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Jones : Welcome to Cooperropolis <Rank> <Name>! Splendid city isn't it?

Jones : We will stay here until our vacation with other GPD team is over!

Christian Andrews : Good morning <Rank> <Name> and David Jones!

Christian : I heard about the awesomeness of you two! I'm terribly sorry for what happened to King.

Christian : Anyways I am the Chief Officer of Cooperropolis.

Christian : Anyways, why don't we make a party for the arrival of you tw-

Danny Komarovsky : HELP!!!

Christian : What's the problem Mr. Dann-

Danny Komarovsky : Today is the graduation day in our school, I was going to enter my advsing room and that's when I saw the dead body of one of my students!

Christian : Oh my! It looks like a crime to investigate! Buckle up!

Chapter 1

Investigate Classroom

Jones : Just look at the victim's body!

Jones : Hanging dead and full of slashes!

Jones : Anyways, his school ID says his name is Jerome Sita.

Jones : Let's send his body to the lab.

Jones : And these faint footprint on this sheet of paper, good thing the killer decided to step on a paper so we can examine it!

Autopsy Victim's Body

Nathan : Your victim's death was pretty brutal.

Nathan : First his head was hit by something hard that drove him unconscius, next he was slashed multiple times! Probably by a scythe.

Nathan : Then he was hanged upside down.

Nathan : The only thing I found was cat hairs, I checked your victims medical history, he is not allergic to cats, but her Mom does. 

Nathan : So the cat hairs probably belong to your killer!

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