Gerry Lim is the profier on the Greenville Police Department .

"Psychology means human's behavior, the killer's behavior stinks!"

-Gerry Lim

Personal Life

Gerry, 38 years of age, is a profiler in GPD. His first appearance is in Into the Woods. He dons a jacket that has the letters "G P D R A W K S" and an i.d. saying "Psychology". He knows Latin and Arabic, his dad is Arabic and her mom is a Filipino. Gerry owns a Siamese cat, named Cuddles. The cat appeared in Hanging Me Softly in which Gerry supposes to feed it. Gerry loves math and science. Gerry wears a green necklace and a natural sign. He wears a long navy blue pants with 4 pockets and owns a Pearphone. However, a glitch supposed to happen on the game in which Gerry wears blue jacket instead of sky blue jacket, this may be taunted by the developers that the glitch will be fixed in the release of Lights Off .


Gerry's first appearance is in Into the Woods.

Case #2- Into the Woods  Analyze Frame 00:10:00

  • Analyze Death Note 09:00:00

Case #3- Murder on Wheels

  • Analyze Padlock 09:00:00

Case #4- Hanging Me Softly

  • Analyze Folder 08:00:00


Gerry Lim can be played in the game in which he can be a 3-hint player Level 100 (in any Greenville case).


  • Gerry's jacket letters were "Greenville Police Department Rawks" in which GPD Rawks, a term of GPD Rocks!
  • Gerry owns a Pearphone, an ingame Apple clone.
  • Gerry Lim is a capricorn, as Leni said in Case #1.


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