Craber William

Craber William was one of the suspects during the murder investigation of Osvald Cameron in Long Weekend (Case #1 of Nice Land and Case #1 of Little Hollow), but innocent at least.


Craber is a 39-year old highschool gym teacher wearing a polo shirt and a bald head. He has red hair and has a trimmed mustache plus a pair of blue eyes.

Height 6'2"
Age 39
Weight 181 lbs
Eyes blue
Blood AB+

Role in Case(s)

Craver is a friendly but strict gym teacher who helps the team with hope to find the murderer in the case where he appears.

Long Weekend

The team will talk as fast as they can with the closest to the scene of the crime, which turns out to be Professor William Craber. When he learns of murder, shown sad but very worried and says to help in everything he can to research. While recounts the normal life of Osvald Cameron stresses that had a strange relationship with his star student, Husuki Saba, leading the team to interrogate her.

In Chapter 3, when the investigation was stalled, Craver showed up on the Little Hollow Police Department and ask to speak to the Player. He indicates that before he left the highschool the other day he heard noises in the kitchen of the place and found an old camera, which turned out to be the final piece to arrest the murderer of Osvald Cameron, Malcon Brodlay.

After the case was over, Craber asked us if we can help him to find his whistle, which had lost in the kitchen the day before the crime. After reviewing an expired chips wrap, we found it and gave it back to his owner. He gratefully gived us gymnasts clothes, being the first suspect who gives us garments or clothing.


  • Being 6'2, he's the tallest suspect in Agunachopace's cases.
  • He is the first suspect who gives us garments or clothing.

Case Appearances

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