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Alan Smith: Your promotion to Downtown is now official. There has been a murder!
Evan: A murder, <Name>! We'll investigate our first murder in this district!
Alan Smith: The victim was identified as Josephine Yode, a bank employee. And who discovered the body is the guard, David Hickets.
Evan: Downtown couldn't lack him.
Alan Smith: She was found in Jade River Bank, in the vault. It's not far from here, so you'll get there fast.

Chapter 1

Investigate Bank vault
Evan: Look. The victim has ink around her mouth and in her clothes! Did she drink it?
Evan: Well, while we wait for Daniel to say if it's the murder weapon, we can examine this inkwell. It surely belongs to the killer.
Evan: And there's David. Our first case downtown and he's already here.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: The murder weapon was the inkwell. Josephine was forced to drink this ink and she died intoxicated. Quite strange.
Daniel: But she didn't have control over her actions. She'd breathed when the killer put a handkerchief with cloroform in front of her face.
Evan: She inhalated cloroform?
Daniel: Exactly. Now, I'm afraid your killer didn't leave anything on this murder.
Evan: So there's no info about them. Well, it's ok anyway, Daniel.
Daniel: No, wait! I mean, the murder left something on the killer!
Daniel: While they were pouring the ink inside the victim's mouth, they stained her mouth and clothes. They must be sporting an ink stain too!

Examine Inkwell
Evan: These fibers surely come from the killer. This inkwell is a big lead!
Evan: Now let's send these fibers to the lab, <Name>.

Analyze Fibers
Sabrina: The fibers you found are a gold mine! They didn't come from Josephine's clothes, so they come from the killer.
Sabrina: It's a white fabric that is used to keep ties straight. Without this, the tie could change its shape.
Sabrina: Now you know your killer wears a tie!

Ask David Hickets about the murder
David: My black blazer? It's kind of hot in the bank, so I don't wear it. This shirt is enough, so I got rid of the blazer.
David: Now, I don't know why Mrs Yode was here, that was weird.
Evan: Didn't she work here?
David: She worked in another bank subsidiary. I went home when my work timetable was over. Now I came and found her dead.
Evan: Ok. <Name>, by the way, as we're already here, can we take a look at the bank?

Investigate Bank hall
Evan: Seriously, why would anybody leave a mask here? That's not sensible! Let's examine it.
Evan: And this surveillance camera is badly damaged. As if someone had...
Evan: Hit it! Our killer must appear in the footage! Let's give this to Lindsey NOW.

Analyze Surveillance camera
Lindsey: This video is quite revealing. It looks like your killer knew they were caught on camera.
Lindsey: David Hickets rebooted the footages, unfortunately. This one started filming yesterday at five o'clock.
Lindsey: I only saw a woman going to the bank vault, whom I identified as an employee of Jade River Bank called Christine Wall.
Lindsey: Then Josephine also went there and...
Lindsey: Someone came from the vault wearing a mask and they hit the surveillance camera! And I saw grey lines.
Evan: A mask? It must be the mask we found in the bank hall!
Evan: <Name>, we have to talk to Christine as soon as possible!

Talk to Christine Wall about the murder
Evan: Mrs Wall, <Rank> <Name> would like to ask you about Josephine Yode. Just a few questions.
Christine: Oh my God! What happened to her?
Evan: She was found dead in the bank vault of the subsidiary where you work.
Christine: But... why? She's the manageress of the subsidiary in the Commercial Area. Why was she in that subsidiary?
Evan: You should know it. We saw you in a surveillance footage before she left. You saw her.
Christine: Yes, but she left shortly after me. She wanted to get a loan, and I told her to come on Friday.
Evan: So now the bank meetings have place in the vault?
Christine: I can't talk about that. I'm sorry.

Examine Mask
Evan: You found hair, <Name>? Great, let's examine this and see who wore this mask!

Examine Hair
Evan: Our database says the hair in the mask belongs to a certain Jonas Gadell.
Evan: I don't know him but he might be the one who broke the camera. Let's chat with him.

Question Jonas Gadell about the mask
Evan: Mr Gadell, would you like to explain why a surveillance camera caught you vandalizing it with a mask, please?
Jonas: How can you know it was me?
Evan: We found your hair in the mask. You'll get what I mean.
Jonas: Yes, yes. I get it. But... how can you know I was wearing the mask when the camera was vandalized? You understand?
Evan: How many people would wear a mask in a bank?
Jonas: Last night, there was a party in the vault. The manager, Paul Waters, got a big offer. I guess the name is big clue enough.
Evan: Yeah. Um... Was Josephine Yode invited?
Jonas: Yes. But she was jealous of Mr Waters. What a dork.
Evan: She's dead.
Jonas: Really?

Evan: <Name>, Jonas says that Paul Waters's name is big clue enough, but he isn't famous, is he?
Evan: However, if the bank manager organized a party in the bank vault, that's a good motive to talk to him.

Talk to Paul Waters
Paul: <Rank> <Name>, I watched you on TV! You solved the case magnificiently back in the Commercial Area. I also watched the Mayor saying he'd promoted you Downtown.
Paul: I guess you came to congratulate me. Well-
Evan: Did the Mayor mention me? I'm Inspector Evan Day!
Paul: Yes, I heard you are <Name>'s partner. Congratulations to you too.
Evan: We'd like to congratulate you for... for your...
Evan: Well, you know! But we want to ask you about Josephine Yode.
Paul: She's the manageress from the subsidiary in the Commercial Area. A good woman, in my opinion.
Evan: She has been murdered. But now we want to talk to you about the party.
Paul: Who told you? It was meant to be a secret!
Paul: Come on, with good news like mine, wouldn't you party?
Evan: Not in a bank vault.

Evan: <Name>, maybe who broke the camera was Josephine, don't you think?
Evan: Perhaps she was going to kill Paul for those unknown good news, and someone killed her before!
Evan: You're right! If someone had killed her at the party, everyone would have noticed it!
Evan: Wait, you're right again! There were no signs of party at the vault. The killer cleaned everything! But why would they leave Josephine and the inkwell there?
Evan: Or maybe Josephine was murdered when she finished cleaning. This is so confusing!
Megan: Why have you been investigating in my bank without my permission?!
Gino: Madam, you promised me you wouldn't shout at <Name>!
Evan: Megan Alkala!

Chapter 2

Evan: Megan Alkala! You... You are the owner of Jade River Holdings! I read about you in the newspaper. And-
Megan: Yes, it's me. And I'll have a serious conversation with you!
Evan: Galp!

Apologise to Megan Alkala
Megan: This murder of Josephine Yode is appearing everywhere! Do you know how serious it is?
Megan: Jade River Bank, that's what people talk about. A journalist from Today's Network has interviewed me. And I can't stand that!
Megan: My company had earned a very good reputation thanks to Paul Waters. But now it's just a crime scene.
Megan: Now that I'd started raising more cash, because of Mr Waters being a mayoral candidate, <Rank> <Name> is ruining it. And I won't let you!
Evan: Are you telling us Paul Waters could be Townville mayor?!
Megan: Exactly. He's the head of the Capitalist Alliance Party. Have you been living under a rock?

Evan: Those are the news, <Name>! That's the reason for the party in the bank vault.
Evan: Do you think it could be the killer's motives? We need to take a look at his office and also talk to him!

Ask Paul Waters about the elections
Evan: Paul, we knew you got offered a place in the mayoral elections. Did that affect you in your work in the bank?
Paul: Ha! Those imbeciles only feel envy. They don't really know about politics.
Paul: Josephine didn't like that. She thought she had to be the next mayor, but she's unexperienced. She was, I mean. Anyway, people know I'm the best choice.
Paul: My party is called Capitalist Alliance because we can administrate the money from taxes to invest it in Townville's workers. Remember to vote for me!
Evan: That's not the only party in you life, huh?
Paul: C'mon, I'll be the next mayor. I need to celebrate!

Investigate Manager's office
Evan: <Name>, this box is missing two inkwells. One is in Paul's desk. And the other one is surely in our laboratory!
Evan: The killer took it from here. Let's take a closer look at this box.
Evan: And we might get good info from this torn page, so we have to restore it.

Examine Box of inkwells
Evan: More fibers? Well, maybe our killer has bad sewing skills. Their clothes get damaged every four steps!
Evan: Let's send these ones to Sabrina too, she'll give us more information.

Analyze Fibers
Sabrina: I performed some analysis on the fibers you collected from the box of inkwells.
Sabrina: There were little stains of ink, the same ink Josephine drank. It means that the killer picked the inkwell from that box!
Evan: And? What do those fibers say?
Sabrina: They say the killer wears light blue clothes!

Examine Torn page
Evan: Look, <Name>! The torn page we found on Paul's desk is a layoff document. Why was it torn up?
Evan: Wait, this document is Christine Wall's layoff! Why would Paul fire her?
Evan: This is weird. Maybe this is related to the case. Let's have a chat with Christine.

Ask Christine about her layoff
Evan: Christine, why did Mr Waters want to fire you?
Christine: Well, when he got offered his post in the Capitalist Alliance Party, he said that he'd become the next mayor and would also leave the bank.
Christine: He said he really loved his subsidiary and that he'd need to do some layoffs to leave his work with the best people.
Christine: Casually, I was not part of the best people. And I didn't want to lose my job.
Christine: Josephine talked to Waters to make him let me stay there. And I still keep my job, thanks to her.

Evan: <Name>, everyone seems to think Josephine was a good woman. Paul is the only one with motives for a murder.
Evan: But what if someone tried to protect him? That makes a lot more sense.
Evan: Why don't we take a look around the bank again? It's a good place to get the best leads: the hall!

Investigate Desks
Evan: Where would a killer hide the evidence? You're right, <Name>, inside a trash bin!

Examine Trash bin
Evan: Cloroform, <Name>, cloroform! Josephine inhalated cloroform!
Evan: If we examine the faded barcode we'll know who bought this.

Examine Bottle of cloroform
Evan: You deciphered the barcode! Now let's go back to the HQ, <Name>. We must know who this belongs to.

Analyze Barcode
Lindsey: To find the bottle's owner, I just ran the barcode through our database. And you won't believe this.
Lindsey: The bottle of cloroform was bought by Jonas Gadell!
Evan: Interesting. First the mask, then the cloroform. What's next? Let's go chat with this boy.

See what Jonas knows about the cloroform
Evan: Jonas, we found a bottle of cloroform and the barcode was traced back to you. Start talking.
Jonas: You cops, always thinking what you learnt at the police school, or whatever it's called. You should know cloroform has many uses.
Jonas: Do you know what a dry cleaner is? Cloroform is used to remove grease stains.
Jonas: Any other doubts?
Evan: Cloroform is also used to make people pass out. Exactly what happened to Josephine.
Jonas: So you think I could have killed Josephine? It's just a coincidence.
Jonas: Why would I harm her? I didn't even practically know her.

Evan: Jonas is very suspicious, but as far as we're concerned, he didn't have motives to do it.
Evan: I still think Paul has the only reason for the murder. But we need evidence.
David: <Rank> <Name>, Inspector Evan! I found some surveillance photos in my computer from the footage in the bank vault before it was broken!

Chapter 3

David: I found some surveillance photos in my computer from the footage in the bank vault before it was broken!
David: The surveillance camera that was damaged was aiming to the bank vault. And I managed to recover images. Would you like to see them?
Evan: Of course we would! Thank you, David.
David: When you finish with the images, please get back to the bank. I want to talk to you.
Evan: We'll be there, don't worry.
Evan: <Name>, David said "BEFORE the camera was broken". And it was broken many hours before the murder, because the killer knew what was going to happen.
Evan: We won't see photos from the murder, but we'll know who was at the bank!

Examine Photos
Evan: <Name>, why did you choose that photo? It's a photo of Megan and Josephine.
Evan: Megan and Josephine!!! It means Megan was in the bank right before the party!
Evan: We have to ask her if she was at the party, <Name>.

Ask Megan Alkala about the victim
Evan: We are... er... sorry to... bother you, Mrs Alkala.
Evan: Did you know Paul Waters organized a party in the bank vault?
Megan: What?! Did he really do that?
Evan: Yes. And we have a photo that proves you were there with Ms Yode right before it started.
Megan: I... I didn't know that was going to happen! How could he?
Evan: Why were you there with Josephine?
Megan: Business matters. It's long to explain.

Evan: <Name>, I don't think Megan could be the killer, but this makes her a suspect strongly.
Evan: We could ask David what time she left. Yes, and he'd requested our help too.
Evan: Now we know our killer has been to Paul's office, why don't we also take a look at it again?

David Hickets wants to talk to you
Evan: Here we are, David. But before you tell us your problem, we want to ask you something.
Evan: First, did you know there was a party in the vault last night?
David: So Paul did that party... He'd mentioned it, but I told him not to do it.
David: It wasn't a good idea, and he had finally agreed. But now I see that he lied to me!
Evan: Was Megan Alkala in the bank when you left?
David: No. She'd come to congratulate Mr Waters and she left...
David: I know how she thinks. If she'd noticed a party would take place there that night, she would have fired the manager.
Evan: Now you've answered, tell us. Why did you want to talk to us?
David: I thoughgt you'd be too busy with the photos, so I decided to tell you later. There is a hidden surveillance device in the vault ceilling! Only I know it.
Evan: ... <Name>, let's look for that device!

Investigate Vault ceilling
Evan: <Name>, the killer didn't know this device was here! They surely forgot to break it.
Evan: Now let's see what Lindsey can get from it.

Analyze Surveillance device
Lindsey: The killer didn't know they were being filmed by this ultra-perfect device, so they didn't break it!
Lindsey: I couldn't get a good description of the killer as it was pointing at their head from above. But there's one thing.
Lindsey: Right on their shirt, I saw a yellow line. I didn't know what that could be.
Lindsey: But watched from the ceilling, you can see it's one of those bank gaffettes!
Evan: Our killer wears a gaffette, <Name>! And on their shirt! Thank you a lot, Lindsey.
Evan: I always wanted to wear a metal badge with my last name. People would recognise me and know who I am.

Investigate Manager's desk
Evan: Nothing? Well, I guess this laptop could bring more news.

Analyze Laptop
Lindsey: That laptop was Paul Waters's laptop! I learnt many things about his proposes for his mayoral race, and many other things.
Lindsey: But let's talk about something a bit more interesting. Paul wanted to fire some of the bank employees to go being a mayor with a good banking service left.
Evan: Yes, Christine talked to us about that!
Lindsey: And guess who was going to lose their job? Jonas Gadell!
Evan: Jonas is always in the middle of everything. But it's no motive for killing Josephine. Why don't we better ask Paul about it?

Ask Paul why he wanted to fire Jonas
Paul: Mister Gadell is a fantastic person, but he does not have the potential we need in this bank.
Paul: In other bank subsidiaries, people get higher positions with money. Like manageress Yode. But in my subsidiary, you have to make the bank earn money, not lose it.
Evan: Do you know why would someone kill her?
Paul: No. I have the only possible reason. But I'm not who you're looking for. The killer is out there.

Evan: We didn't get good results, did we? Paul didn't give us info.
Evan: Now we've tried with him, why don't we ask Jonas about this situation?

See if Jonas knew he'd be fired
Jonas: Mr Waters was like a father to me. I started working here because he offered me the job. He would always do the right thing.
Jonas: I knew he was going to fire me, but I was not disappointed. Work is work, and I understand it.
Evan: Do you know what Josephine was doing here when she was murdered?
Jonas: No, but it's weird. She left with all of us. Someone who works in the bank obviously took her back to the vault.
Jonas: You see, you need a key to access the vault, and you can only get it if you work here.
Evan: So the security guard doesn't have a key?
Jonas: Of course he has! I said that they work in the bank, not for the bank. But only in this subsidiary. For example, Mrs Alkala doesn't have a key, because she'd need thousands of them.

Evan: <Name>, thanks to Jonas, we know the killer works in the subsidiary!

Evan: It's time to finally arrest the killer, <Name>!
Evan: We're about to solve our first case Downtown. The mayor was right, this district needs us!

Arrest killer
Evan: Your filthy game is over, Jonas Gadell. You're under arrest for Josephine's murder.
Evan: I still don't understand your motives. Was that a warning to Paul Waters to show him what you were capable of if you were fired?
Jonas: How dare you. I said Paul is like my father. I'd never do anything to him. I only meant to protect him.
Jonas: Josephine was jealous of his mayoral future race, and she'd started doing everything to ruin his life.
Evan: If you cleaned all the garbage the party left in the vault, why didn't you hide Josephine and the inkwell?
Jonas: Because I wanted to go to jail! This murder had to be discovered and I had to be arrested.
Jonas: Otherwise, Paul could have been convicted for it. I wanted to protect him, and I don't regret it!

Esteban Gonzalez: This case is really shocking. You killed a woman that didn't do anything wrong to you. Just to protect Mr Waters.
Jonas: Exactly. He's replaced my father, who died when I was little. How could I let him miss this opportunity?
Esteban Gonzalez: Missis Yode didn't deserve to die. You could have just talked to her.
Esteban Gonzalez: We're lucky to have <Rank> <Name> in this district by these days. The elections also mean corruption, and it's causing many unnecesary deaths. And here is the proof.
Jonas: I love him as a son loves his father. This murder has nothing to do with the elections.
Esteban Gonzalez: Jonas Gadell, I sentence you to 20 years in jail with no chance for parole. Court dismissed!

Evan: <Name>, Downtown is great! All these journalists, the reporters... My photo will surely appear on Today's Network first page!
Linda: Inspector Evan Day, <Rank> <Name>, what can you say your first impression about this district is?
Evan: Well, it looks nice, though a bit stressful. But <Rank> <Name> and I can't forget we're working.
Linda: What about you, <Rank> <Name>?
Evan: <Rank> <Name> is right. I always have to eat snacks during an investigation, haha!
Evan: We'll meet several candidates in our cases, and I think that the best about Downtown is that we'll know who we're going to vote for.

Additional Investigation

Evan: Linda Farren said that the newspaper with the interview will be published on Wednesday. It means it's two days until it's released!
Evan: I have to admit Downtown is kind of stressing me out. But it's just the beginning, I guess I'm worrying about pointless things.
Evan: Hey, why is Linda here again?
Linda: I'm Linda Farren from Today's Network, remember me?
Linda: Oh, I'm happy you do! You see, I've also interviewed more people from Jade River Bank.
Linda: And when I said I'd met Inspector Evan and <Rank> <Name>, Manager Waters, Missis Alkala and a certain Christine Wall asked me to contact you. Congratulations, you're famous!
Evan: Hehe, it always happens. Thanks for taking the time to come here.
Linda: One last thing... I'm lacking material for Today's Network special edition: "Jade River Murder". And I wanted to know if I could go with you. Can I?

See what Paul Waters wants
Evan: Good afternoon, Mr Waters. We heard you wanted help from us.
Linda: Could you explain to Today's Network what happened?
Paul: You've brought company, huh. Well, it's not any news for your work, Miss Farren. I'm sorry.
Paul: Well, it's basically this. As I really trusted Jonas Gadell, I asked him to keep some documents related to the elections in my safe.
Paul: But the clever boy "accidentally" changed the code. Could you retrieve the papers?
Evan: Sure, don't worry!
Paul: Alright. I must go, so please don't touch anything. Specially to you, reporter.
Linda: Yeah...

Examine Locked safe
Linda: <Name>, the way you opened that safe... it was perfect!
Linda: And look, there are plenty of things here!
Evan: Let's focuse, ok? We need to find something about the elections.

Examine Open safe
Linda: You found it, great. Now let me read. I can't believe we found these documents!
Linda: Did you know that Paul Waters hired a publicitary agent for his campaign? Those leaflets, the great adverts in the street, that's what the agent does.
Evan: We know, Linda. But hear this, he signed a contract with Zachariah Loas to...
Evan: Wait, this is not correct. We shouldn't read this.
Linda: Yes, but the publicitary manager works for Today's Network. I know him!
Evan: It doesn't matter. Let's return this to Mr Waters and it's over.

Give Paul Waters his documents
Evan: I hope these are the documents you needed, Mr Waters.
Paul: Let me see... Yes, they are! It looks like you managed to open the safe. And it doesn't look damaged.
Paul: Thanks a lot. And to you too, Miss Farren.
Linda: You're welcome! Now I'd like to ask you about-
Evan: Sorry, we're in a hurry! We'll see you again.
Paul: Wait, I made you spend time here. At least I could pay you for it.

Investigate Manager's office
Linda: Have you found the documents yet, <Name>? I hope you haven't, because I'm still trying to find something about the elections.
Evan: Calm down, Linda. With the documents lot, you'll get enough info. And it's not illegal. Paul wouldn't have said that if he was stashing-
Evan: Enough. We need to crack this safe.

Christine Wall requested your help
Evan: Here we are, Christine. What is your problem?
Linda: Is it something that could give me a breaking ne-
Christine: I don't know. Are you interested in a loan for Jamin Family Company?
Evan: Jamin? We met Robert Jamin from previous cases! Remember, <Name>?
Christine: I lost that paper and I can't find it. Would you please help me if I asked you to?
Linda: Of course! I guess it's a chance to find something besides a loan!

Investigate Desks
Evan: The typical place where documents get lost. A pile of papers.
Linda: While you search for that loan, could you let me see the things you don't need.
Evan: Be more prudent.

Examine Pile of papers
Evan: We found it! Let's celebrate, <Name>!
Evan: Now we have to send it to the lab and check if it's legit.
Linda: Awesome idea! You're right, we have to confirm the loan is legal.

Analyze Jamin Family Company document
Lindsey: This document... It brings me back many memories from the Countryside!
Lindsey: Hey you, don't touch my computer!
Linda: I'm a journalist. Knowing what happens in <Rank> <Name>'s lab would be great!
Lindsey: And disrespectful also. Now, let's go straight to point. This is absolutely legal!
Evan: It's good to know it. Now let's go tell Christine we found the document from Jamin Family Company.

Give Christine the document she was looking for
Christine: Thank you! I'd be really in trouble if I lost this document.
Evan: I think you're right. Mr Jamin takes business too seriously. And I guess Paul Waters does so.
Christine: It's not Paul this time. Robert Jamin will have a straight business with Jade River Holdings.
Christine: If the company buys Jamin's businesses, we'll start being strong in the Countryside!
Linda: For one moment, I thought the two companies would fusionate!
Christine: That would be hard. Megan Alkala's wealth is like twice Robert Jamin's money.
Linda: Very interesting. I'll write the chronicle of the year with this!
Evan: Not yet. I don't think Jamin's already sure about it.
Christine: Talking about this made me hungry. Would you like to have a meal from the bar near here?

Megan Alkala needs to talk to you
Linda: There's no camera here, Megan. How could it be an interview if you're not being recorded? I just want to know if I can write an article with the things you say.
Megan: I know you, Linda. You're the best liar Townville has ever had.
Linda: How dare you!!!
Evan: Forget your past problems. What went wrong?
Megan: You want info, right Linda? Well, I have a good challenge for you. I'm looking for the content of a safe which is in the bank vault.
Linda: I have Inspector Day and <Rank> <Name> with me. We'll bring you whatever it is!

Investigate Bank vault
Linda: Haha, you found it! Now we'll see who's better, won't we, Evan Day?
Evan: Y-Yes, we'll do.

Examine Safe
Linda: I knew you could do it, <Name>! Now let's see. What does this safe hide?
Evan: Checks? And they're all from Megan Alkala! It seems she pays a lot of... stuff.
Linda: Keep an eye on her, boys! I know what I'm saying.
Evan: Let's give this back to her, we're kind of wasting time.

Give the checks to Megan
Linda: So many checks, huh? Looks like you've got to pay a lot for-
Megan: Salaries. Stop being stupid, I'm not a criminal. Those checks are in fact salaries.
Evan: We're sorry for that. We told Linda you were nice, but she refused to believe.
Megan: Don't worry, she's just that way.
Linda: Do not listen to her, Evan and <Name>! Do not.
Megan: Why don't you take this? These are the ones employees use at the bank. I know you like it.

Two days later....

Evan: It's Wednesday, <Name>! At least! Now we'll be able to read the articles about last case!
Evan: There's a newsagent's shop near here. Let's go buy Today's Network!

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