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Jones's painting

This fanmade case has edit a Koyos456 in this case.

Case Background

A victim painting name is Jones Ackerman. AK-47 is a dangerous weapon has shooting! The killer name is Tomato Papaya


Jones Ackerman

Murder Weapon



Tomato Papaya


Emma Throne-Internet blogger (play the computer)

Tomato Papaya-Actor (play the computer,bad boys,eat a tomato and papaya)

Zack Orman-Victim's best friends (eat a papaya)

Becky Walden-Photographer

Killer Profile

The killer is play the computer

The killer is a brown hair

The killer is bad boys

The killer is eat tomato and papaya

Crime Scene

Becky's home

Yampes Gang's beach

Army's camp

Chapter 1



Investigate Becky's home (Victim's body,victim's phone,AK-47)

Autopsy Victim's body (Evidence:Play the computer)

Talk Emma about a victim.

Investigate Yampes Gang's beach (Frozen girl,Faded notebook)

Analyze Frozen Girl

Analyze Notebook

Talk Tomato about a drug (Attribute:Play the computer and bad boys)

Next Chapter 2 (No stars)

Chapter 2


Talk Emma about a clues 

Investigate Yampes Gang's beach (Faded Paper)

Analyze Paper (Evidence:Brown hair and bad boys)

Talk Zack about a best friends (Attribute:eat a papaya and Tomato Papaya:eat tomato and papaya)

Investigate Army's camp (Victim's drawing)

Scan Victim's drawing 

Talk Becky about a signature

Next Chapter 3 (No stars)

Chapter 3


Talk Becky about a clues

Investigate Becky's home (Victim's juice)

Scan Victim's juice

Talk Emma (Evidence:eat tomato and papaya)

Arrest killer

Next Additional Investigation (No stars)

Additional Investigation


Talk Zack about a Plan Y

Investigate Army's camp (Faded book)

Analyze Faded book

Talk Becky about victim draw you

Investigate Yampes's gang beach (Surfboard,Newspaper)

Give Zack about a surfing

Analyze Newspaper

Go to Next Case  (No stars)


Becky Walden is a suspect. In case The Ice Queen (Case #61, or Case #5 of Pacific Bay) are named Derek Stone with a DJ. 

With Zack  call Plan Y in Tri-State Area episode Phineas and Ferb in (2008)

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