Chapter 1

Chief: (Rank) (Name) we've got a death on our hands.

Chief: Go investigate the crime scene.

Linda: But Chief I haven't finished my hotdog.

Chief: I don't give a dam about your hotdog when a woman's laying dead.

Linda: Sorry.

Investigate Ranch

Linda: Poor woman, we can't even identify her.

Linda: But this shattered card might.

Linda: We should examine the horse she fell off.

Autopsy Victim's Body

Malcom: I'll get straight to the point, In her hair there was a certain dirt which is used on the floor of the scrap yard.

Linda: So that means she went there recently lets go search it.

Malcom: Hey I'm not finished, the label of the coat she's wearing is faded. Maybe you could decipher it.

Malcom: I also found traces of white paint used for painting shoes. But your victim has black shoes, so its th-

Linda: The killer who wears white shoes.

Examine Horse

Linda: Why the hell is green goo on an animal's neck.

Linda: Lets send it to Naomi.

Examine Torn Card

Linda: Oh, its a drivers license.

Linda: It says her name is Kacey Velez, wait that's the same surname as Eddie Velez, the racer, we should speak to him.

Linda: And I forgot we should speak to Kenneth Gunner, the ranch owner.

Talk to Kenneth about the death

Kenneth: You lovely folks must be coming down to ride me horses.

Linda: Sorry sir we aren't, Kacey Velez has died in your Ranch.

Kenneth: Kacey's dead!, oh no what am I going to tell Mike.

Linda: Excuse me, who is this Mike.

Kenneth: He's my son they were very close them too. Luckily he isn't allergic to cats unlike me.

Linda: Lets go speak to this Mike.

Examine Coat Label

Linda: It reads property of Marcia Culliman.

Linda: We need to ask her about how her coat got on a dead woman, lets go.

Analyze Green Substance

Naomi: I hope you haven't been spraying this on horses.

Linda: Why?.

Naomi: Its horse aggravator. Its makes them go crazy.

Linda: (Name) If they go that crazy, I'm sure our killer will have a kick mark.

Talk to Eddie Velez about the death

Linda: Were sorry to say but your wife Kacey has died.

Eddie: What Kacey's dead.

Eddie: Listen can we talk about this later. I've got to practice for the race next week.

Talk to Mike about his relation ship with Kacey

Mike: Oh me and Kacey we were just friends.

Linda: Very good ones at that.

Mike: Excuse me.

Linda: Oh nothing.

Talk to Marcia about her coat

Marcia: My coat, I gave it to her because she said she liked.

Marcia: But I did expect her to give it back to me before she messed herself up.

Linda: And you just got yourself to the top of our suspect list well done.

Marcia: Meh.

Investigate Scrap Yard

Linda: You found a phone, must be my lucky day.

Linda: Wait you're right this must be Kacey's.

Linda: Lets send it to Velma.

Analyze Phone

Velma: Another phone.

Linda: Enough with your cocky attitude.

Velma: Alright.

Velma: I looked at the last photo she took and guess what its a picture of the trap being set.

Velma: And it shows that the killer has green eyes.

Ending Of Chapter 1

Linda: Alright we've got a Racers wife knocked of her horse.

Linda: And all our suspects don't seem to care about her death.

Chief: (Name) There's an anonymous letter at he door.

Chief: And it says about Kacey's death.

Chapter 2


Linda: Alright we've got a Racers wife knocked of her horse.

Linda: And all our suspects don't seem to care about her death.

Chief: (Name) There's an anonymous letter at he door.

Chief: And it says about Kacey's death.

Linda: What does it say.

Chief: That Kacey's killer wears an earing.

Linda: Great a new lead, lets search the Post Office.

Search Post Office

Before Investigation

Marcia: What are the police doing here.

Linda: None of your business.

Marcia: Can I ask you a question.

Marcia: Do these shoes have the right shade of white?

Linda: Yeah, (Name) lets go.

After Investigation

Linda: This torn letter has Marcia's name on it.

Linda: And you can search through this bin.

Examine Torn Letter

Linda: Oh my, Marcia and Mike are dating.

Linda: That's why she was there at the Post Office, lets talk to them both.

Talk to Marcia about the dating

Marcia: Yes me and Mike were dating. So what.

Linda: Were? Did you break up.

Marcia: Oh you bet we did. After he slept with that Slug of a girl.

Linda: Who is that.

Marcia: I don't know?

Marcia: Go away you stupid cat you know that I'm allergic to you.

After Talk

Linda: You think that slug was Kacey. We should search their apartment.

Talk to Mike

Mike: What, you know that me and Marcia were going out.

Linda: Yes we do. Why didn't you tell us.

Mike: I had no idea. She was a suspect in the Investigation.

Investigate Apartment

Linda: Lets send these pants to Naomi.

Analyze Pants

Naomi: Thanks for sending me pants just before my lunch guys.

Linda: No problem.

Naomi: It was a joke. Anyway I found two traces of DNA on them, one belonging to mike.

Linda: And the other.

Naomi: Oh none other than Kacey Velez.

Linda: I knew it.

Examine Trash Bag

Linda: What did you find.

Linda: A rag covered in blood. Lets send it to the lab.

Analyze Blood

Naomi: You guys wont believe this but the killer's blood is on this.

Linda: What?

Naomi: It matches the other blood type in Kacey's blood.

Naomi: The sample is too old to find its blood type but it does show that the killer is allergic to cat fur.

Linda: I've had enough of this case, lets arrest this killer shall we.

Arrest Killer

Marcia: How do you know it was me.

Linda: Well you left some pretty damming evidence.

Marcia: Dam


Judge Coleman: You plead guilty for the murder of Kacey Velez.

Marcia: Yes your honor but she was sleeping with my soul mate the little backstabber.

Judge: For your actions you will go to jail for 20 times, so you can think about your actions.

After Court

Linda: Geez this case was tough but you powered through.

Linda: Now I've still got a hotdog waiting for me.

Additional Investigation

Coming Soon.

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