Death Alert in Goldington is the first case in the City of Goldington by saracenangel. It is also the first case in the district of Shortstown.

Case Background

The player is introduced to Freya Caldwell, who will be their partner in the Goldington Police Department. Freya decided to take the player to the park in Shortstown so that they get used to the area before solving murder cases, however, the trip did not last long as they discover the body of Abbey Baker, the victim of Goldington's most violent murder in 15 years, washed up on the river bed. She had been the victim of a sustained violent assault, and the killer cut her hands off her arms after death.

The killer was Martin Richards, Abbey's ex boyfriend, as he wanted to punish her for a series of affairs she committed during their relationship.


Abbey Baker

Murder Weapon



Martin Richards


Martin Richards- ex boyfriend of deceased

Height - 6'2

Age - 34

Weight - 230lbs

Eyes - grey

Blood - B-

Suspect Profile

Suspect is 230lbs

Suspect has grey eyes

Imogen Scott - CEO Of Scott Corporations

Height - 5'4

Age - 43

Weight - 110lbs

Eyes - grey

Blood - A+

Suspect Profile

Suspect has grey eyes

Killer Profile

Suspect is 230lbs

Suspect has grey eyes

Killer wears sports shoes

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