Fairfield is the second district of Campbell City and features Cases #6-10. This district features lovely nature, breathtaking architecture, and an extremely well-known opera.
Fairfield Opera

The annual Opera is crawling closer and closer everyday!

As said above, Fairfield is well known for their opera. Unfortunately, there is a serial killer known as the Opera Phantom who murders someone residing in Fairfield every year. The town is getting more and more paranoid every day. They are trying to turn the Opera Phantom legend into a forgotten bloodbath.

Screenshot 2015-02-21 at 7.16.44 PM

"The Opera Phantom", a serial killer, slays every year at the annual opera. Make sure you're not the next victim!

Since you aced Big Rock, you're getting access to your second district! This district is famous for their annual opera. Also, the scenery is just stunning. Your second district is Fairfield which is the victim of a serial killer, who kills every year at the annual opera. People don't want another murder, so people are getting rebellious and violent. They're trying to make the psychopath of the district be the victim of a homicide. Can you stop rebellion and even more murders?"


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