This fourth case of Koyos456

Case Background

The player named Inspector Puvendren.The victim fisherman named Tan Clinton.Weapon pushed to death.The killer badminton named Jake Mandela.

Which Honorable Heaven (Walter Heaven) The killer years of 33 years of jail.


Tan Clinton (He died on theater)


Pushed to Death


Jake Mandela


Donna Walker Mayor-(The Frozen)

Say WalkerDonna's son-(pattern shirt)

Wang Chung-Internet blogger (Star Chain)

Dan Henderson-Chef (Pattern shirt,55 years old)

Catherine King-King's Granddaughter-N/A

Jake Mandela-badminton-(The Frozen,pattern shirt,star chain,eating chocolate,55 years old)

Killer Profile

The killer watch The Frozen

The killer wear pattern shirt

The killer wear star chain

The killer eating chocolate

The killer age 55 years old

Crime Scene

Flash Bulliding (Table,Bonus)

Theatre (Bonus)

Van (Driver)


Chapter 1

Investigate Flash Builliding (Camera Gun)

Talk Donna gone victim (New crime scene:Table)

Investigate Table (Public Store,Mandela's family photo)

Talk Jack about a victim (New Crime Scene:Store)

Investigate Theater (Victim's body)

Autopsy victim body (Murder weapon confirmed:Pushed to Death)

Talk Say victim body in theatre! (Attribute:The killer watch The Frozen)

Investigate Flash Builliding (Victim's parachute,Wifi)

Examine Victim's parachute (Result:Hypotherma)

Analyze Hypotherma (4:33:00)

Examine Wifi (Result:Trollface Meme)

Analyze Trollface Meme (8:00:55)

Talk Wang about a meme

Go to next Chapter 2 (Non-stars)

Chapter 2

Ask Dan about a new suspect (Clues:Suspect Unknown)

Examine Suspect Unknown (New Suspect:Cathy King)

Talk Cathy about a victim (Attribute:The killer wears pattern shirt)

Investigation Van (Clue:Broken Ice Girl)

Examine Broken Ice Girl

Analyze Name Girl (7:00:10)

Talk Jack about your daughter Leena is death! (Attribute:The killer wears star chain)

Go to next Chapter 3 (1 stars)

Chapter 3

Ask Jake about a Derek Stone arrested!

Question Cathy what play GTA SA (Attribute:The killer eating chocolate)

Problem Donna about Awesome Epic Face

Ask Dan you watch a tv with scary film

Talk Cathy King

Talk Wang about a play online game

Investigate Driver (Paranormal Book,Broken Medal)

Examine Paranormal Book

Examine Broken Medal (Result:Medal Result)

Analyze Victim's medal (9:9:9)

Perfect Say with talk your mother.

Go to Next Chapter 4 (3 stars)

Chapter 4

Investigate Theatre (Broken Sign)

Examine Broken Sign)

Examine Say's Phone

Play the game with Anusment Garrior

Ask Jack about not see eyes with letter (Clues:Letter)

Examine Letter

Talk Cathy about love letter

Ask Donna this is a chainsaw

Talk Dan about a he saw! (Attribute:The killer age is 55 years old

Arrest Killer

Go to next Additional Invenstigation (2 stars)

Additional Investigation

Talk Dan with scream case

Next time Donna say apart

Ask Say about a your mother

Talk to Say with Panorama Hills

Difficult Dan with roscraph reaper!

Investigate Table (Broken Card)

Examine Broken Card

Given Dan with a travel to Grimsborough!!!

Go to Next Case (1 stars)

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