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Chief Amy Spark : Hello <Rank> <Name> and welcome to Plácido City. I'm Chief Spark and I am in control of the Plácido City Police Department.
Ometepe Apostol : Hey amigo, I am Ometepe Apostol. I will be your partner in crime.
Chief Amy Spark : You couldn't wait until I finished. Wow, any <Rank> <Name> if you can handle Mr Apostol, then you will have no problem solving any murders on the Beach Front.

Chapter 1

Investigate Sand But True.
Ometepe : Welcome to the playa, you will notice that lots of partes are held here. <Name>, I say you should take a mirar around. Enjoy the escenario.
Ometepe : What the?!?!? Is that...? No. Is that Mike Ulrich? You know the lead singer of the band Metal Lica? Anyway, we should send his cuerpo to Steve Bright. He will do an autopsy on Mike, ugh this sangre is disgusting. You should take a sample of blood from this bat?
Ometepe: That is disgusting. My Abuela would be disgusted, anyway we should send this sample of blood to Colin First. He should be able to find something from his sangre sample to him.

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Additional Investigation

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