After the previous case, the gang decide to show the player around the nightlife of Grover City. Suzanne was especially ecstatic to go to the famous Hula Kahuna Nightclub. Frederick insisted that the Hula Kahuna was a loud place for troubled youngsters who seeked an exit from their studies. But Suzanne tells the player and Frederick that band ‘’Ultimate Grace’’ was playing at the nightclub.  She tells them that the bands are an indie group touring around the different districts of Grover City, and that Blue Ocean was their first stop.

Once at the club, they meet them members of Ultimate Grace, lead singer Hayden Logan, guitarist Norman Baxter and drummer Matt Sharp. They are given backstage passes as Hayden started flirting and liking Suzanne.

Hayden and the band start to perform, and all was going well. But after the performance is finished, Matt runs up to Frederick at the bar, and tells him that Hayden has been murdered.

The team find out that Hayden has been murdered in the toilets of the Hula Kahuna; his head was banged against the urinals until his face was a pulp, and the message ‘Ultimate Grace will now be better without you’’ was carved into his chest. The murder sent fans and paparazzi into overdrive, and forced Chief Bowers to persuade the player to solve this case as soon as possible.

In a surprise turn of events, Norman Baxter, lead guitarist of Ultimate Grace, was incriminated as the killer.

At first, Norman stated that he had no idea what the player was talking about.  But Frederick threatened to use his fists, and he confessed.

He stated that Hayden was not loyal to the band; he would take drugs, get in fights and try live the life of riches.  But Ultimate Grace always believed that their members should not fall plague to the modern world, and stay within their own age.  Later, Norman found out that Hayden was leaving Ultimate Grace, as he hated Indie music, and only used it as a way to get rich and famous. Norman realised that the only reason that their band was a success, was Hayden, so he decided to kill him, as he thought with Hayden’s murder would make fans pity the band, making them get more attention.

So after the performance, he pretended to be fan who wanted to meet him in the toilets, with Hayden’s nature he decided to go as he thought it was a girl. But Norman waited in the stalls, and when he noticed Hayden’s shoes, he realised that they were on their own. He opened the door and left the stall, and before Hayden could react, he smashed his face onto the urinals until he died, and he then carved the message into his chest, as a final act of humiliation

The Killer drinks Energy Drinks

The Killer is athletic

The Killer plays the Guitar

The Killer has a bruise

The Killer is blonde

In court, Norman Baxter was sentenced to 16 years in prison for the murder of Hayden Logan.

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