Your killer must have got hurt in the process.
Daniel: The sample is damaged but as the killer bled, you can be sure they have a wound somewhere on their body!

Examine Killer's message
Daniel: So what does the killer message say? "This is what you get for betraying us".
Daniel: Wait, did he betray the Flukes? What does this mean, <Name>? What could Ramon do?
Daniel: Umm... we can assume that our killer is a Fluke. Let's write that down.

Examine Gun
Daniel: There was hair in the gun, <Name>! This is really a big lead.
Daniel: Let's examine it and see who it belongs to.

Examine Hair
Daniel: So this hair belongs to a woman called Michelle Greensworth.
Daniel: <Name>, she's El Pantera's wife! So it means she's Ramon's mother! Well, I guess.
Daniel: We have to interrogate her about this gun.

Talk to Michelle about the gun
Daniel: Madam, we have to tell you that your son has been murdered in your backyard.
Michelle: WHAT?! Is Greg alright? What happened to Greg? Who killed him?
Daniel: No... Not Greg. Ramon died. Where have you been today?
Michelle: Oh, but Ramon is not my son anymore. He was a weird boy. He insulted the Flukes!
Michelle: Today I was... fooling around... so I guess I couldn't notice if someone died.

Daniel: I wonder what his mother meant with "a weird boy". What kind of person was Ramon?

Examine Bullet
Daniel: I can't believe you found DNA in the bullet. You're a great forensic!
Daniel: I'm sure our friend Sabrina won't have any problem analyzing it.

Analyze DNA
Sabrina: I found a match to this DNA sample you gave me, <Name>. I don't know who this person is, but maybe Daniel knows about him.
Sabrina: His name is Gregory Greensworth.
Daniel: Of course I do, Sabrina! He's called Greg and he's El Pantera's son. That would mean he's the victim's brother, <Name>.
Daniel: Time to ask him about this bullet. This is serious!

Interrogate Greg
Daniel: Greg, your brother was found dead in the backyard. Didn't you notice anything?
Greg: Crap, I told him to watch his back! Told him they were outa get him!
Daniel: Who were out to get him? The Hades?
Greg: Hell no! The Flukes. Ramon wasn't a Fluke and the Flukes hate him. And I told him to escape asap!
Greg: But he thought he had guts. And now he's playing the harp.

Have a chat with the leader of the gang
Daniel: Mr... El Pantera, your son Ramon was found dead in your backyard.
El Pantera: Sure it was the Hades. They slay mah boy, I'm to slay tha b*tch!
Daniel: Please calm down, sir. Didn't anybody in your house notice there was a dead body in the backyard and that your son had disappeared?
El Pantera: I was outa slap tha Hades b*tches! Couldn't go home see if mah boy was DEAD!
Daniel: Ok... Please go to your house and calm down.
El Pantera: Roger.

A few minutes later...

Daniel: <Name>, we have this murder in El Pantera's house, but only he seems to be sad.
Daniel: Greg didn't shed a tear, and he knew Ramon's life was in danger. But Michelle didn't even count him as part of her family. And why did she say he was a weird boy?
Evan: <Name>, can you help me? I've tried to ask Greensecure's president about the robbery, but he doesn't want to talk to me!
Daniel: And who is that president?
Evan: Don't you know it? Damian Greensworth, Townville's former mayor!

Chapter 2

Daniel: Damian Greensworth, that's it! He's related to the Greensworth family, <Name>. But he's not a Fluke, as you may know.
Daniel: He's El Pantera's brother. But he had a good education and was our Mayor four years before Lucy Loas, with the Comunist Party.
Daniel: The robbery is another case, but Damian is the victim's uncle, so we could work on both cases.
Damian: Besides, we need to take a second look at the house. The living room, you say? Well, maybe the victim's bedroom hides more clues. And the backyard again, why not?
Evan: After that, please come with me to see Damian!

Inform Damian Greensworth about the murder
Evan: Will you please listen to us now, Mr Greensworth?! I'm with <Rank> <Name>.

Investigate Living room
Daniel: <Name>, I don't know whether this schoolbag belongs to Ramon or Greg, but it's worth taking a look at it in both cases.
Damian: <Rank> <Name>, so it was true! This cop is your friend!
Damian: Inspector Evan Day to you. We're here to investigate to the robbery case in your company.
Evan: <Rank> <Name> and Daniel Mossle are here to ask you about Ramon Greensworth's murder.
Damian: WHAT?! Ramon has been killed?! I knew he just didn't have enough personality to be involved in a gang war. I knew it!
Damian: Just imagine it. The ex-mayor's nephew as part of a gang. I can't believe it!
Daniel: Actually, Ramon wasn't part of the gang, sir.
Damian: I'm sorry, but I'm busy. I'll leave you the surveillance records for the robbery case and if you need me again, call me.
Evan: Thank you! Let's take this record to the lab, <Name>.

Analyze Surveillance record
Lindsey: You must be really stressed, <Name>. It's hard to handle two cases at once.
Lindsey: Well, but there's no other choice. Evan couldn't do it on his own.
Evan: Hey, I'm right here!
Lindsey: Well, the robber didn't show his face in the footage, because they were wearing a balaclava.
Evan: <Name>, IT'S DOODLEY! Gary Perkins stole Damian's money!
Evan: We need to talk to him, you say? But, we have a "deal" with him.
Daniel: I heard Doodley is Gary Perkins, Evan. And I know Perkins is a Fluke.
Evan: A what? Well, you'll tell me there!

Talk to Gary Perkins
Gary: You're here again... And with a new colleague! What's up now? I told you there's people above me.
Daniel: Who? El Pantera is above you? Or did you change to the Hades?
Gary: WHO ARE YOU?! Yes, I'm a Fluke. And they use me to steal things. Sometimes they keep them and sometimes they sell it.
Gary: But they can kill me if I don't do what they say. Please, <Rank> <Name>, now you know it, put an end to them!
Evan: We know you stole from Greensecure, Gary. Did the Flukes tell you to do it?
Gary: Yes. The leader of the gang hates his own brother. And I had to do it.
Daniel: Gary, we found Ramon Greensworth dead. Do you know anything about it?
Gary: I saw him in his backyard fighting with someone, but I don't know who.
Evan: Why didn't you report anything?! What was the agressor like?!
Gary: It was just a fight, I didn't know he would die! I don't know who was with him, I only saw it was a man.

Daniel: So according to Perkins' testimony, the killer is a man. If you trust him, let's add it to the profile.
Daniel: Oh, and you say he told you once that he had a guns permission?! That's useful too, <Name>.

Examine Schoolbag
Daniel: We had luck, <Name>. This is the victim's schoolbag after all. And you found a report.
Daniel: It's signed by Ramon and it's adressed to... the school psychologist?
Daniel: I can't believe it! It's a list of the bad things Michelle did to his son in the last week!
Daniel: She teased, insulted, bullied, made him look ridiculous... and blamed Ramon for things he hadn't done!
Daniel: <Name>, we have to talk to her again.

Ask Michelle about her behaviour towards her son
Daniel: Michelle, why was Ramon visiting a psychologist before his death?
Michelle: Because he was weird. I don't know, I didn't care about him!
Daniel: He said you insulted and teased him. You're his mother! How could you do that?
Michelle: Wait, wait, hold your horses. He was my son and he often insulted me too! He called me a b*tch, and other awful things. Did his psychologist know about it?
Michelle: How could I react when he betrayed the gang? If your mother is part of the gang, would you try to destroy them? Of course no!

Investigate Bedroom
Daniel: Why is there a torn page in the boys' bedroom? You're right, <Name>, it could be good restoring it.

Examine Torn page
Daniel: Look, <Name>, this is a coded message! What could it mean?
Daniel: I know who can help us. Lindsey!

Analyze Coded message
Lindsey: I'm so surprised, couldn't <Rank> <Name> solve this? It's an easy code!
Lindsey: You just multiply the number each letter occupies in the alphabet by two. The resultant number indicates the letter you will replace.
Daniel: Then what happens to "Z"? Z is the 26th letter, so it gives... 52!
Lindsey: And 5 plus 2 is 7. And 7 is G!
Daniel: But if you see a G... it could be 52, or 16 or 34!
Lindsey: After you try those options, you'll choose the best one. And this message says....
Lindsey: "The Flukes found it out. Try staying home as many days as possible. Greg".
Daniel: Greg? I wonder what the Flukes found out about Ramon. We have to ask him what this means!

Talk to Greg about his relation with the victim
Daniel: We found this coded message and we presume you wrote it for Ramon. Why did he have to hide in his house as many days as possible?
Greg: I'll tell you, but promise me yo won't laugh at my bro!
Greg: Ram was... He was gay! He liked men... fine? The Flukes found it out and were giving him awful nicknames, y'know?
Greg: How could I let 'em say that 'bout my bro? I was the only Fluke who liked him.
Daniel: Greg, and what did your father say?
Greg: Mah papa understood, boy! He was his son and he'd always love him! No matter he liked this or that.

Investigate Backyard table
Daniel: <Name>, this wasn't here before! Someone digged here while we were gone.
Daniel: We need to see what's inside this!

Examine Pile of earth
Daniel: <Name>, this is another gun! Maybe Michelle's one wasn't the one the killer used.
Daniel: Oh, you're right. Since Michelle has a gun we can be sure she has a guns permission.
Daniel: But I wonder who this belongs to. Would you mind examining it?

Examine Gun
Daniel: Ok, this gun had a drawing on it. And it's a panther...
Daniel: Wait, I'd recognise that symbol anywhere! It belongs to "El Pantera"!
Daniel: It means he hid his gun after we interrogated him. I wonder why?! We need to confront him.

See why El Pantera hid his gun
Daniel: Tell us, why did you hide your gun after we interrogated you?
El Pantera: C'mon, whaddya think if ya saw me with a gun after mah Ramon died?
Daniel: Pantera, we wouldn't think anything! We can only arrest you if we have evidence against you!
Daniel: Besides, I'm sure you have a guns permission, don't you?
El Pantera: Y-Yeah, I do. Oh, boy! Ya know, I've always hated cops, but... you're really good, y'know?
El Pantera: Please, catch Ramon's killer! Promise the Flukes will stop if ya do.

Back at the police station...

Daniel: <Name>, our first case together is really complicated! We know the killer is one of the Flukes, and I'm afraid this means the killer could be one of the victim's relatives!
Daniel: We know Perkins witnessed the attack, and that he stole from the victim's uncle.
Daniel: Then we learnt he was homosexual and that only his father and brother supported him. Maybe that's what "a weird boy" meant when Michelle said it?
Daniel: Well, we also know he betrayed the Flukes though we don't know how. Maybe he started being a Hades?
Daniel: And we have the mystery of that bullet. Why did the killer shoot? Ramon didn't have any gun shot in his body.
Daniel: If only we could know if Ramon had any boyfriend or someone who could tell us more about him!
Greg: I'm sorry if I interrupt. I'm here to tell ya something 'bout Ram.

Chapter 3

Greg: My brother, Ram, had a crush on... Doodley.
Daniel: What?! He was in love with Gary Perkins, you say?
Greg: Yes! And that's why he started hating mom, even more than he hated her before.
Daniel: Wait, what does your mother have to do with Ramon's crush on Perkins?
Greg: I... I can't tell ya. But if ya look in mah bedroom you'll know many things.
Daniel: Ok, we'll do it. Thanks for your help, Gregory.

Investigate Victim's bed
Daniel: What is this suitcase doing here? Oh, it's locked. Well, I'm sure you'll be able to open it.
Daniel: And there's this sheet of paper... It's from a pregnancy test! And it says the DNA results are positive!
Daniel: Don't tell me El Pantera got another woman pregnant! Or could it be Greg?
Daniel: Umm... Lindsey can get into any database and find out who it belongs to, so let's handle it over to her.

Examine Suitcase
Daniel: OH GOD!!! This suitcase is full of dollar bills! What does it mean?
Daniel: Well, the only one in this family who could have this much money is Damian, the CEO at his insurance company, Greensecure. So we could interrogate him...
Daniel: And as this is also Greg's bedroom and he told us to come here, it's also worth asking him about it.
Daniel: Wait, don't tell me this is the money from the robbery!

Talk to Damian Greensworth about the suitcase you found
Daniel: Mr Greensworth, do you know anything about a suitcase full of money which belonged to Ramon?
Damian: Let me tell you that Ramon was the only thing that was worth it in that family. He didn't have one of those awful nicknames.
Damian: So I wanted to take him with me, and he also liked the idea. I'm better than my brother!
Damian: And I gave him a bit of money. But he's my nephew. I can give him even more if I want.
Daniel: A bit?! That was like one million!
Damian: You should thank me. What other future could you expect for a boy brought up in a gang?!

Ask Greg about the suitcase you found
Daniel: Tell us the truth. Why did Ramon have a suitcase full of money?
Greg: It's from mah uncle. Ram wanted to escape tha house and live with that man.
Greg: And he was gettin' money from him. He felt his future was outside the Flukes.
Daniel: What about you? Do you still want to be a Fluke?
Greg: Mah life's here, bro. I can't leave tha people alone! Ya dunno get a guns permission to live with your rich uncle!

Daniel: We know El Pantera loved Ramon beyond everything. But how would he react if he discovered his beloved son wanted to go with his brother?
Daniel: Can we talk to him? Please, <Name>!

Quiz El Pantera about the suitcase
Daniel: Did you know Ramon was planning to go live with Damian?
El Pantera: Yeah. Why is it important now? Tha boy could do whatever he wanna do!
Daniel: Didn't he betray the Flukes? What did he exactly do?
El Pantera: He did the same thing mah brotha did when he was the Mayor 10 years ago...
El Pantera: Ramon called tha cops and told 'em what the Flukes were doing! I could have gone to jail!
Daniel: Please stop this gang war. Only you can do it. Think about Michelle. Think about Ramon.
El Pantera: The only thing Michelle could do well is Ramon. Even Greg is just a scum like me.

Analyze Paper sheet
Lindsey: <Name>, I talked to this laboratory's manageress and with Sabrina's help, I found out important things.
Lindsey: In fact, it's Michelle who's pregnant.
Daniel: Michelle? So she's expecting another baby from El Pantera?
Lindsey: Nope. From Gary Perkins.
Daniel: EH?! So Michelle and Perkins are lovers? <Name>, El Pantera will notice it as soon as the baby is born! What will he do?
Daniel: Oh, you're right! Maybe Ramon hated his mother for getting pregnant with a baby from the man he liked. That explains a lot.
Daniel: Come on, we need to ask these sweethearts what this is about.

Question Michelle about her relationship with Gary Perkins
Daniel: Mrs Greensworth, you didn't mention you were pregnant and that the baby's dad is Doodley.
Michelle: How did you find out?!
Daniel: Your sons knew it. Ramon knew it... And that's why he hated you.
Michelle: Exactly. He thought Gary would put his eyes on him. He was 16 years old! What on Earth was he thinking about?!
Michelle: In some months I'll go live with Gary. And Greg will have to stay here.
Daniel: You'll leave your son alone? Just to be with your lover!
Michelle: He's 19, not 4! And I have another son now, you hear? I am a mature woman and I know what do.
Michelle: Or do you think I have a guns permission because I'm stupid?

Talk to Gary about his relationship with Michelle
Daniel: So you're going out with the boss' wife, aren't you? And she's pregnant.
Gary: Oh, crap, it's my life! Aren't you investigating a murder?
Gary: I told you everything I know. Michelle doesn't have anything to do with that.
Daniel: But Ramon found it out. And you could have silenced him. Or would you rather we told El Pantera about that baby?
Gary: I wouldn't have killed a teenager! I mean, I wouldn't kill anyone!

Minutes after that...

Daniel: All we do is finding out the problems the Greensworth have between them.
Daniel: Ramon was gay, Michelle's pregnant, Damian betrayed them... But nothing about the killer.
Daniel: You're right, we didn't take a good look at the living room. Why don't we go there again?

Investigate Bureau
Daniel: Let's see what we find inside this box. <Name>, I wish you luck!

Examine Metal box
Daniel: <Name>, this is a needle with blood! It's really suspicious.
Daniel: I'll take it to the lab. It might lead us to the killer!

Analyze Needle
Sabrina: You won't believe this, <Name>! This needle is in fact the murder weapon!
Sabrina: The killer carved a message in Ramon's chest with this.
Daniel: I can't believe it! So he died of blood loss as I thought.
Sabrina: Yes. And I found more of your killer's blood here. The sample wasn't enough for anything.
Sabrina: But I also used a sample from Ramon's body. And the culprit's blood is O-!
Daniel: <Name>, now we have to arrest the killer. I think we have enough evidence.

Arrest killer
Daniel: Greg?! I can't believe you killed Ramon! You really looked like you unconditionally loved him!
Greg: I do! I swear I do! And that's why I killed him, but I never meant to.
Greg: I also wanted to leave the gang. See? I can speak well, unlike my father! And we wanted to show our parents that this life wasn't good for us.
Greg: So I shot a bullet to see if they came to check if we were alright. But my father was getting drunk, and my mother was giving herself to that thief!
Greg: Ram asked me to carve a message in his chest. I thought a needle wouldn't kill him.
Greg: It was perfect! If our parents saw it, they'd see the Flukes were putting our life danger.
Greg: But they didn't show up! They never showed up when we needed them! And now Ramon is dead!
Daniel: But... why didn't you confess? Or why didn't you think and stop that nonsense?!
Greg: We were so desperate, we had tried everything else! If only our uncle had come for us earlier...

Esteban Gonzalez: Gregory Greensworth, please stand up in front of the Court.
Greg: Yes, your Honor.
Esteban Gonzalez: Your lawyer has done a perfect job. You could be left free, but you still plead guilty.
Esteban Gonzalez: And you also want to send Gary Perkins to jail, right?
Greg: Yes, I do! <Rank> <Name> was covering for him because my father was going to kill him. But now I'm not afraid of anything. Your Honor, Gary Perkins is Doodley!
Greg: <Rank> <Name> has prooves of it. And El Pantera vowed to the police to stop comitting crimes.
Esteban Gonzalez: I understand, but this trial is for your brother's murder. However, there has to be a formal dennouncement to start a trial.
Greg: There's someone who did it! His name is Carlton Klovan. But he's dead, so he can't speak.
Greg: And Val Zenodia! He dennounced Doodley's theft at a hospital.
Esteban Gonzalez: Enough, the police will investigate it! Gregory Greensworth, I sentence you to 18 months in jail with parole for your brother's manslaughter. And I hope you quit that gang once you're free.

Daniel: <Name>, I can't believe it! Greg knew a lot about Carlton Klovan! I just remember autopsying him.
Daniel: But it's their style. They're always watching the police with their moles. Didn't you mention once that Doodley always knew what you did?
Daniel: I'm afraid he'll go to jail soon, but maybe not. What I know is that El Pantera won't keep his promise.
Daniel: Oh, I feel sorry for Greg. But he'll go out in less than two years.
Daniel: Well, it was a pleasure working with you. And I'm sure we'll do it again. These gangs will attack before we can blink!

Additional Investigation

Evan: I can't believe that boy exposed Gary in the trial! We have to bring the Flukes down before they kill him!
Evan: And he knew about Klovan and Val's dennouncements? Oh, I remember. But he just stole some flowers and snacks!
Evan: You're right. A thief is a thief.
Evan: Oh, here comes Chief Smith. Good morning, Chief! You look angry.
Alan Smith: I AM ANGRY AT YOU, <Rank <Name>!
Alan Smith: Gary Perkins said he wanted to talk to you. Why didn't you arrest him when you had so many chances? He even confessed!
Evan: Ok, we're going to tell you. Gary is a member of the Flukes and their leader, called... Who was it, <Name>?
Evan: Oh, yes. El Pantera. Their leader who they call El Pantera, forces him to steal.
Evan: He has been threatened by him the first time we arrested him. And we know their leader is capable of comitting murder!
Alan Smith: So it's a gang... Oh, God! Why didn't you explain anything?
Alan Smith: <Name>, we have to arrest him anyway. A judge will decide what to do with him. And if he goes to jail, we can protect him!
Alan Smith: Now go and see what he wants. Please, take Daniel with you.

Daniel: We have to talk to Gary? Ok, let's go, <Name>.
Daniel: By the way, can't we go see Michelle? She didn't love Ramon but she loved Greg and he's in jail now. I'd like to see how she's coping.
Daniel: You're right. We should see what Damian's doing. He lost money and his two nephews who were going to live with him.

Assist Michelle
Michelle: Why is the police here again? You have already arrested my son! What else do you want from me, huh?
Daniel: We just wanted to see how you were doing after the arrest. Just that.
Michelle: I'm depressed, how else could I be? But it's just one and a half year I have to wait.
Michelle: Besides, when Greg comes back home, I'll show his new little brother off to him!
Daniel: Just wait? What about Ramon? He won't be back, no matter how long you wait!
Michelle: You're not helping me. My only support now is Gary!

Daniel: <Name>, I made her cry! But I'm right, aren't I?
Daniel: Let's see if there's something to cheer her up around here.

Investigate Living room
Daniel: A pink box? It must belong to Michelle. Let's see what she keeps here.

Examine Pink box
Daniel: <Name>, this is a torn letter! Why would Michelle do this to a letter?
Daniel: Please try to restore it! I want to read it.

Examine Torn letter
Daniel: <Name>, it's a love letter written by Gary! Why did Michelle tear this up?
Daniel: Maybe it doesn't make her happy, but let's try.

Give Gary's letter to Michelle
Daniel: Michelle, we found this love letter from Gary. Why did you tear it up?
Michelle: Oh, you restored that letter! Thank you SO much, <Rank> <Name>! You don't know how much it means to me.
Michelle: I would've never torn it up. IT WAS RAMON!! He was jealous because he liked Gary.
Michelle: Maybe he was still young and had to experience love. I'm an old woman trying to be young and keep a man who is half of my age for me.
Daniel: No, that's not right. You're a bright woman and still have loads of years left to find love.
Michelle: You speak seriously?
Daniel: Yes, you're a feminine woman... and that's what men look for! I can understan what you say, not like your husband.
Michelle: Thanks very much! Why don't you take some of the food I cooked? My burgers are delicious!

See what Gary wants to tell you
Daniel: What do you want, Gary? We have an order to arrest you, so please tell us it's important.
Gary: I lost something when I was in Michelle's backyard. Could you find it and return it to me?
Gary: Please, <Name>! If El Pantera finds out I'm her wife's lover, he'll beat me up!
Daniel: You should have thought about it before getting her pregnant...
Daniel: I mean, let's look for that, <Name>! I'm sure you'll find it.

Investigate Backyard
Daniel: Oh, so it must be this. It's a box and it has a ring inside. So Gary wants to propose to Michelle.
Daniel: I wonder whether this ring has been bought or stolen by Doodley. Let's take a look at the serial, <Name>.

Examine Red velvet box
Daniel: Perfect, <Name>! Now let's see if Lindsey can trace this serial back to its owner.

Analyze Serial
Lindsey: I managed to trace this serial back to the jewellery shop which belongs to the Ohdie.
Lindsey: And this ring was bought by Gary Perkins!
Daniel: But it must be really expensive! How could he afford it?
Daniel: You're right, he gets a lot of money as Doodley. Oh, I hope one day these gangs fall.
Daniel: Let's give this to him. He'll be happy to have it back.

Tell Gary you found the ring
Daniel: Here it is, Gary. Your ring for Michelle.
Gary: Giving me the box was enough, you didn't have to open it.
Daniel: Please think about it. If El Pantera finds out you got his wife pregnant...
Gary: Nothing will happen, don't worry. If my predictions are right, he'll get divorced soon. Sooner than you'd imagine.
Gary: Please have this, <Name>. As a memory from the times I used to be a thief.
Daniel: Are you leaving the Flukes?
Gary: Not yet. But this baby will make El Pantera get me out of the gang.

Check up on Damian Greensworth
Daniel: Mr Greensworth, we came to see how you were dealing with this thing of your nephews.
Damian: I'm ok, thank you. Though it means a lot to my business.
Damian: I trusted Ramon some of my documents. That boy was really intelligent. But now only God knows where they are.
Daniel: Don't worry, <Rank> <Name> can find anything! We'll investigate a bit in Ramon's things.

Investigate Bedroom
Daniel: After you unlocked that suitcase, I'm sure this drawer won't be a challenge, right?

Examine Locked drawer
Daniel: Ramon really had a lot of things. Perhaps Greg's belongings are here too.
Daniel: Let's see if we can find any of these documents.

Examine Open drawer
Daniel: These documents talk about Greensecure Inc, <Name>. But I'd like to know what they say.
Daniel: Let's send it to the lab. We can learn a lot about Damian.

Analyze Documents
Lindsey: <Name>, you're really amazing. These documents are very important businesses for Greensecure. For example, let's see...
Lindsey: Greensecure Inc. is the main sponsor of the Evergreentown Falcons in this year's soccer championship. The Falcons have to play another match next week.
Daniel: The Falcons' stadium is in Evergreentown. <Name>, that's the neighborhood where Hades' headquarters are. Almost every Hades is a fan of the Falcons.
Lindsey: Exactly. And the Falcons were last year's champions.
Lindsey: But Damian also has stocks in Jade River HoldingsJamin Family Company and Grand Vine.
Daniel: That means he has businesses with Megan Alkala, Robert Jamin and Gustave Rod.
Daniel: Well done, Lindsey! Now, <Name>, let's give these things to Damian.

Return the documents to Damian Greensworth
Daniel: Here you are, Damian. This is what we found in Ramon's room.
Daniel: I didn't know you were sponsoring the Falcons in this year's championship.
Damian: Yes, I am. And it's my business, not yours.
Damian: However, thank you for giving me my documents. Have this, please.


Daniel: Well, I guess it's over now, <Name>. It was great working with you.
Daniel: I hope you don't have to deal with gangs anymore. But this year's championship will bring you a lot of trouble. Good luck!

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