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Gino: <Rank> <Name>! I was flying in my helicopter over the Jamin Fields and I saw a dead body. Could you please investigate that?
Gino: Chief Smith already knows about this. He's waiting for news.

Chapter 1

Investigate Forest
Evan: Look, <Name>! The victim was left in the mud. The killer must have done it on purpose. Many clues can disappear, but nothing you can't handle.
Evan: Well, it'd be better hoping Daniel can handle it.
Evan: And this shotgun in obviously our murder weapon. But it's all of a mistery why the killer left it here, although it's better for us. Let's examine it.
Evan: About these footprints, we'll have to send them to Lindsey. The only thing I noticed is that they got from the victim to the road. Why don't we see what's there?
Evan: The last thing I want to say is that I found the identification in the dead's clothes. Her name was Jacqueline Ramos.

Autopsy the victim's body
Daniel: Jacqueline was shot in her chest twice, but there's something strange. She was shot with rhodium bullets. No-one makes them out of rhodium, what means the killer hand-crafted them.
Daniel: Take them if you want, I won't need them.
Evan: Thanks! I think <Rank> <Name> will need the bullets later.
Daniel: Besides, the killer must have hated Jacqueline because they spat at her. Thankfully, I could take a bit of that and I can assure you something. The spittle had mucus, so...
Daniel: Evan, are you alright?
Evan: No! You're so nasty! But at least we know our killer caught a cold. Thank you!
Evan: <Name>, if Jacqueline died today, her murderer must still have that cold.
Daniel: That's not all! The DNA I found let me know the killer has black hair.

Examine Shotgun
Evan: What did you find? Fingerprints?
Evan: Oh, DNA. Well, let's see who it belongs to.

Examine DNA
Evan: So this DNA belongs to a certain man called Pablo Sount. Who is he? Let's talk to him.

Talk to Pablo Sount about the murder weapon
Evan: We found your DNA in a shotgun. That shotgun killed a woman. See the connection? Speak now, boy.
Pablo: You just don't realize it. I work in an armory! I sell shotguns!
Evan: Who bought the last one you sold?
Pablo: Don't know. I have a cold, so I didn't work this morning. My dad told me someone shoplifted the armory. Maybe it's your killer.
Pablo: Oh, and we don't have surveillance cameras, ok?

Analyze Footprints
Lindsey: I couldn't calculate the size of the killer's feet, but I read the brand in the footprints, and it's a brand of men's shoes.
Evan: Then the murderer is a man. Lindsey, thank God we've got you!

Investigate Road
Evan: <Name>, doesn't it call your attention? Those footprints ended in this tire track. Surely the killer walked from the Jamin fields to here and went away in a car.
Evan: We could take a look at the brand, don't you think?

Examine Tire track
Evan: Thayst. Well, call me ignorant, but I don't know that brand.
Evan: Let's give this to Lindsey, she'll come up with something important, I'm sure.

Analyze Thayst tire track
Lindsey: I read the brand in that tire track. I looked for it, and I discovered something.
Lindsey: The firm is called Thayst and it's property of someone called Roger Andrews.
Lindsey: Do you know what is more interesting? Thayst was registered yesterday!
Evan: Wow, <Name>! Then we need to hurry up! A few people only can have bought Thayst wheels. We need to talk to Roger Andrews as soon as possible.
Evan: And we can be sure that it's our killer who uses Thayst wheels. Let's write it down.

Talk to Roger Andrews about his wheels
Roger: Who are you? What do you need?
Evan: We're the police, obviously. We have to ask you a few questions. Are you Thayst's owner?
Roger: Well... yes. But I opened yesterday.
Evan: And how good was it? Did you sell too many products?
Roger: Yes, I did! Too many neighbours came to buy my Thayst auto parts. They're of my own! I... I have a factory where I produce them.
Evan: And what about wheels? Did you sell wheels?
Roger: Well... I don't remember, there were many people, all of them strangers. Apart from me, of course. I use my own wheels!

Chapter 2

Gino: And, Evan, <Rank> <Name>? What did you find out about my discovery?
Alan Smith: Yes, boys, tell me! Did you discover anything useful?
Evan: We want to focuse on Roger Andrews. He doesn't want to talk too much about Thayst.
Alan Smith: Jacqueline Ramos deserves to rest in peace. Go to Thayst plant and make Roger talk!
Evan: And we could ask Pablo about the wheels, right, <Name>?

Talk to Pablo about Thayst
Evan: Pablo, do you know any brand of wheels called Thayst?
Pablo: Yes, I do. I went to Thayst plant and bought something for my car.
Evan: What???
Pablo: I just don't remember. I partied last night and I don't remember too many things.

Investigate Garage
(Before investigating)

Roger: What do you want now?
Evan: Just take a look around in this garage. There's a dead woman who claims justice.
Roger: This... is a private space! Don't take anything you shouldn't.

(After investigating)

Evan: <Name>, this laptop will surely be something interesting. Maybe we'll know who bought Thayst wheels.
Evan: Look at this! If Roger Andrews caught a cold, we'll have to keep an eye on him.
Evan: And about this cash register, we'll just keep it.

Examine Laptop
Evan: Great! Now let's send it to the lab for analysis.

Analyze Laptop
Lindsey: I checked the laptop in every file and folder, and I can tell you Andrews just used it for his business.
Lindsey: He wrote down his sold products here, and there was a file just for wheels! They all paid by credit card, so their names are here!
Evan: Oh! And who bought Thayst wheels?
Lindsey: He bought himself four wheels, but also Jacqueline Ramos bought some, and Pablo Sount too.
Evan: So Roger knew her!
Lindsey: But there was another customer. Barbara Thacks! And in the cash register, the sum of money was exactly the cost of those four purchases. He sold only wheels, but they were paid by card... weird.
Evan: Barbara Thacks? <Name>, she's one of the most wanted thieves in this city! We must ask her about Jacqueline. We can get the right opportunity to put her in jail.
Evan: But we'll ask Roger first. He's hiding something.

Ask Roger about his sells
Evan: Roger, we know you sold wheels to Jacqueline Ramos and Barbara Thacks.
Roger: What? Who are they?
Evan: Don't stash secrets to the police! They paid by credit card, but we've got one doubt. Why did you take that money from the bank?
Roger: My clients only paid in cash!
Evan: So that's what you want! Did you write your cash-payers' name in your laptop?
Roger: Get away of this garage! Don't come back!

Evan: <Rank> <Name>, if Roger refuses to talk, it's time to interrogate Barbara.

Talk to Barbara Thacks about the wheels she bought
Barbara: One more time, the police is here.
Evan: What do you have to say about Jacqueline Ramos?
Barabara: Nothing. I don't even know her.
Evan: You bought wheels from a parts house called Thayst, right?
Barabara: Yes, but they weren't for me. I bought them for my boyfriend, Craig Mistem.
Evan: But, don't you use his car?
Barbara: No, I can't drive. I hate his car also. It's a convertible, and I don't want to catch a cold. I don't have one since I was thirteen.

Speak to Craig Mistem about Thayst
Evan: Do you have a car with Thayst wheels?
Craig: Yes, my girlfriend bought them... Atishoo! Sorry, I caught a cold yesterday.
Evan: I noticed. Do you live or work near the Jamin fields?
Craig: No, I live downtown and I work in the Queen Elizabeth Foundry.
Evan: A foundry? A place where you melt metals like silver, gold or RHODIUM? And give them shapes like coins, keys, or BULLETS?
Craig: Eh...yes.
Evan:<Rank> <Name>, why don't we go to that foundry?

Investigate Foundry
Evan: Look, <Name>. A tire! It hasn't got any rim. I think it was molten.
Evan: And guess the brand. Thayst! Roger Andrews deserves another visit.
Evan: And this liquid metal, it can come from the Thayst wheel. I'm sure Sabrina will know that.

See if Roger melted the rim
Roger: I told you not to come back!
Evan: Don't worry. We'll just ask you some questions. What metal do you use to make your wheels?
Roger: Rhodium. It's cheaper thank most other metals.
Evan: Do you know Queen Elizabeth Foundry?
Roger: Yes. I send rhodium there to be melt and make my wheels.
Evan: And Craig Mistem? Do you know who he is?
Roger: Umm... Well, sir... I won't answer that!

Analyze Liquid metal
Sabrina: The only thing I can say is this is rhodium.
Evan: Really? So do bullets come from Thayst? Roger is scaring me!

Chapter 3

Alan Smith: And? What did you get against Barbara Thacks?
Evan: Nothing. This case is about to be lost if we don't find clues.
Alan Smith: What about the fingerprints on the bullets?
Evan: WHAT?? <Name>, we forgot to do that! Also, we can investigate the foundry again.

Examine Bullets
Evan: Good skills with those rhodium bullets, <Name>!
Evan: Take the sample to the laboratory and let Lindsey see who touched them.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: The fingerprints you found on the bullets match perfectly with Barbara Thacks's ones. Congratulations!
Evan: Really? I expected different things. Anyway, it's a good opportunity to see what Barbara can give us. She has to be caught!
Evan: Nevertheless, those fingerprints don't mean anything. She's Craig's girlfriend. She can touch many things in the foundry.

Ask Barbara Thacks about her prints on the murder bullets
Barbara: What do you want to do telling me you have my fingerprints?
Evan: The fact is they were on the bullets that killed Jacqueline Ramos.
Barbara: Is she dead? Oh!
Evan: You said you didn't know her...
Barbara: Because I thought it was another of your stupid questionaires. But a life is something different.
Barbara: She was the lawyer who tried to sue me many times.
Evan: We know what you do, Barbara! Take care of yourself and your mafia.

Investigate Foundry floor
Evan: Let's see your idea of looking at this paper... It says "Melt it and go meet her".
Evan: If it's not Craig Mistem's, this could be useless, but it obviously is! We'll ask him!

Ask Craig about the note you found in the foundry
Craig: I... I don't know anything about that note.
Evan: We found it at YOUR workplace! Who's her? Barbara or Jacqueline?
Craig: I don't know any Jacqueline! It's not any of them.
Evan: So you know who is "her"! You wrote it! Speak now, Mistem.
Craig: I don't want to talk about that, please.

Back at the station...

Gino: Evan, <Rank> <Name>! Ashley Jamin wants to talk to you right now.
Evan: Really?
Gino: Sure! Chief Smith wants you to go to the Jamin fields. It must be the last part of this case.
Evan: <Name>, Ashley Jamin is the daughter of one of the most important agronomic producers.
Evan: Her father owns the Jamin fields. This has to be interesting.

Ashley Jamin wants to talk to you
Ashley: I came to this sort of forest and I found my friend's corpse!
Ashley: How do you think it feels? We worked together, and she's gone now. Nothing's fair.
Evan: I'm sorry for you. Did you notice anything important?
Ashley: I... atishoo! didn't. It was this morning. I'm sorry I didn't tell you before, but I was so sad!
Evan: Don't worry! We were already investigating it. We'll look around this fields, can we?

Investigate Forest
Ashley: If I didn't have my golden ring on, I'd swear this is mine!
Ashley: It's not Jacqueline's either. She was allergic to gold!
Evan: How do you know this is gold?
Ashley: It just is. Nobody throws golden rings in this field. The killer wears a golden ring!
Evan: I'm sure Barbara Thacks wears at least one. She stole from copper to diamonds!
Evan: Craig Mistem might not do. They could melt in his fingers at the foundry.
Evan: If Roger Andrews does, he's our man! I remember Pablo wasn't wearing any.

Investigate Roger's desk
Evan: This cage will reveal us our last truth! Let's see what's inside.

Examine Cage
Evan: <Name>, those rings are identical to the one we saw in the forest!
Evan: At last, we know who took Jacqueline Ramos's life. Let's arrest the killer!

Arrest killer
Evan: Roger Andrews, you are under arrest for the murder of Jacqueline Ramos.
Roger: And what should I have done? She deserved it!
Roger: I'd just opened my firm and that lawyer came to me with stupid "legal matters". Just because I stole the parts I sell!
Evan: What? It'd have been better if you'd used your money to bribe her!
Roger: She said she'd meet her colleague, so I took her in my car. When we got to the forest, I took the shotgun and shot her!
Roger: I gave one of my wheels to Barbara Thacks and told her to make something.
Roger: Her boyfriend had to melt the rim and make some bullets.
Evan: If you'd just used plumbum, like average people... You have the right to remain silent.

Esteban Gonzalez: Mr Andrews, you have been taken here for the murder of Jacqueline Ramos.
Roger: My business will not be shut so easily!
Esteban Gonzalez: Silence, please! This Court therefore condemns you to 50 years in jail with no chance for parole for murder and stealing.

Evan: Congratulations, <Name>! You've done everything excellently. It's been a big success.
Evan: The shame is that we didn't get anything against Barbara Thacks, but it's not over till it's over.
Evan: I'm kind of tired now. A coffee would be ok, right?

Additional Investigation

Alan Smith: Great job, <Rank> <Name>! This is the third time you catch those criminals!
Alan Smith: Why don't you go to see Ashley Jamin? You should thank her for her help in this case, ok?
Alan Smith: And also go back to Roger's garage. If Barbara Thacks was there, she must have made off with something.
Alan Smith: Also tell Craig Mistem to stop messing around. He's been telling me he wants to talk to you.

Thank Ashley for her participation in the case
Ashley: Help me please! Jacqueline had one of my contracts. It's a very good business, and I lost it. Can you do something?
Evan: Last time she came here, it was for work. She must have left a briefcase here.
Evan: <Name>, why don't we take a look around the fields?

Investigate Forest
Evan: Awesome, <Name>! This briefcase is obviously what Ashley needs.
Evan: But it's full of things! How will we find the right paper between all of this?
Evan: Well, you always know what to do!

Examine Briefcase
Evan: This contract has been torn into pieces! Why would she do it?
Evan: Do you think you can rearrange it and see why is it ripped off?

Examine Torn contract
Evan: This contract says Ashley Jamin owns another field in the Oak Valleys.
Evan: <Name>, the only person that might live around there is Steve Zasts, an agronomer. And this paper is not the common one.
Evan: It's time to send this new sample to the lab!

Analyze Contract
Sabrina: This contract was made of oak paper, and the closest oaks are in the Oak Valleys.
Sabrina: Also, Steve Zasts's fingerprints were on the paper. Where did we get them? From penal antecedents!
Evan: Then Ashley's business wasn't "clean" at all! Jacqueline knew this.
Evan: That's why she destroyed the contract. Buying those fields was a risky business! And Ashley knew it... She has to explain a bit things to us.

Ask Ashley about the contract with Steve Zasts
Ashley: Yes, I'll buy the Oak Valleys from Steve Zasts. And?
Evan: Your family bought Townville Forest, Di Giappo farms, Northern Fields and now Oak Valleys.
Evan: But Steve Zasts is not more than a criminal. What secret exchange is behind this?
Ashley: I... I'm not who did this! Please don't do anything! I'll give you this, ok?

Investigate Garage
Evan: <Name>, this safe looks like something a thief would look at! And it's open...
Evan: But Roger Andrews could open it too. Let's see who did it!

Examine Open safe
Evan: Yeah! Let's give these fingerprints to Lindsey and hope they're Barbara's ones.

Analyze Fingerprints
Lindsey: It's true, <Rank> <Name>! Roger Andrews's fingerprints were on that safe.
Lindsey: But in the spinning wheel, the fingerprints were of Barbara Thacks! Congratulations, <Rank> <Name>. You found a big clue.
Evan: So it means she opened it!
Evan: We need to talk to her, <Name>. We've got prooves against her now!

Arrest Barbara Thacks for robbing
Barbara: What's the matter with my fingerprints? You're always looking for them!
Evan: You stole Roger Andrews's...
Evan: Money? Jewels? What is it?
Barbara: You don't even know what you're looking for! There are no prooves!

Evan: <Name>, I hate the fact that she's right! We don't know anything about it!
Evan: But I'm sure we'll get her later. Anyway, thanks for your participation in the case.

See what Craig needs
Craig: <Rank> <Name>, I lost my wallet! I have my ID there, some money, and I need those things! Please help me!
Evan: Calm down, Craig. We'll look for it. Where do you think you lost it?
Craig: At the foundry. Help me, please! I want my wallet back!

Investigate Foundry
Evan: Here it is! Now, <Name>, let's give this to Craig.
Evan: What? Snooping? I don't know, why would we?
Evan: The note? But it's irrelevant! I don't care about his lovers, and- Ok, let's do it.

Examine Wallet
Evan: This is... a photo! A photo of Craig and Ashley kissing. Then she's the one.
Evan: I think it's got something written. Why don't you brush a bit?

Examine Photo
Evan: "For our everlasting love". This is more than obvious! But how did they meet?
Evan: I mean, the Jamin family is so rich, and Craig's not! I know it's not important, but...
Evan: Well, let's give the wallet to Craig, and it's over.

Talk to Craig about the Jamin family
Craig: Oh, you found it! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Evan: And you're dating Ashley Jamin. Does Barbara know about that?
Craig: Of course she does! Ashley is the one who doesn't know about Barbara. I see you really care about my wallet.
Evan: The Jamin family isn't a game, Craig. They're taking over this district. They're one of the richest in Townville. You will be really in a trouble when they discover your relationship.
Craig: Yeah, that's what they say. But my friends congratulate me. I'm fooling with Ashley Jamin. A rich woman!