Cultural District is the sixth district of Veldin City.This district is being attacked and vandalized by a Unknow Group/Cult only know by The Yonkes (Case #61,#64,#65 and in the Next District more about this cult is gonna to be out). Also the Internacional Football Cup is coming to this district (Case #56,#58,#62 and #63) and the Arabians are attacking the District (Case #57,#59 and #


Case 3

Case #58 - Lucky One

Case 1

Case #56 - The Dragon and the Bear!

Case 4

Case #59 - The Crown of the Arrabian.

Case 2

Case #57 - Murder at the Synagogue

Case 6

Case #61 - The Ace of Death

Case 7

Case #62 - The Secret of the Woods


Case #64 - The Dark Raven!


Case #60 - The End of the Arabian!

Case 8

Case #63 - A Farmer Best Friend


Case #65 - A New Mystery!

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