GREENVILLE is the main setting of the fanmade series of PetroJustin. This contains wonderful and stunning 7 colorful districts including Case #1 and so on.


  • Sunny Seaside (9 cases)

Sunny Seaside is filled with beaches, bays, and residents. This district mainly focuses on a main group antagonist named "The Crystals".

  • River Heights (5 cases)

River Heights is filled with calm rivers, courts and colluseums. This district mainly focuses on an "Olympian Heights" olympic games.

  • Hello Town (5 cases)

Hello Town is filled with roads, parks and residents. This district mainly focuses on a main character that has been talked about, The Serial Killer.

  • Paradise Island (6 cases)

Paradise Island is filled with casinos, gambling series, aranetas and other famous buildings like "CPI Tower". This district mainly focuses on a strange alien researches that an alien visited Paradise Island. This is Chief's hometown.

  • Fortune City (5 cases)
  • Solar Everest (5 cases)
  • Mountain High (5 cases)


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